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  • Title: Rosewood Publications | Home Page | Links to categories of music
    Descriptive info: .. Rosewood Publications.. Chamber Music for Wind, Strings and Piano.. +44 (0) 1189 744426 or (001) 669 8003.. Home.. About Us.. Ordering.. Catalogue.. Contact.. Links.. Interesting courses at Benslow Music happening soon.. Music.. Wind.. Wind & Piano.. Wind, Strings & Piano.. Wind & Strings.. Strings/Strings & Piano/Vocal.. |.. Wind Piano.. Wind, Strings Piano.. Wind Strings.. Strings/Strings Piano.. Vocal Instrumental.. John Newhill the Basset-Horn.. Rosewood Publications, 2013..

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  • Title: Rosewood Publications | About Rosewood Publications
    Descriptive info: has been producing a wide variety of chamber music for combinations of wind, strings and piano for the last decade.. Some are modern editions of works that are now out of copyright, some are new works and some are arrangements.. We specialise in providing alternative instrumentation where this is practicable.. These are shown in brackets.. All RP editions.. have been set using Finale software and are produced on A4 or A3 paper.. All works without piano include a score.. Where there is a choice of instrument, the alternatives are shown in brackets.. Piano parts are playable from full scores, some of which are comb bound.. Should a customer wish to purchase the score or parts separately, please enquire for prices.. Any edition without a  ...   not usually include a score.. Occasionally one or more parts has been set in Finale to improve readbility.. Popups.. that play a short extract and show the cover page have been provided but these will only show if the title of a piece is clicked.. A further popup can be found within the first one showing a page or two of music.. Again this will only function if the link is clicked.. You may also need an extension or plugin in order to view (rather than download) pdf files.. We acknowledge.. with sincere gratitude the support of many people, especially John Wilcox, who have discussed, encouraged, suggested and proof-read these works.. We also apologise that, from 1st January 2014, prices have had to be raised..

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  • Title: Rosewood Publications | How to Order
    Descriptive info: Music may be ordered.. directly by telephone (+44 (0) 1189 744426 or 001 612 669 8003) or by.. completing our order form.. and emailing your requirements to us.. Please use the order form for any other queries you may have.. Payment may be made.. by cheque, PayPal or direct Bank transfer.. All details needed for the latter will be at the bottom of invoices.. Postage and packing costs will be added to the cost of the music.. Overseas parcels.. will be posted at the current Airmail Printed Paper Rate.. Inland parcels will go second class unless otherwise requested..

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  • Title: Rosewood Publications | Current Catalogue
    Descriptive info: See our most recent catalogue online.. or.. download a copy.. You will need Adobe Reader which is freely available from.. Adobe..

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  • Title: Rosewood Publications | Contact & Order Form
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Rosewood Order/Contact Form.. Name.. *.. Email.. Confirm.. Rosewood Order/Query.. Details of order or query.. Your Full Address.. Payment:.. I will send a cheque upon receipt of invoice.. I would like to use PayPal.. I will arrange an inter-bank transfer upon receipt of invoice.. Image Verification.. Please enter the text from the image.. :.. [.. Refresh Image.. ] [.. What's This?.. ].. Rosewood.. Publications 2013..

