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  • Title: Legal IT - Access Point - Home
    Descriptive info: .. 0203 189 2645.. Information Centre.. Consultancy.. Managed Services.. Products.. Company.. Cloud Newsletter.. Cloud Computing.. Utility Computing.. Data Centres.. Document Backup.. Hosted Email.. Linux or Windows.. Market Trends.. Web Security.. Client Case Studies.. Digital Dictation.. Hybrid Cloud.. Private Cloud.. Public Cloud.. Options and Benefits.. Recommended Services.. Partner Consideration.. Best Practice and Compliance.. Business Process re-engineering.. Connectivity.. Platform Design.. Security Awareness.. Strategic Systems Development.. Training.. Data Transfer.. Managed Backup and DR.. Managed Desktops.. Managed Email.. Managed Servers.. Managed Utilities.. Network Management.. Network Security.. PMS/CRM Development.. Email Migrations.. Email Security.. Managed Exchange.. LawPro.. Cognito.. Co-location.. Cloud.. Communications.. Hardware.. Software.. Broadband & Leased Lines.. Juniper Firewalls.. Seneca..  ...   Criminal Defence Lawyer Award at this years LALY Awards on Thursday 5th June.. We would like to wish everyone who has been nominated the very best of luck and we look forward to seeing you all there again for what promises to be a very enjoyable and entertaining evening.. The Law Society Excellence Awards are on Tuesday October.. 22nd.. Consultancy:.. Security.. Technical Services:.. Hosting.. Network-Security.. Managed Backup Disaster Recovery.. Managed desktop Support.. Products:.. Telephony.. Making IT happen is critical, making IT happen well is an art.. Accesspoint.. - All Rights Reserved.. Registered Company: 05895234.. Contact Us.. |.. Site Map.. Terms Conditions.. Privacy Policy.. Copyright Statement..

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  • Title: Legal IT - Access Point - Home
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  • Title: Legal IT - Accesspoint - Information Centre
    Descriptive info: Specialist providers of Legal IT.. Knowing and understanding what s available in the fast moving Legal IT field can sometimes be daunting and difficult.. As one of the countries leading providers to the sector we like to be informative and helpful.. Within our information.. centre.. you can find general information about Legal IT solutions and what they mean to you and a wider audience.. If you need further information about any of the subjects contained within this area, please.. contact one of our specialist Legal IT consultants..

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  • Title: Legal IT - Accesspoint - Consultancy
    Descriptive info: Consulting in the Legal Profession.. As specialists in the Legal IT sector we have accomplished most things from converting existing client and matter data and setting it up in a new PMS through training and handover.. We have worked with the most complex of infrastructures and provided support for backup, storage and disaster recovery.. We are confident that through our audit procedures we can meet your needs.. consult on a variety of Information Technology (IT) related issues and offer the best in IT solutions to help businesses work more effectively.. We will examine the controls within your IT infrastructure and  ...   company s goals and objectives.. In short we will determine:.. Availability - if your company computer systems will be available for the business at all times when required?.. Confidentiality - if the information in the systems is disclosed only to authorised users?.. Integrity - If the information provided by the system is always accurate, reliable, and timely?.. If you implement our recommendations you will find that we offer dedicated services, support, expertise and a true business partnership to each client.. Our pre and post implementation services are delivered by professionals with in-depth product knowledge and extensive experience of working practices..

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  • Title: Legal IT - Accesspoint - Managed Services
    Descriptive info: Technical Services.. We can provide a number of IT solutions which will make it possible for you and your employees to work efficiently from anywhere at anytime.. Resulting in Minimum downtime and maximum output.. Utility or Cloud.. Many of the services that we provide within this section can be delivered via either cloud or utility based solutions and in some cases a hybrid solution.. Our quick reference icons will enable you to quickly identify which service is available by solution.. Utility..

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  • Title: Legal IT - Accesspoint - Products
    Descriptive info: We partner with leading global brands to provide you with industry leading tried and tested solutions, giving you confidence and peace of mind across all areas of our third party products..

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  • Title: Legal IT - Access Point - Company
    Descriptive info: Background / Ethos.. We are a relatively new but established company, employing a strong team of well-known individuals with good Legal IT grounding.. We focus on supplying high quality support services and innovative IT solutions to the legal sector, committed to working in partnership with our clients, to improve their business performance.. We are totally dedicated to Legal IT, passionate for  ...   firms.. We supply a host of Practice focused managed IT solutions which make it possible for you and your employees to work from anywhere at anytime, ensuring that both fee earning and support staff efficiency is at its peak, at all levels, at all time.. If you have any questions or would like to contact us, you can visit our.. section..

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  • Title: Accesspoint - Cloud Newsletter
    Descriptive info: Accesspoint s news publication, Cloud Cover is produced at the beginning of every season and discusses the latest developments in cloud and hosted environments.. Each season we showcase a selection of clients and cover recent news stories.. Cloud Cover Newsletter - Summer 2014.. Cloud Cover Newsletter - October 2013.. Cloud Cover Newsletter - June 2013.. Cloud Cover Newsletter - June 2012.. Join Our Cloud Newsletter Email.. Fill out the form below and we will email you the latest newsletter every time we produce one.. Meaning you never have to miss another issue again.. Name.. Required.. Email.. Invalid format..

