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  • Title: Live Life Then Give Life
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Contact Us.. A Clear Home Is A Clear Mind: Detoxify Your Life.. How to Love the Skin You’re In.. How Healthy Is Your Hair?.. Simplify Your Life: Live Organically.. Avoid Injury when Weight Training.. Alternative and Spiritual Approaches to Wellbeing.. How Pets Improve Your Health.. What to Expect After Giving Birth.. Live a Healthier Lifestyle.. We all know the phrase, ‘a cluttered home is a cluttered mind’, however, it is unbelievable how true this statement really is and how an untidy home can affect all aspects of your daily routine.. Are you feeling stressed? Stress and tension often roots back to a discomfort within.. Read More →.. Making Lasting Health Changes to Your Life.. This month, thousands of people are giving up on cigarettes and alcohol.. As of the time of writing, 224,716 people have signed up to the Stoptober challenge, promising to give up smoking for 28 days, while 96,355 people have signed up to Go Sober for October and will be spending.. Your Guide to Skincare in Winter.. Winter can be a pain for skin; it can cause dryness and irritation, and it can make you feel ugly which is certainly not what you want.. You may think it’s a little early to be talking about winter, but as summer ends and autumn begins, so does the colder.. How to Remain Positive When Dealing With Divorce.. Dealing with a break up is never easy, but dealing with the breakdown of a marriage can be utterly devastating.. It’s easy to send yourself on a downward spiral, which can lead to depression.. According to  ...   in itself as of recent years, and focuses on the purity of living without what is seen as harmful bacteria and microorganisms that attack your system.. Eating foods that have additives or.. You may have noticed that interest in fitness is on the rise in the UK, as people start to take their health a little more seriously.. Gyms are clearly a growth industry, memberships are increasing and plenty of people are getting themselves involved in weight training.. Weight training is undeniably.. In today’s busy world, we often fail to take the time to look after ourselves; the stress of everyday life can really affect us both physically and spiritually.. If modern life is taking its toll on you, then you might consider turning to more ancient, spiritual techniques to re-acquire the.. Celebrities and Spirituality.. Celebrities are often admired for their eccentricity and individuality, especially with regard to their unique lifestyle choices.. In the same way that many celebrities discuss their Jewish heritage or Christian beliefs, some personalities sing praises of more unconventional denominations and movements.. Madonna and Kabbalah Madonna attracted attention when pregnant.. Page 1 of 10.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. Recent Posts.. Archives.. October 2014.. September 2014.. August 2014.. July 2014.. June 2014.. July 2013.. June 2013.. May 2013.. April 2013.. March 2013.. February 2013.. January 2013.. December 2012.. November 2012.. October 2012.. September 2012.. August 2012.. July 2012.. June 2012.. May 2012.. April 2012.. Categories.. Family Life.. Giving Blood.. Healthy Living.. Holistic Therapy.. Keeping Fit.. Laser Tattoo Removal.. Lifestyle.. Making Changes.. Oral Health.. sport.. 2014 Live Life Then Give Life livelifethengivelife.. co.. uk..

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  • Title: Contact Us : Live Life Then Give Life
    Descriptive info: Enquiry form:.. Your Name *.. Your Email *.. Telephone.. Your Message.. Please enter text from following image.. No Comments.. Leave A Reply.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name.. (required).. Mail.. Website..