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  • Title: Rosewood Publications | Useful Links
    Descriptive info: Useful Links.. Courses at Benslow Music:.. Contact: Benslow Music, Hitchin, Herts SG4 9RB.. 01462 459446 or.. email.. CASS.. exists to promote the playing of the clarinet and saxophone at all levels from beginners to serious students, keen amateurs and professionals and in all musical styles.. Members of CASS receive a very well-produced, full-colour, quarterly magazine packed full of interesting articles on the two instruments, features on celebrity players, reviews of CDs instruments, reeds and equipment as well as ‘live’ concerts and listings of forthcoming performances.. In addition the Society organises various events such as ‘play-days’ in different parts of the country, and acts as custodian of an extensive library of works, any of which can be borrowed for a nominal sum.. Members can also advertise, free of charge, any instruments or accessories you may wish to sell.. The International Double Reed Society.. (IDRS) was established in December of 1971 and is a world-wide organization of double reed (oboe and bassoon family) players, instrument manufacturers and enthusiasts.. The society has over 4,400 members from 56 countries.. Within the United States, 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are represented.. IDRS also maintains diplomatic relations with other national double reed organizations from around the world.. Currently, the British Double Reed Society, IDRS Deutschland e.. v.. , the Japan Bassoon Society, The Japan Oboe Association, Nederlandstalig Dubbelriet, Finnish Double Reed Society (Suomen Oboe- ja Fagottiseura r.. y.. ), Association française du Hautbois, Gesellschaft der Freunde der  ...   our various reference articles, or just to check out job openings or horns for sale that have been shared with us.. We hope this will provide you with a window on the HORN world that will encourage you to join the IHS and to keep coming back for more.. S.. J.. Stanford, Charles Villiers (1852 - 1924): Fantasies No:1 and No:2 (1921-22) for cl.. , 2 vls.. , vla.. vc obtainable from.. , 23 Leys Road, Cambridge, CB4 2AP, England.. Telephone: +44 (0)1223 314771 Facsimile: +44 (0)1223 560353.. Also much more.. The Clarinet Pages.. , a Source of Information for the Clarinet Amateur, Professional, and Anyone Who just wants to know about the clarinet.. Patrick Clement's Site for Wind Music.. At Patrick Clement's.. site you can find arrangements (and a few original pieces) by Patrick Clements.. These largely comprise music for the standard wind octet (pairs of oboes, clarinets, horns and bassoons) or nonet (octet plus flute) and for various combinations of horns.. Music can be ordered by e-mail, telephone or post.. Phylloscopus.. Phylloscopus Publications.. offer a catalogue of varied chamber music, mostly for wind instruments.. The music ranges from 17th to 21st century, original and arranged, for 1 to 12 players with alternative scoring where appropriate.. Some of the music is accessible to less experienced players, most is suited to good amateurs.. Section headings: flute, oboe, oboe d'amore, cor anglais, bassoon, other wind instruments, double reed ensembles, ensembles with keyboard, mixed wind ensembles, with strings, with voices..

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  • Title: Rosewood Publications | Music for Wind Instruments
    Descriptive info: Music for Wind.. Small popups have been added to this site to enable visitors to see and hear short extracts of music.. For this to work, Javascript and popups need to be enabled in your browser.. These popups will only appear if a visitor clicks the title of a piece of music or a link within the popup.. RP Editions (set in Finale).. Trios.. RP03.. Walthew, R.. (1872-1951):.. Prelude Fugue.. for 2 cls.. bn.. (b.. cl.. ).. First edition.. £5.. 40.. RP10.. Bach-Mozart K.. 404a:.. Two Preludes Fugues.. transcr.. for ob.. , cl.. or 2 cls.. b.. £12.. 00.. RP59.. Flégier, A.. (1846-1927):.. Trio.. (cl.. in A), cl.. in A bn.. ).. £11.. 10.. RP115.. Mozart, W.. A.. (1756-1791):.. Petites Pieçes.. for 2 b-hns.. (2 cls.. ) bn.. (b.. cl).. £9.. RP116.. Blanc, A.. (1828-1885):.. Op.. 25 for fl.. in A, bn.. RP117.. Beethoven, L.. van (1770–1827):.. 8 for fl.. , bn.. RP118.. Stark, R.. (1847–1922):.. Sonata in G minor.. (b-hn.. 60.. Quartets.. RP12.. Lauber, J.. (1864-1952):.. Quartet.. for fl.. , ob.. RP15.. Mendelssohn, F.. (1809-1847):.. String Quartet Op.. 12.. for 3 cls.. (fl.. , 2cls.. £18.. RP46.. Janovický, K.. (1930-):.. Saxophone Quartet.. First Edition.. 30.. RP80.. arr.. Westmeath:.. American Songs and Sea Shanties.. 75.. RP83.. Nursery Rhymes.. RP85.. Songs from the British Isles.. RP86.. Spirituals.. £6.. RP104.. Gems from Gilbert Sullivan.. £8.. RP106.. More Songs from the British Isles.. £7.. 20..  ...   Horn Quintet KV407 for 2 cls.. , 2 hns.. £24.. RFE editions (facsimile editions).. RFE04 Sobeck, J.. (1831-1914):.. Trio Op.. 18.. for Tenor (Sop.. ), cl.. pno.. RFE19 Huguenin, C.. (1870-1939):.. 31.. £4.. 37.. RFE57 Zoeller, C.. (1840-1889):.. Three Virtuosos.. £3.. RFE69 Walthew, R.. (1872- 1951):.. Triolet in Eb.. RFE82 Huguenin, C.. RFE92 Hennessy, S.. (1866-1929):.. 54.. 60.. RFE23.. Carulli, B.. (1797-1877):.. Terzetto.. 2), cl.. RFE99.. Serenade Op.. 55.. in Bb 2bns.. RFE01.. Sobeck, J.. (1831-1914):.. Wind Quintet in F.. 9.. 86.. RFE02.. Wind Quintet in Eb.. 11.. RFE03.. Wind Quintet in g minor.. 14.. RFE05.. Wind Quintet in Bb.. 23.. RFE13.. Lindner, F.. (1795-1846):.. Wind Quintet Op.. 1.. RFE67.. Fantasie Op.. 3.. on a theme from Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor for solo cl.. , fl.. , hn.. (or cl.. RFE68.. Rorich, K.. (1869-1941):.. 58.. RFE73.. 99 No.. (cl.. in C, hn.. in D, F G).. 72.. (All 6 for £35.. RFE74.. in C in 1 movement).. 68.. RFE75.. in A, hn.. in E).. RFE76.. 4.. in D).. RFE77.. 5.. in A C, hn.. in E G).. RFE78.. 6.. in G F).. 24.. RFE79.. Müller, P.. (1791- 1877):.. Wind Quintet No.. 84.. (All 3 for £13.. 50).. RFE80.. (1791-1877):.. 15.. RFE81.. RFE83.. Laurischkus, M.. (1876-1929):.. Lithuanian Quintet Op.. 23.. for wind quintet.. RFE100.. 44.. RFE93.. Reinecke, C.. H.. C.. (1824-1910):.. Sextet Op.. 271.. Octets.. RFE94.. Octet Op.. 216.. , 2 cl.. £22.. 45..

