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  • Title: SkillSet - training services, eLearning, mobile learning, authoring solutions
    Descriptive info: .. About.. Values.. Clients.. Partners.. Careers.. Training services.. Training needs analysis.. Training design and delivery.. eLearning.. Mobile learning.. Training documentation.. Learning management.. Learning technology.. Authoring tools.. Learning Management Systems.. Products.. TT Knowledge Force.. TT Guide.. Sectors.. HR, talent recruitment.. Retail.. Financial services.. Pharma.. Oil gas.. ERP.. Advorto.. Infor Lawson.. Kenexa.. SAP.. Siebel.. Success Factors.. News.. Contact.. Visit.. Follow us.. delivered straight to your iPad.. we've been designing and delivering.. global training since 1991.. providing.. context sensitive, user-focused help.. when you need it.. capture content once.. and output to multiple formats at the.. click of a button.. increase end-user adoption.. of your products with.. SkillSet.. With over 22 years of experience, it's fair to say we know a thing or two about training.. We see our clients training budgets being squeezed and the need  ...   Technology.. We work with a range of software partners, helping them to deliver training to their clients and to improve end-user adoption.. Our.. End-to-end software solutions for the creation and publication of documentation, eLearning, and training materials.. eLearning.. Systems training.. Process training.. Documentation.. Soft-skills.. Authoring tools.. LMSs.. Do less training.. TT Knowledge Force.. TT Guide.. Latest from.. SkillSet_Ltd.. Join the conversation.. Loading tweets.. Case.. study.. Using elearning and training to deliver a worldwide rollout of the ChildData system upgrade.. View case study.. Designing and delivering a blended learning programme to support the global roll-out of an eRecruitment system.. Using bite-sized eLearning to improve product knowledge.. Cutting the cost of IT support.. 2014.. SkillSet Ltd.. SkillSet is part of Latitude 91 Limited,.. Copenhagen Court, 32 New Street, Basingstoke, RG21 7DT, UK.. > Privacy policy..

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  • Title: SkillSet: About us - training services, partner services, authoring solutions
    Descriptive info: About us.. We've been designing, developing and delivering training programmes since 1991, so it's fair to say that we know a thing or two about training!.. Click on the image above to launch an interactive Discover SkillSet experience.. We provide a full range of.. , including training needs analysis, design and delivery of blended training programmes, and post 'go-live' support.. We also work with several software vendors to help them.. improve end-user adoption.. within their client bases.. Working in partnership with our friends at TTS, we provide.. software and solutions.. to enable our customers to rapidly create documentation, eLearning and support materials.. Our growing.. customer list.. includes clients from across the oil gas, pharmaceutical,  ...   strengthen product knowledge among employees, to enhance leadership and management skills.. SkillSet is headquartered in the UK but we also have offices in the Czech Republic and a global network of long-term associates.. We work with clients worldwide and have delivered training in more than 50 countries and in many different languages.. We're really proud of our reputation, which has been developed working with clients such as BP, Tesco and Lloyds Banking Group.. Our long-standing relationships with many of our clients, great case studies and excellent customer feedback are testament to the quality of the services that we provide.. Read more about us.. Our clients.. Our values.. News and case studies.. > Privacy Policy..

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  • Title: SkillSet: Our values
    Descriptive info: Our values are at the heart of everything that we do and provide the framework for how we work with our customers.. They guide us in everything that we do - from key business decisions to day-to-day activities.. Even as we continue to grow and evolve, these five values underpin our operations.. We believe  ...   We.. communicate openly.. with all our clients, staff, partners and suppliers.. Whether we're working on an internal or external project, we.. always deliver what we promise.. Our.. commitment to quality.. is central to everything that we do.. Our organisation will be.. financially responsible.. to ensure continuity and security for our clients and staff.. About SkillSet..

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  • Title: SkillSet: Our clients
    Descriptive info: We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients and, as a result, many have selected us as their trusted provider of training services, working with us time after time on various training projects.. Our clients are spread across a broad range of industries and include multinational blue-chip companies, SMEs and public sector organisations.. Below is just a small sample of the organisations we have worked with - there are many more, but we can't fit them all on one page!.. Read some of our case studies.. Case study: Tesco.. Case study: Carewatch..

