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  • Title: Simple Free Law Advisor - Legal Information - UK
    Descriptive info: .. Add to Favorites.. Simple Free Law Advisor.. co.. uk.. Making the law easier for you.. Home.. Divorce & Family Law.. Litigation.. Estates.. Employment.. Solicitors.. SFLA.. uk Home.. Welcome to our legal site - where we make the law simple for you.. Find out about how the court system work if you are involved in litigation.. Here you can find the divorce solicitor you need in our directory, sorted by location.. Divorce  ...   Process.. Estates Law.. Find out about getting your will and more about estate planning.. Employment Law.. Find out your rights regarding employment.. uk is in no way connected with or supported by Resolution - first for family law (formerly Solicitors Family Law Association).. Visitors wishing access to the Resolution - first for family law website should go to www.. resolution.. org.. 2006 sfla.. uk | Design by.. Andreas Viklund.. |.. Info.. Contact Us..

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  • Title: Divorce Articles
    Descriptive info: FREE Divorce Mini-Course.. Enter email to subscribe to.. Free Divorce Mini-Course.. The more you know about divorce, the easier it will be for you to go through it.. Sfla.. uk has many additional articles for you.. Choose from the articles below.. Divorce & Family Law Help.. - includes articles about saving your marriage and affairs.. - includes articles about helping children, parenting after divorce, residence orders and PAS.. - articles to help you cope with divorce.. - get the legal help you need.. - how does a divorce work?.. Pre Divorce Issues.. Preplanning Divorce Strategies.. - There are some simple and logical things that you can do to protect yourself if you think that your marriage is in imminent danger of failing.. What To Do If a Divorce Is Imminent.. - If you believe your marriage has irreversibly broken down and that a divorce is imminent, that you take the time out to think carefully about how you wish things to proceed.. Similar  ...   sex, not closely related and aged 16-years-old or over.. Judicial Separation.. - A decree of judicial separation is a court order similar to divorce, under which the couple remains legally married but their normal marital obligations cease and they no longer have to go on living together.. Domestic Violence.. Who Are The Abusers?.. - Listed below are a few of the typical qualities that a potential abuser may possess.. Who Are the Victims?.. - Most people consider that there is a typical profile of domestic violence victims.. What Can I Do To Be Safe?.. - If you have recently left a violent relationship, or are considering leaving one, you may want to know what you can do to stay safe if you are afraid that the other party will retaliate against your decision.. Financial Issues.. Basic Principles Of A Financial Settlement.. - There are several factors that need to be decided in a financial settlement.. Welcome to sfla.. uk!.. Spam-Free Directory.. Human-Edited Directory..

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  • Title: Civil Litigation
    Descriptive info: Civil Litigation.. Starting a Claim and Making a Counterclaim.. - For people who have never been in court the entire process can seem confusing.. Small Claims Track.. - Basically, the small claims track is for claimants that are seeking awards that are equal to no more than £5,000.. Fast Track.. - Fast track cases are generally handled by county courts.. Multi Track.. - Multi track claims involve court claims and claimants that seek awards that value more than £15,000 pounds or court cases that will result in a lengthy trial with considerable documentation.. Appeals.. -  ...   Offers.. - New Rules of Civil Procedure now provide both parties to the proceeding the ability to put forward proposals for settling the claim.. Enforcement.. - The court has four avenues by which it may impel a judgment to be paid.. Mediation.. - Mediation is the process of resolving disputes through the use on an impartial third party mediator.. Legal Aid.. - Legal aid allows people who could not otherwise afford legal counsel the ability to pay for legal advice or proceedings.. Glossary of Civil Litigation Terms.. - Find out what common civil litigation terms mean..

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  • Title: Estates Law
    Descriptive info: Why You Need to Have a Will.. - There are several important reasons why everyone should have a will prepared.. What Happens If You Die Without A Will?.. - If this happens, your estate and possessions will be under control of the law.. Choosing an Executor: What You Should Know.. - An executor, also known as a personal representative, or PR, is the individual who distributes the assets of the deceased person.. UK Guardianship and Inheritance.. - If you have children, you must deal with this specifically in  ...   will if you are not married.. Inheritance Tax.. - A tax that is applied to certain estates upon an individual's death.. Living Wills.. - A living will is a document that designates in advance the medical care and treatment you wish to receive.. Enduring Power of Attorney.. - In an enduring power of attorney, a person is given the right to act on your behalf regarding your financial affairs and continue to do so if you become mentally incapable.. Glossary.. - Glossary of Commonly Used UK Legal Will Terms..