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  • Title: Rosewood Publications | Music for Wind & Piano
    Descriptive info: Music for Wind and Piano.. Duos.. RP05.. Hurlstone, W.. Y.. (1876-1906):.. Adagio.. for cl.. (vc.. ) pno.. RP23.. Lloyd, C.. (1849-1919):.. Duo Concertante.. RP28.. Sonata.. for alto sax.. RP29.. Osborne, G.. (1806-1893):.. (vc.. 50.. RP34.. Somervell, A.. (1863-1937):.. Romance in F.. (vl.. 25.. RP42.. Fiske, R.. (1910-1987):.. 25.. RP43.. Sonatina.. Second edition.. RP45.. Bell, W.. (1873-1946):.. Sonata in d minor.. RP47.. Linstead, G.. (1908-1974):.. RP48.. Archduke Rudolph (1788-1831):.. Theme Variations, Adagio Polonaise.. for b-hn.. RP50.. Hadow, W.. (1859-1937):.. RP51.. Britton, R.. (1929-):.. Sonatine.. RP52.. Glatz, H.. (1908-1996):.. hpschord.. RP54.. Moore, T.. (1922-2003):.. Caprice.. RP55.. Andante Rondo.. RP60.. Sonata K.. 454.. RP61.. Blackford, D.. (1936-):.. Concerto.. RP62.. (1876-1929):.. Drei Stücke op.. RP63.. Hummel, J.. N.. (1778-1827) arr.. Brod:.. RP65.. Brent-Smith, A.. (1889-1950):.. Sonata in F.. for bn.. RP88.. Jacobssen, J.. (1835-1902):.. Three Pieces.. RP89.. van (1770-1827):.. Sonata Op.. No.. 2 for cl.. RP93.. Reissiger, C.. G.. (1798-1859):.. 146.. 25 (All 3 for £15.. RP94.. Deuxieme Fantasie Op.. 180.. RP95.. Adagio Rondo-Polacca Op.. 214.. 00 (All 3 for £15.. RP109.. Calvert, C.. Four Hebridean Songs (2008).. RP119.. Bache, F.. E.. (1833-1858):.. Romance.. in A) pno.. RP01.. ), bn.. (vla.. /b.. cl//b-hn.. RP21.. 23.. ), vc.. /vc.. /b-hn.. £17.. RP30.. (from Wind Sextet Op.. 71) for cl.. ) £14.. RP31.. Ruppe, F.. (1771-1834):.. ) £18.. RP49.. Street, O.. (1869-1923):.. An April  ...   Kittl, J.. B.. (1806-1868):.. Septet.. for wind quintet, cb.. £23.. RFE30.. von Baussnern, W.. (1866-1931):.. Suite.. RFE60.. Holbrooke, J.. (1878-1958):.. Andante Presto Op.. RFE63.. (1846-1919):.. Suite in the Old Style.. RFE65.. Mason, D.. (1873-1953):.. 3 on a theme from Donizetti's 'Lucia de Lammermoor'.. (or solo cl.. ) £5.. RFE88.. Two sets of Variations on Themes from the 'Magic Flute'.. (Mozart, W.. ) for cl.. RFE101.. Prout, E.. (1835-1909):.. Sonata in D Op.. in A (vla.. RFE103.. Pierné, H.. Canzonetta.. 19 for cl.. RFE104.. Pièce en Sol Mineur.. RFE04.. 18.. for tenor (sop.. RFE08.. Walckiers, E.. (1793-1866):.. 95.. , vl.. RFE17.. 274.. RFE24.. Heidrich, M.. (1864-1909):.. RFE27.. Voigt, Fr.. W.. (dates unknown):.. Nocturne Op.. RFE50.. Duo Concertante Op.. based on motifs from Mozart's 'Don Giovanni' for cl.. RFE66.. Lalliet, T.. (1837-1891):.. Terzetto Op.. 22.. , b.. , b-hn.. RFE71.. (1801-1839):.. RFE89.. Crusell, B.. (1775-1838):.. Rondo.. vla.. / vc.. / b-hn.. RFE102.. Cavallini, E.. (1807-1874):.. Gran Duetto.. from Meyerbeer's 'L'Africana' £7.. RFE84.. Burleske Op.. for 3 fl.. , (2 fl, cl.. RFE15.. Verhey, R.. (1848-1929):.. RFE26.. Pauer, E.. (1826-1905):.. RFE52.. Huber, H.. (1852-1921):.. Quintett.. RFE42.. Rheinberger, J.. (1839-1901):.. 191b.. RFE46.. Fuhrmeister, F.. (1862-c.. 1920):.. Gavotte Tarantelle.. RFE53.. Sextett.. RFE87.. Blumer, T.. (1881-1964):.. Sextett Op.. RFE91.. Thuille, L.. (1861-1907):.. RFE98.. (1828-1885:.. Septet Op.. for for ob.. , cb.. John Newhill the Basset-Horn..