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  • Title: SkillSet: Partners
    Descriptive info: SkillSet delivers blended learning solutions to its clients.. All of our solutions are tailored to our customers' requirements and are delivered using our own methodologies and experience.. To help us deliver the best possible solutions, we work with a range of 'best of breed' partners.. Our partners include:.. TTS.. TTS, a global organisation specialising in the employee qualification arena, delivers its proven TT Knowledge Force solution to over three million users in more than 20 countries worldwide.. Its new in-application support solution, TT Guide, provides on-demand, context-sensitive help which is embedded in live systems, helping organisations to reduce the volume of application-related support calls and improve end-user adoption.. SkillSet works with TTS to market its.. and.. solutions in the UK.. SkillSet also provides a full range of professional services, including instructional design, content  ...   technology.. Our global learning and performance solutions help organizations achieve.. productivity and efficiency improvements.. ,.. cost reduction.. risk management.. , and.. cultural process innovation.. Through our own offices worldwide, as well as through a.. global reseller network.. that extends to over 40 countries, NetDimensions serves over.. 380 clients.. with more than.. 2.. 8 million active users.. Tympani.. Tympani is a corporate video production company delivering video communications to multiple industry sectors.. Formed in 2001, and based on lengthy careers in broadcast television, the team at Tympani help at all steps in the video production process.. Tympani partners with SkillSet to provide high-quality video-based content for its clients.. SkillSet also works with a range of software companies, helping them to deliver training services to their customers.. Find out more about our.. software partners.. Software partners..

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  • Title: SkillSet: Careers
    Descriptive info: We are continuing to expand to meet ever increasing demands from our client base.. We are always looking for bright, flexible and enthusiastic training consultants with good interpersonal skills to join our team.. If you are interested in hearing more about the exciting training careers available within SkillSet, then we are equally interested in hearing from you.. Please contact us on +44 (0)1252 810 061 or email.. careers@skillset.. co.. uk.. for additional information.. SkillSet does not accept applications from agencies.. Contact us at careers@skillset..

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  • Title: SkillSet: Training services - TNA, design, delivery, eLearning, mLearning
    Descriptive info: SkillSet offers a full range of training services to support clients across the globe.. Our experienced consultants are here to help, whatever your training need.. We understand that every organisation has a different requirement in terms of demographics, culture, geography, timing and return on investment.. All these factors influence the type of training that we deliver and we believe that successful training is all about getting the right 'blend'.. We  ...   videocasts - to ensure that your staff receive the training that they need and that your business requirements are met.. We provide full project management to ensure projects are delivered on time and to budget.. Our approach to managing learning projects is based on the industry-standard ADDIE methodology.. Whatever your training need, we will help you to deliver a solution that is right for your business.. Systems training.. Process training.. Soft-skills..

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  • Title: SkillSet: Training needs analysis
    Descriptive info: A training needs analysis (TNA) seeks to identify training gaps in your organisation and helps you to plan what training interventions are required.. The aim is to determine:.. Who needs training and where are they?.. Why do they need training?.. What are the objectives of the training?.. When is the training needed by?.. How should the training be delivered?.. We start by analysing the 'as is' situation.. In other words, what are your business and training needs? What are the current skills and capabilities of your staff? What issues and challenges are you, as a business, facing? What training materials or  ...   questionnaires, interviews and performance records.. A training needs analysis identifies the size of your organisations skills gap and gives you a plan on how to close the gap.. Next, we consider your goals and objectives.. What improvements do you want to see as a result of the training? What skills and competencies do you want to develop among your staff?.. We then consider who should deliver the training, where it should be delivered and how it should be designed, developed and delivered.. The outcome is a robust learning and development plan, based on research and linked to organisational, team and individual objectives..