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  • Title: Employment Law
    Descriptive info: Redundancy.. - Redundancy means the employer no longer needs the fired employees.. Wrongful Dismissal.. - Wrongful dismissal refers to a direct breach in an employment contract.. Unfair Dismissal.. - This type of dismissal refers to when an employee is let go for reasons that are not fair.. Discrimination Claims.. - Sometimes an employer can fire or refuse employment to an employee for discriminatory reasons.. Maternity Rights.. -You have six basic rights while pregnant and after birth.. Paternity Leave.. -The Paternal Leave Directive of 1999 allows an employee  ...   of terms is basically a written version of all the agreements and rules an employer has with his new employee.. Notice Requirements.. - Notice refers to the time period in which an employer gives the employee to work before having to leave the workplace for good.. Working Time.. - One thing that should be taken into consideration by all workers is the amount of time they will be devoting to their new job.. Self-Employed or Employee?.. - Employees have many rights that the self-employed do not have..

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  • Title: Solicitors Directory
    Descriptive info: uk provides you with a comprehensive directory of solicitors in England and Wales.. Click on the area where you live to find a solicitor near you who can help.. East Anglia.. Bedfordshire.. Cambridgeshire.. Essex.. Hertfordshire.. Norfolk.. Suffolk.. East Midlands.. Derbyshire.. Leicestershire.. Lincolnshire.. Northamptonshire.. Nottinghamshire.. London.. Barking and Dagenham.. Barnet.. Bexley.. Brent.. Bromley.. Camden.. City of London.. Croydon.. Ealing.. Greenwich.. Hammersmith and Fulham.. Haringey.. Harrow.. Havering.. Hillingdon.. Hounslow.. Islington.. Kensington and Chelsea.. Kingston upon Thames.. Newham.. Richmond upon  ...   Tyne and Wear.. North West England.. Cheshire.. Cumbria.. Greater Manchester.. Lancashire.. Merseyside.. South East England.. Berkshire.. Buckinghamshire.. East Sussex.. Hampshire.. Isle of Wight.. Kent.. Oxfordshire.. Surrey.. West Sussex.. South West England.. Bristol.. Cornwall.. Devon.. Dorset.. Gloucestershire.. Somerset.. Wiltshire.. West Midlands.. Shropshire.. Staffordshire.. Warwickshire.. Worcestershire.. Yorkshire and the Humber.. East Yorkshire.. North Yorkshire.. South Yorkshire.. West Yorkshire.. North Wales.. Wrexham.. Conwy.. South Wales.. Caerphilly.. Cardiff.. Monmouthshire.. Newport.. Swansea.. Torfaen.. Vale of Glamorgan.. Mid Wales.. Powys.. West Wales.. Carmarthenshire.. Ceredigion..

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  • Title: Divorce and Relationships
    Descriptive info: Articles.. - numerous additional articles.. Divorce and Relationships.. uk has a number of articles on relationships and also affairs.. Choose an article below.. What Makes a Marriage Work?.. - It has been said over the years that a marriage needs work to survive and such a contention is true; a marriage needs care.. Should You End Your Relationship?.. - Even with the high divorce rates in modern society, most people do not enter marriage or relationships with the plan to divorce.. How to Tell your Spouse you Want a Divorce.. - If you feel that it may be time to tell your spouse that you want a divorce, you ll want to make sure that you go about this in the right way.. How to Tell Your Family and Friends about Your Divorce.. - Unfortunately, many people do not realize the affect a divorce can have on family and friends until it is too late.. Can You Save Your Marriage?.. - Yet, no matter what the reason for the difficulties in your marriage, there is hope and such problems can be overcome!.. Dating After Divorce.. - In the long run, we need that bit of human contact in our lives.. Getting Ready For Your First Date Post Divorce..  ...   End the Relationship.. - There is perhaps no harder decision to be made than the decision to separate from your spouse.. Affairs and Divorce.. Why do Married People have Affairs?.. - Has your marital partner had an affair and you can t understand why?.. When You've had an Affair and Want to Try to Save Your Marriage.. - If you want to save your marriage, now is the time to own up to what you have done and take your place in the hot spot.. Signs that your Spouse is having an Affair.. - There are several factors that could make you suspect that your spouse is having an affair, but how do you know for sure?.. How to Deal With Your Spouse's Affair.. - The question you have to ask yourself is whether you want to try to repair the damage and save your marriage or whether you are going to ask for a divorce.. Recovering From Betrayal.. - If you are interested in saving your marriage after an affair, there are a number of steps you should take to begin the healing process.. Effect of Adultery on Divorce and Residence Orders.. - Adultery is one of the five main grounds for divorce in England and Wales..

