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  • Title: Media Coverage | Media Coverage website
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Legal Newsletters.. Services.. About.. Contact.. Law Marketing.. Home.. Legal Newsletters.. Services.. About.. Contact.. Law Marketing.. Law firm newsletters.. Promote your services and win new business.. Law news articles.. Enhance your law firm’s website and twitter feed.. Press releases.. Promote your firm’s name in your local media.. Social media articles.. Get great content for your social media accounts.. Law Firm Marketing that can boost your business.. Sample 2pg Business Newsletter.. Media Coverage helps law firms win new business by communicating with their clients through legal newsletters, website and blog articles, press releases, twitter feeds etc.. We also provide media training courses on getting coverage in local newspapers, and on conducting radio and television interviews.. We specialise in writing news articles about legal developments and designing newsletters that law firms can send to their clients.. Our articles are also used as news sections on law firm websites, blogs and twitter feeds.. We’re not like other content providers.. When you sign up with  ...   articles for your website.. Social media content.. Press release service.. Media Training for lawyers.. Give yourself a break.. Let us do the legwork so you re free to concentrate on your firm s overall law marketing strategy or concentrate on your case load or just get away from the office on time for once!.. Give us a call and we ll make sure we find a way to help you.. Tel: 0115 981 3655.. Email: admin@media-coverage.. co.. uk.. Choose your own newsletter articles.. Would you like to be able to choose which of our professionally written articles should appear in your newsletter? Take full control with our.. choose your own articles.. newsletter.. Free articles for law firm websites.. Subscribe to our quarterly newsletters and we’ll send you several articles every month to place on your website – absolutely free.. Legal newsletters from only £210 per quarter.. Our law firm newsletters are competitively priced and offer excellent value for money.. Tweets by @Media_Coverage..

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  • Title: Law Firm Newsletters with your logo and services | Media Coverage
    Descriptive info: Law Firm Newsletters with your logo and services.. Sample 2page Private Newsletter.. We provide you with readymade newsletters to send out to your clients.. We write all the articles and take care of all the production work – leaving you free to concentrate on your business.. We design the newsletters using your logo and artwork.. The headlines and panels will be in your firm’s colours to emphasise your corporate brand.. You will be able to list your services, contact details and include pictures of partners if you wish.. The end result is a newsletter which perfectly reflects your corporate brand, is professionally written and designed to the highest standards.. How many pages in your newsletter?.. We produce 2-page, 4-page and 8-page newsletters.. Which one would be best for you? Read more about.. how many pages you might want in your newsletter.. Choose your own articles – take total control.. If you want a readymade hassle free newsletter, but want to be able to choose all the articles, this could be the newsletter for you.. Find out more about our.. choose your own articles newsletter service.. Private Client Newsletters.. Our readymade newsletters for you to send to your private clients contain articles relating to services such as wills and probate, trusts, matrimonial and cohabiting, family, buying and selling a home, personal injury, employment, inheritance, litigation, lasting power of attorney, professional negligence.. Business Client Newsletters.. Our readymade newsletters for you to send to business clients contain articles relating to services such as commercial property, company law, contracts, commercial litigation, landlord and tenant, company law, employment, buying  ...   all the necessary crop marks and printer’s instructions.. We also supply a pdf version which is suitable for posting on your website or sending out as an email attachment.. Your newsletter is exclusive to you in your area.. We guarantee that when you subscribe to a Media Coverage newsletter, we will not supply the same newsletter containing the same material to any other firm in your area.. We would normally define your area by postcode (to be agreed).. Alterations and Amendments.. Clients are always sent a draft of the newsletter before printing.. In the unlikely event that any of the articles contain any factual errors then we will correct them immediately at no extra charge.. Subscription.. There is no minimum subscription term.. If you choose to subscribe for 12 months, ie four quarterly newsletters, there is no set up charge.. However, if you only want to take a one-off newsletter or subscribe for only a few editions then there will be a set-up fee of £95 to cover the cost of creating your newsletter template with your corporate branding.. Price List.. Media Coverage newsletters are very competitively priced to provide superb value for money.. See our.. price list.. Terms and Conditions 4page newsletters.. Terms and Conditions 2page newsletters.. Free articles for your website, blog or twitter feed.. Remember, if you subscribe to any of our newsletters, we will also supply you with several articles each month for you to place on your website as a news update or blog and twitter feed.. Sample 4page Business Newsletter.. Sample 4page Private Newsletter.. Choose your own articles..