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  • Title: SkillSet: Training design and delivery
    Descriptive info: Whether it's.. , classroom training, or.. documentation.. , design is one of the most important elements of any training intervention.. Getting the design of your training programme right means the content is relevant and engaging and that knowledge retention is maximised.. SkillSet has over 20 years of experience in designing training programmes for a broad range of clients.. Our team of highly-experienced consultants are skilled in designing user-focused training programmes that deliver real and measurable results.. As well as considering the look and feel of the overall programme, we look at the structure, which defines the path the learner will take and the depth of the training required to meet objectives.. Our usual approach is to work with your  ...   delivery methods:.. Face-to-face training, which usually involves the creation of training materials, exercises and evaluations.. Remote instructor-led training, using tools like webinars, teleconferences and distance learning.. Videos, which we design for high-impact topics and executive introductions.. Written, electronic or observed assessments.. Reference material, either printed or electronic, which learners can refer back to at a later date.. Quick reference guides and web-based support pages.. Peer learning, including wikis, blogs and social media tools.. Simulators and simulations to provide a safe environment where learners can practice newly acquired skills.. modules, developed using the leading rapid development technologies.. to allow users to learn 'on the go' using mobile phones, smartphones and tablet devices.. In-application support.. , where context-sensitive learning is delivered just-in-time..

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  • Title: SkillSet: eLearning
    Descriptive info: Here at SkillSet, we ensure that our eLearning is not only effective, but fun and engaging for learners.. We do this by keeping several key concepts in mind:.. We don't build long eLearning courses and try, wherever possible, to keep courses to 30 minutes or less.. If the content won't fit into a 30 minute course, we break it down into bite-sized chunks.. We don't dictate the order in which the learner must work through a course, unless there is a specific requirement to do so.. This means that learners are free to explore and learn at will.. It also means that they can access the course at a later date and use it as a reference tool.. Our instructional designers are creative in their use of content and employ voiceovers, avatars and videos to help present information.. We make it real and ensure that all the content, including any simulations, videos or exercises, are relevant to your organisation.. We give learners the opportunity to interact, to actively participate and to put their newly acquired skills to the test.. Our designers create visually attractive content and use images and illustrations that are related to the learning content.. An example of some eLearning content developed for wide screen monitors rather than the more typical 4:3 aspect raio.. We use a broad range of tools, including.. , Articulate, Captivate, Adobe Learning Suite, Camtasia, datango performance suite and UPK, to build eLearning content for our clients.. If you need your eLearning developing in a tight timescale then our developers will probably select a multi-authoring environment, where more than one developer can work on your content at the same time.. This can include customised workflows for the review and comment  ...   avatars, audio, video, animations, learning games, learning interactions, branched logic (scenarios) and tests, quizzes or assessments.. Of course, if you want a certificate to print at the end, this can also be arranged!.. Did you know that English is only spoken by 4.. 1% of the world population?.. Our consultants regularly design and develop eLearning for delivery in multiple languages - it's one of the key reasons why eLearning is used when the audience is geographically disperse (the phrase you might be familiar with is called distance learning ).. Localisation of content is the process we work through to make sure your eLearning is suitable for all your location and we take into account more than just translation of the content from language to language.. It's also important to consider a wide range of cultural and procedural aspects as well.. Processes are often different in different locations and the proper localisation of content takes this into account.. Our highly-experienced and independent eLearning development service can be delivered as a standalone solution or as a component of a blended training programme.. We deliver eLearning solutions to support a range of training initiatives.. In the last 12 months, we have worked with a multi-national retailer to deliver bite-sized eLearning modules to improve product knowledge among staff.. We have also worked with a UK-based provider of homecare services to.. cut the cost of IT support.. by over 70%.. In addition, the SkillSet team has worked with a major oil gas provider to help staff across the globe use a brand new talent management solution.. Whatever your requirement, we'd love to help.. Case study: Cutting the cost of IT support using eLearning.. Case study: Promoting compliance using eLearning.. We support..

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  • Title: SkillSet: Mobile learning
    Descriptive info: Mobile learning, or mLearning, is one of the most important innovations in the eLearning marketplace today.. The hardware that it is deployed on has improved significantly over the last few years, with devices now boasting bigger screens, more storage and better power consumption and processing speeds.. The advent of 'app stores', HTML5 and 'always available' internet connections mean that mobile learning is now a viable option.. Devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android-based smart phones and tablet computers allow applications and learning content to be written and  ...   that allows users to download content, which can be used offline.. This means that you can select your course, download it when you're connected to the internet, take the course with you, complete it while you are offline and then synchronise with the server next time you're online.. SkillSet has the experience and expertise to assist you in moving to a mobile learning model.. We can provide the advice, solutions, and design and development of services.. Get in touch.. to find out more!.. iPad Publisher.. Bandwidth considerations..

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