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  • Title: Divorce and Children
    Descriptive info: uk has a number of articles on helping children through a divorce, parenting after divorce, residence orders and parental alienation syndrome.. How and What to Tell Your Children about Divorce.. - Here are some helpful tips to use to make sure that your children understand as much as they need to about divorce, regardless of age.. Effects of Divorce on Children.. - There is little that is more traumatic for a child than the divorce of their parents.. How to Minimize the Effect of Your Divorce on Your Children.. - In a divorce, parents need to develop a working partnership with each other so they may effectively parent the children.. Biggest Mistakes Divorcing Couples Make When Dealing with Children.. - The biggest mistake a couple can make when divorcing is to allow the child to see hatred between them.. How to Help Children Cope with Moving to a New Home.. - Children have to leave behind familiar homes, schools, friends, and playgrounds, not to mention a parent.. Guidelines for Managing Contact.. - Here are some tips for seeing that your kids grow up happily, and have regular contact with both parents.. Effects of Domestic Violence on Children.. - Abuse of any kind has a detrimental effect on the children in the family, even if they are not direct targets of the abuse.. Parenting after Divorce.. How to Be a Successful Single Parent.. - Being a single parent is no easy task.. How to Co-Parent with an Ex-Spouse.. - After your divorce, you and your spouse will hopefully both want to still be a very active part of your children s lives.. How to Deal With a Difficult Ex-Spouse.. - Divorce does not automatically put an end to strife between the formally married couple, and parenting issues may not unfold easily.. Dealing with Christmas & Other Holidays Post-Divorce.. - Holidays can be difficult to get through after a divorce, especially if you no longer have a close bond with your ex-spouse s family.. How to Build Trust and Acceptance with Stepchildren.. - Here are some suggestions for effectively getting along with your stepchildren.. Residence Orders.. Section 8 Orders.. - Section 8 Orders are of special interest to separated parents as they deal with residence and  ...   of International Child Abduction).. - With UK residents making over 40 million visits abroad in one year and over 10 million British nationals living overseas, the continuing increase in international child custody disputes is not surprising.. Parental Alienation Syndrome.. What is PAS?.. - Among family counselors and family law professionals, Parental Alienation Syndrome is a familiar term, but outside of these disciplines it has rarely been heard of.. Personality of Alienators.. - Parental Alienation Syndrome, or PAS, is when one parent, usually the mother, systematically degrades the other parent to alienate the child or children from the other parent and slowly have the children reject the other parent.. Symptoms of PAS.. - The purpose of the alienation is usually to gain or retain custody without the involvement of the other parent.. PAS Risk Factors.. - The primary risk factor for PAS is a messy divorce.. Characteristic Traits of Alienated Children.. - When a custody case becomes a battlefield of emotions, children are often forced to side with one parent amidst the anger stemming from both sides.. What Can a Court Do About PAS?.. - Research and applied knowledge of PAS in the UK legal system appears minimal, though this does seem to be slowly changing.. Dealing With An Alienator.. - In some cases, the parent retaining custody of the children of the marriage will attempt to alienate the other parent from the children s lives; this act is called Parental Alienation Syndrome, or PAS.. Motivation for Alienation.. - The usual motivation for PAS is to retain custody of the children without the involvement of the other parent for many reasons.. Protecting Children from Alienation.. - Parental Alienation syndrome is still a controversial topic and there is still debate whether this should be classified as an official mental health disorder in the DSM IV.. Child Maintenance.. How Is Child Maintenance Determined?.. - The court takes several different factors into account when deciding how much money each parent should contribute to the welfare and well-being of their children.. The Child Support Agency.. - Seeking child maintenance can be difficult for some parents.. When Does Child Maintenance End?.. - The circumstances of the birth and life of a child determines when child maintenance ends after a divorce..