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  • Title: Media Coverage law firm marketing services | Media Coverage
    Descriptive info: Media Coverage law firm marketing services.. Media Coverage offers a range of services enabling law firms to connect with clients and win new business.. Law Firm Newsletters.. We produce a wide range of bespoke and readymade newsletters that can be printed or sent out as email attachments.. More on our law firm newsletters.. Law News Articles.. Our law news articles feature the latest legal developments and can be used by law firms to create news sections on their websites, email newsletters and newsfeeds on social media platforms such as Twitter or Linkedin.. More on our  ...   promote your services.. But do you have enough to tweet about? We can provide you with articles and intriguing tweets that will get people to click through to your website.. More on our social media articles.. Press Releases.. Our press releases help law firms get valuable coverage in their local newspapers and business magazines.. More on our law firm press releases.. Media Training.. Our highly acclaimed media training courses provide lawyers with valuable insights into how newspapers and broadcasters work, and how to deal with interviews and questions from journalists.. More on our media training courses..

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  • Title: About Media Coverage | Media Coverage
    Descriptive info: About Media Coverage.. Media Coverage was formed by former ITV Central News reporter Nick Kehoe who has more than 20 years experience in newspapers, radio and television.. He’s a former News Editor at ITV Central News and has also worked for ITN in London as well as several regional and national newspapers.. He has written extensively on media matters for the Law Gazette Business Blog, the Solicitors Journal and several regional law society magazines.. Media Coverage has a team of highly experienced journalists and designers who insist on the highest standards at all times.. We also have close links with journalists and technical staff within the mainstream media whose skills we often use for specialist projects.. Client comments on Media Coverage services.. We have been using email newsletters from Media Coverage for over three years and have found them to be a brilliant marketing tool.. They enable us to communicate frequently with our clients/contacts and they drive people to our website, which is a great help in creating new business.. Carly Mars, Marketing Manager, Andersons Solicitors.. We have been delighted with the newsletters and bulletins prepared for us by Media Coverage over the three years of our association more importantly so have our clients and contacts.. Thanks to the  ...   of date, resulting in amendments and further delay, as well as a lot of wasted fee-earner time.. Now that we have outsourced most of the preparation to you, our newsletters go out on time and we are using your monthly e-mailed up-dates to keep our web-site fresh and relevant.. Your printing costs are also much lower than we were paying previously.. I have no hesitation in recommending your service to others.. Dermot Burke, Managing Partner, Bells Solicitors.. Nick Kehoe has interviewed me several times on television.. He is always very professional and creative, and has helped me enormously with my presentation skills.. His dynamic approach would be a great asset to anyone wishing to get their message across in newspapers or in the broadcast media.. Dr Ian Campbell, Consultant to the government on health and obesity.. Excellent, very relevant to our needs and requirements.. Alison Hoy, Chief Executive, Berry Smith.. I worked with Nick for many years and consider him a friend as well as a colleague.. Nick is an excellent journalist but what really marks him out is his personality, because Nick is a delight to work with.. He has vast experience in all fields of the media newspapers, radio and TV.. Anna Soubry, Barrister and MP for Broxtowe..

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  • Title: Contact us for Law Marketing Services | Media Coverage
    Descriptive info: Contact us for Law Marketing Services.. Byron House.. 69 Ruddington Lane.. Nottingham.. Notts.. NG11 7BG.. Your Name (required).. Your Email (required).. Firm.. Your Message (required)..

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  • Title: Law Marketing | Media Coverage
    Descriptive info: Get the media to describe you as an expert.. How would you like to get some free publicity in a local or national newspaper in which you are described as a leading lawyer?.. It may seem too good to be true but it is possible.. In fact, hardly a day goes by without some lawyer getting thousands pounds worth of publicity without having to pay a penny.. Newspapers are always searching for articles of interest to their readers.. The law is a good place to look because it affects everyone’s life in one way or another and it is always changing.. Therefore, there is always something new to write about.. Read more.. Summary of our Autumn 2012 Private Client Newsletter.. Welcome to our autumn newsletter for law firms to send to their private clients.. In this edition, we look at how people can help their children to buy a home.. Other articles include:.. Summary of our Autumn 2012 Business Client Newsletter..  ...   Bill Clinton may not be the first name that springs to mind when it comes to law firm marketing but he came up with one line that can help anyone wanting to get a message across.. And getting a message across is basically what marketing is all about, isn’t it?.. In 1997 he was invited by Tony Blair to address the newly elected Labour cabinet in Downing Street.. Blair says he charmed them and even overawed them, but he also left them in no doubt about what they had to do to get the public onside as they set about making radical reforms.. Marketing your law firm on a low budget.. Law firm marketing is hard at the best of times but when budgets are squeezed ever tighter because of the recession it can seem almost impossible.. So what can you do to make the most of the limited resources you may have?.. Page 1 of 3.. 1.. 2.. 3.. Next..