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  • Title: Rosewood Publications | Music for Wind, Strings and Piano
    Descriptive info: Music for Wind, Strings and Piano.. RP02.. Farrenc, L.. (1804-1875):.. RP11.. Skroup, F.. (1801-1862):.. 27.. RP13.. Hartmann, E.. (1836-1898):.. RP16.. Wishart, P.. (1921-1984):.. RP17.. Trois Morceaux.. ), vla.. 2) pno.. RP18.. Gyrowetz, A.. (1763-1850):.. 43.. for for cl.. 71) arr.. RP39.. Rusu-Kozulina, N.. (1954-):.. Trio Mélancolique.. (vl.. RP53.. (1888-1959):.. Trio in d minor.. fl.. (bn/vla.. RP79.. Amberg, J.. (1846-1914):.. RP87.. RP99.. Fantasiestücke Op.. RP110.. Bottesini, P.. (1792-1874):.. Quartetto No.. (Duet from the opera 'Semiramide' by Rossini) for vl.. guitar or vl.. 00 (£16.. 00 for  ...   Labor, J.. (1842-1924):.. RP69.. Dubois, T.. (1837-1924):.. Quintet in F.. for vl.. RP75.. Hrabal, F.. R.. :.. Meistersinger Walzer.. RP108.. Asioli, B.. (1769 - 1832):.. RFE07.. Stiehl, J.. D.. (1800-1874):.. 274.. RFE22.. 96.. RFE31.. Serenade.. RFE51.. Frühling, C.. (1868-1937):.. RFE55.. Hollaender, A.. (1840-1924):.. Sechs Charakterstücke Op.. 53.. RFE59.. 97.. RFE72.. d'Indy, V.. (1851-1931):.. 29.. RFE54.. Rabl, W.. (1873-1940):.. Quartet Op.. RFE25.. RFE28.. Schwenke (1792-1852):.. Gran Partita K.. 361.. RFE45.. Spohr, L.. 32.. 2), vla.. ad lib.. RFE48.. Nonet Op.. RFE56.. Fibich, Z.. (1850-1900):.. 42.. 54..