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  • Title: Divorce Support
    Descriptive info: uk has a number of articles to help support you through your divorce.. Divorce Related Anger.. - Divorce related anger is very common both before and after any divorce however anger is frequently compounded when one of the spouses had been unfaithful.. Dealing with Divorce Stress.. - Let s face it; getting a divorce is one of the most stressful events in a person s life.. Tips for Surviving Your Divorce.. - With a few helpful hints, you can get through the rough times and survive your divorce.. Recovering Your Self-Esteem.. - Whether it was your decision or not, divorce can leave your self esteem in  ...   of anger.. Dealing With Divorce Depression.. - Here are some suggestions for dealing with divorce depression, along with pointers for finding the divorce support you and your family will need.. Choosing a Counsellor.. - Here are some qualities to look for in a counsellor to ensure that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible.. Coping Skills for Your Divorce.. - The first step to successfully get through a divorce is to acknowledge that these effects can t all be fixed in just one day.. How to Manage Conflict in Your Divorce.. - When things are less than friendly, the conflict can be almost too much to bear..

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  • Title: Divorce Process
    Descriptive info: The legal process can be quite complicated.. uk has a number of articles to help you with this.. Please choose from the articles below.. Does It Matter Who Divorces Whom?.. - A question many couples going through divorce ask is whether it matters who divorces whom.. Which Court Should Handle My Divorce?.. - In certain cases, a couple can file for a divorce in more than one country, and at times, a country may prefer one party over the other.. Grounds for Divorce.. - Essentially, in England and Wales, if you wish to submit a divorce petition (Form D8, or D8A if children are involved) to a county court then you need to evidence that one of the following grounds for divorce has occurred.. Section 25 of The Matrimonial Causes Act.. - While the courts are largely guided by decided cases and existing law on the matter, Section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 specially lays down the basic guidelines in the settlement of matrimonial assets and financial matters.. What's a Separation Agreement?.. - A separation agreement is not a divorce.. Outline Of Divorce Procedures.. - You can take heart in the fact that the divorce procedure in England and Wales is now fairly streamlined and, provided the divorce is not a contested one, painless.. Divorce Process and What Documents do I Need For My Divorce?.. - So now that you ve decided you want to have a divorce, how do you go about it?.. Who Pays for Legal Fees?.. - Divorce in the UK is an exercise that has been growing more and more expensive as the years go on.. How Much Will My Divorce Cost?.. - The  ...   case.. What's the Role of a Solicitor in Divorce Mediation?.. - Ever wonder why you must hire a solicitor in order to divorce your spouse?.. What Is Divorce Arbitration And It's Advantages And Disadvantages.. - An arbitration is different because it is not overseen by a judge, but rather by an arbitrator.. Is Arbitration the Right Choice For You?.. - Will you choose arbitration, mediation, trial, or some other method of settling the legal aspects of your divorce?.. Divorce Solicitors.. You'll probably need a divorce solicitor to help you through your divorce.. Factors in Choosing a Solicitor for Your Divorce.. - Choosing the right solicitor can be a very difficult task considering that there are several legal offices offering various services.. What Happens After I Retain A Solicitor?.. - After you have retained the services of a solicitor you will start the wheels of justice.. How to Save Legal Fees on Your Divorce.. - Beside the obvious emotional stress that couples go through prior to submitting a petition to divorce, probably the biggest concern that they have relates to how much their divorce will end up costing them.. Getting The Best Out of Your Solicitor.. - Solicitors fees are not cheap and these vary depending on the level of expertise of the solicitor, as well as the size (and reputation) of the firm he represents.. How to Communicate with Your Divorce Solicitor?.. - Try to establish a relationship based on trust and respect with him guiding you in all legal aspects of the case and with you having the final say on what to do after careful consideration of his advice.. OttawaDivorce.. com.. Prenuptial Agreements.. Canadian Divorce Laws.. Legal Separation.. info..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Your Name:.. *.. E-mail Address:.. Message:.. Required..

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