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  • Title: Contact us for Law Marketing Services | Media Coverage
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  • Title: Get the media to describe you as an expert | Media Coverage
    Descriptive info: Journalists like quotes to improve their articles.. Journalists can write their own articles but they are not lawyers.. They like to use quotes from legal experts to give their articles more authority.. If you can provide those quotes then you’re likely to be rewarded by being described as a leading lawyer in your field.. A recent example in the Guardian involved Jonathan West, who is head of family and matrimonial at Prolegal.. Mr West was quoted extensively by Guardian reporter Owen Bowcott in an article about the Government’s proposed new law on shared parenting orders.. The main premise of the article was that the new law was unnecessary because the courts are already pioneering shared residence orders.. The article is based mainly on Mr West’s opinion and he is quoted extensively.. Report  ...   means that Prolegal are actively promoting themselves in the media.. They’re doing so by helping reporters write informative articles about the latest legal developments.. Lawyers who get involved in this way not only get a name check for themselves and their firm, they are also likely to be described as experts.. Now, Mr West may well be a leading lawyer but even if he wasn’t, he would almost certainly be described as such because the newspaper obviously wants to make its report look authoritative.. An easy way to do that is talk up the person you are quoting.. Cultivating the media and submitting press releases can pay rich rewards by getting you exposure in newspapers read by hundreds of thousands of people.. And best of all, it doesn’t cost you a penny..

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  • Title: Summary of our Autumn 2012 Private Client Newsletter | Media Coverage
    Descriptive info: Click to see full newsletter.. A pregnant teacher wins her claim of unfair dismissal, and we see how workers over 50 are still being subjected to discrimination.. A wife challenges her husband’s will to get a larger share of his estate, and we examine the issues involved in charitable donations and inheritance tax.. We look at how the NewBuy Guarantee scheme could help some couples move to a bigger home.. We see why a leading judge wants more legal rights for cohabiting couples, and why business people from company directors to farmers are seeking safety in marital agreements.. There’s a report on a man  ...   Power of Attorney.. Our legal newsletters are used by law firms across the UK.. We re sure the articles we produce will be popular with your clients too.. We only supply the newsletters to one firm per town so.. contact us now.. to avoid missing out.. Readymade Newsletters for your Business and Private Clients.. Media Coverage provides a wide range of newsletters for law firms to send to their business and private clients.. We can also provide you with newsletters specialising in single subjects such as employment, family, commercial property, debt collection etc.. Find out more about Media Coverage s.. newsletters for law firms..

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  • Title: Summary of our Autumn 2012 Business Client Newsletter | Media Coverage
    Descriptive info: Protecting your business: why restrictive covenants can be a difficult balancing act.. The EU has agreed on a unified patent court with a section based in London, and international patent applications could get faster.. An engineering firm has won its battle over unpaid invoices, and we look at why late payments are threatening the survival of smaller businesses.. The Government  ...   planning system is to be reformed to make it simpler and quicker to use.. There’s a report on why a business tenant wasn’t able to exercise a break clause, and we look at the importance of contract agreements when setting up a new enterprise.. The Government has now set the fees for employees wishing to make a claim to a tribunal..

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  • Title: Bill Clinton and law firm marketing | Media Coverage
    Descriptive info: Clinton told them: “Don’t forget: communication is 50% of the battle in the information age.. Say it once, say it twice and keep on saying it, and when you’ve finished, you’ll know you’ve still not said it enough.. ”.. The same message could be applied to all forms of marketing and communication.. It’s become a cliché that people have to see an ad or be given a piece of information several times before it even begins to register.. You may have to bombard them several more times before they even think about taking any action.. So how can this be applied to marketing a law firm? Well, follow Clinton’s advice to the letter.. Tell people the same thing over and over again, and use news events to help you keep it fresh.. This is how it might work.. Suppose you want to promote your wills and probate services.. You may well place advertising material on your website and write a good article on why people ought to make a will.. You may well cover every angle from the peace of mind gained by getting your affairs in order to the problems a person might be storing up for their family by not making a will.. You may create a newsletter or a brochure and send it out to your prospective clients.. After that, you may  ...   message is the same but the court case gives it a fresh look and another reason to raise the subject again.. These articles can be placed on your website, which will make your site it more interesting to readers and more attractive to search engines like Google which like lots of relevant content.. You can then use the same approach to produce articles about your other legal services such as personal injury, residential property and so on.. If you collect the articles together you may have enough for a monthly or quarterly newsletter.. This will enable you to put the same message in front of people time and time again.. They will never get bored because each time the message is wrapped up in an interesting court case about real people and so seems fresh and new again.. Eventually, the message will get through.. People may well be finally inspired to make that will and get their affairs in order.. Even if they don’t, the very fact that you have put your name in front of them so many times will make them feel comfortable with you and yours will be the first name they think of when they next need legal advice on something else.. As Clinton suggested, communication is half the battle so don’t be afraid to tell people over and over again..

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