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  • Title: Rosewood Publications | Music for Wind and Strings
    Descriptive info: Music for Wind and Strings.. RP35.. attr.. Haydn, J.. (1732-1809):.. Three Trios.. vc.. 90.. RP72.. Neruda, F.. (1834-1915):.. Musikale Märchen.. RP24.. Mohamed, H.. (1919-):.. Quartet (1961).. ), vl.. RP66.. RP91.. Pleyel, I.. (1757-1831):.. 19/4.. 00 (All 3 for £25.. RP92.. 19/5.. RP97.. 19/6.. 00 (both for £16.. 50 (both for £16.. RP06.. Backofen, H.. (1768-1839):.. 1 (vl.. 2 vc.. RP08.. A Short Quintet in Eb.. string quartet.. RP73.. Kuhlau, F.. (1786-1832):.. Quintet No.. in E Op.. 51 for fl.. , 2 vlas.. RP27.. Erlanger, G.. (1842-1908):.. (opt.. cb.. ) £22.. RP70.. (1809-1847) arr.. Concert Piece No.. 2.. 2,/b.. ,/b.. hn.. RP82.. Eggert, J.. (1779-1813):.. RP84.. 2 vcs.. RP107.. Rolla, A.. (1747-1841):.. 10.. RP09.. 40.. RP36..  ...   cl.. RP41.. 62.. £29.. RP71.. Zich, O.. (1879-1934):.. Octet.. £27.. RP76.. (from the Nonet Op.. 139) for ob.. £28.. Nonets.. RP81.. Rung, F.. (1854-1914):.. Serenade and Danse des Papillons.. RFE12.. Küffner, J.. (1776-1856):.. 21.. guitar/lute £6.. RFE14.. 33.. RFE20.. Herold, E.. Serenade in Bb.. £2.. RFE16.. Haensel, P.. (1770-1831):.. 19.. RFE18.. Dressler, J.. (c.. 1800):.. RFE21.. Pugni, C.. (1802-1870):.. RFE105.. Baermann, C.. (12810-1885):.. RFE106.. (1775 – 1838):.. Clarinet Quartet No.. 3 Op.. 7.. RFE06.. (1784-1859):.. 34.. RFE09.. Neumann, H.. (1792-1862):.. Variations Op.. 9.. RFE11.. Spaeth, A.. (1790-1876):.. RFE61.. string quartet £8.. RFE86.. Romberg, A.. (1767-1821):.. RFE90.. Beach, A.. (1867-1944):.. RFE85.. Berwald, F.. RFE97.. (1796-1868):.. Octet in E Op.. RFE64.. Nonet in F Op.. RFE70.. Nonet..

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  • Title: Rosewood Publications | Music forStrings | Strings & Piano | Vocal Music
    Descriptive info: Music for Strings/Strings and Piano.. or fl.. Trio (from Wind Sextet Op.. 71).. RP98.. RP90.. Quintet in F minor.. for 2 vls.. (No score is provided.. ) £25.. RFE Editions.. RFE10.. Zoeller, C.. H.. C.. 30.. RFE29.. Rossini, G.. (1792-1868):.. Overture to 'William Tell'.. 4 hands £6.. RFE32.. Brahms, J.. (1833-1897):.. Erstes Sextett Op.. 4 hands £10.. RFE33.. Zweites Sextett Op.. 36.. 4 hands 12.. RFE34.. Dvorak, A.. (1841-1904):.. Slavische Tänze (I.. ) arr.. 4 hands £9.. RFE35..  ...   4 hands £13.. RFE38.. Symphony in F Op.. RFE39.. Overture to 'Oberon'.. 4 hands £4.. RFE40.. Academic Overture.. 4 hands £5.. RFE41.. Auber, D.. F.. (1782-1871):.. Overture to 'Die Stumme'.. RFE43.. Liebeslieder Op.. 52.. 4 hands £7.. RFE44.. 16.. RFE47.. RFE49.. Fifth Symphony Op.. 67.. (vla.. (1784-1859) arr.. Schwenke.. 20.. RFE62.. Three Dramatic Songs.. , pno.. sop/tenor £9.. Vocal/Instrumental Music.. (1831–1914):.. pno £7.. RFE95.. (1784–1859):.. Six German Songs Op.. 154.. /bar.. RFE96.. Sechs Lieder Op.. 103.. sop.. /tenor £9..

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