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  • Title: Legal IT - Accesspoint - Cloud Computing
    Descriptive info: Cloud computing is a computing paradigm in which tasks are assigned to a combination of connections, software and services accessed over a network.. This network of servers and connections is collectively known as the cloud.. Computing at the scale of the cloud allows users to access supercomputer-level power.. Using a thin client or other access point, like an iPhone, BlackBerry or laptop, users can reach into the cloud for resources as they need them.. For this reason, cloud computing has also been described as on-demand computing.. Overview.. Cloud or hosted computing is the future for modern law firms who like to leverage that competitive edge from their IT platforms.. A cloud based, or hosted network in part, or fully fledged, will provide your practice with a full range of IT applications and services without the need to purchase and maintain an exhaustive Internal IT Infrastructure.. All Windows desktops, applications, third party software and Exchange email services are delivered directly to your PC over a secure Internet connection.. With Cloud or Hosted Computing, your practice can experience scalable, flexible, reliable, up-to-date IT networking at a fraction of the cost.. A basic definition of cloud computing is the use of the Internet for the tasks you perform on your computer.. The cloud  ...   many device types.. While you might upload documents from your home computer, you can then easily access them from your laptop or mobile device while on the road anywhere, anytime.. What does this mean to us?.. You can now access advanced business services at a fraction of the cost and management overhead of doing it yourself, and pay on a fixed and predictable cost basis, like you would with a utility.. No surprises and no cost spikes.. This approach massively reduces both the operational and financial risks involved when implementing new technologies.. Services are delivered to you with powerful Service Level Agreements (.. SLAs.. ) that would prove costly to match in-house.. We believe Utility Computing, accessed via our Cloud or Hosted infrastructure is your opportunity to:.. Reduce your practices running costs.. Quickly access new technologies.. Improve service levels.. Free up your firms capital.. Keep control of your IT and focus on business development.. IT Efficiency on a Whole New Scale.. Cloud computing is all about efficiency.. It provides a way to deploy and access everything from single systems to huge amounts of IT resources on-demand, in real time, at an affordable cost.. It makes high-performance computing and high-capacity storage available to anyone.. Have any questions?.. Telephone.. Message.. Quick Navigation..

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  • Title: Legal IT - Accesspoint - Utility Computing
    Descriptive info: The Utility Computing Option.. The biggest plus for any firm wishing to embark upon the thorny pathway of utility computing is that it carries a virtual zero capital cost, and can be purchased as required and either scaled up or down.. The ultimate answer, scalable networking without the need to physically add or remove core hardware to existing networking platforms.. There is no longer any reason why small, medium or large legal service enterprises cannot reap the immense benefits that such platforms have to offer.. All the hardware, processing capacity and storage that you could ever want on a pay-for-use basis is a dream come true for firms of any size wishing to gain that technological and financial  ...   of computing resource as a metered service, similar to that of electricity, gas and water supply.. For the end user, simply put, computing resource can now be rented on a pay for what you use basis.. The need for capital budget is greatly reduced and in certain circumstances eliminated.. What are the options and benefits?.. Which services are viable and truly available to my Practice?.. What to consider when choosing a partner.. Conclusion.. Utility computing holds great promise for the legal industry, especially for early adopters.. As analyst firm Forrester observed in mid-2008, the utility computing model exactly fits the way small businesses like to buy things, and has the potential to completely upend IT as we know it..

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  • Title: Accesspoint - Data Centres
    Descriptive info: Our Data.. Centres.. One of our main focal areas when selecting suitable data.. centres.. is that of.. business continuity.. ; firms rely upon their information systems to run their operations.. If a system becomes unavailable, operations may be impaired or stopped completely.. place a heavy emphasis on the provision of reliable infrastructure for IT operations, in order to.. minimise.. any chance of platform disruption.. Information security is also a major priority, and for this reason our selected data centers must offer a secure environment which.. minimises.. the chance of a security breach.. Our data center operators must therefore maintain extremely high standards for assuring the integrity and functionality of our hosted environments.. We accomplish this through multi-level redundancy of both fiber optic cables and power, which includes emergency backup power generation.. Background.. Over recent years more and more businesses have been turning to  ...   common for businesses to grow beyond their internal network capacity and look to outsource data centre needs.. Not only is capacity an issue, but running a robust and secure data network requires constant planning, investment, management and support.. Enterprise-class data centres must have the scalability, efficiencies, and expertise for companies to leverage.. Not all data centers are the same, each one has strengths and weaknesses that must be understood during the selection process.. Accesspoint has carried out intensive research and testing to ensure the selection of suitable, stable and reliable data centre partners.. With SRA regulations stipulating that all client information must be located on UK shores, we have ensured that our data centre networks are replicated and highly resilient but within the borders of the UK.. Our selected datacentres now include Telehouse North in London, Hastwood Securities and the Bunker in Newbury..

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    Archived pages: 70