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  • Title: A Clear Home Is A Clear Mind: Detoxify Your Life : Live Life Then Give Life
    Descriptive info: Are you feeling stressed? Stress and tension often roots back to a discomfort within the home, so whether your home is full of unnecessary clutter or you just want to give it an organic uplift, here are a few great ways to detoxify your life, starting with your home.. Green Your Home.. Living a green and toxic-free lifestyle doesn’t just revolve around what you eat and put into your body.. When it comes to keeping a healthy home, knowing what to do and what not to use isn’t easy.. Reduce your contact with the chemicals and cleaning products you use, and opt for those that do not cause as much harm to the air quality within your property.. Make your own all-purpose cleaner with this easy recipe from.. MommyPotamus.. and keep your family safe and happy!.. To improve your air quality naturally, fill your home with plants, both indoors and out, and enjoy the smell of natural odours and the health.. benefits of plants.. and flowers.. Clear The Clutter.. Clutter can cause problems and encourage inhabitants to feel cramped and stressed.. Untidiness, whether through large or small objects can provide a feeling of dissatisfaction, therefore affecting an individual’s daily lives and attitudes.. If you have recently moved  ...   Here are some great.. cleaning tips.. to have you season-clean and inspired all year round!.. However, If you’re really struggling to feel inspired or just don’t have the time – hire the professionals! Professional companies such as.. New Cleaning.. in London are trained in the art of clearing and detoxifying homes, so be sure to book a respectable name you can trust!.. Look After You.. Take a little me-time every now and then.. Whether you have a chill-room or a study, make sure you often enjoy your home alone and relax in your own company.. Try to be creative and enjoy painting, writing music or knitting projects – creativity feeds the mind! Feng Shui is great for those interested in the way environments can affect the way you live; so consider joining a.. Feng Shui Society.. to really understand the effects of your home in relation to your attitudes and moods.. Detoxifying your home is a process that may take some time to adjust to and achieve, so don’t rush or and enjoy the journey! If you’re struggling where to start, check out these other.. ways to detox your home and life.. for a little green-living inspiration!.. admin.. Related Posts.. Outer Beauty Can Change How You Feel..

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  • Title: How to Love the Skin You’re In : Live Life Then Give Life
    Descriptive info: This shouldn’t be the case – whether you’re male or female you should ultimately love the skin you’re in! The.. No Make Up Selfie Campaign.. in aid of Cancer Research started a fresh faced, natural beauty revolution, which should be continued! So here is how you can feel more confident in your skin:.. Exceptional Enzymes.. There are many treatments that will benefit your skin – no, not cosmetic surgery – and make you feel incredible! Renowned skin spa.. Jeunesse Beauty.. provides the popular treatment of enzyme facials.. Enzyme facials can help with a number of skin conditions, such as; acne, wrinkles, Rosacea and dry skin – and they are natural! This is an increasingly popular skin treatment which is wonderfully effective.. The D Word – Diet.. Ok, so when the word diet is mentioned, it doesn’t mean that you have to deny yourself what you want (all of the time); it’s about eating healthily.. This will not only benefit your health in the obvious ways, it will also make you feel more energetic and therefore happier! Leading dieticians.. J Nutrition.. claim that ‘nutrition is a vital  ...   it and feel unhappy every time you look in the mirror.. You need to assess the problems that you think you have;.. body confidence coaching.. is a great way to improve your confidence both inside and out! Remember; to grow in confidence you need to accept who you are and feel at one with yourself!.. Positivity!.. One thing that you must do is be POSITIVE! Positivity is the most important part of feeling confident in your own skin.. It can be hard to change your mind set to become more positive, so check out.. this article from Lifehack.. which provides you with ‘9 ways to be more positive’; give it a read, you will find some excellent advice.. Take note of all the advice above and you are certain to feel like a goddess – why? Because you’ll let your natural beauty shine through and reveal the real, more confident you! Body confidence is exceptionally important, so make the change today and embrace life.. So go on, love the skin you’re in and treat your body like a temple!.. Running for Your Life.. Your Healthy Pregnancy!..

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  • Title: How Healthy Is Your Hair? : Live Life Then Give Life
    Descriptive info: What Damages Your Hair?.. Many of the things we all do to style our hair can cause damage:.. Heat from hair dryers, curling tongs and hair straighteners – yes, even GHDs.. Chemicals from hair dye, perms and relaxers.. Mechanical stress from brushes, combs, and hairbands.. There are also other factors to bear in mind, including pollution, the chemicals in swimming pools, UV radiation both from the sun and from tanning beds, and poor diet, which can weaken your hair and make it more prone to damage from other sources.. How Can You Prevent It?.. When so much damage comes from the things we do to make our hair look better, you may feel that there’s little you can do to prevent it.. However, there’s often a way to style your hair more carefully, and cause less damage.. If you use a hair dryer, simply making sure that it’s not too hot can help – point it at your hand first, and if it’s too hot for your hand then it’s too hot for your hair.. You can also protect your hair before you use heated styling tools with a good.. heat defence spray.. If you dye your hair or use other chemical treatments, it’s important to  ...   than other kinds.. How Can You Repair It?.. If your hair is already damaged, then there may be little you can do to repair it; the fact is that hair is not actually living past the roots, so any kind of repair you can achieve with hair serums and the like is only temporary.. If you have long hair that’s damaged at the ends, you can fix it with a simple hair cut – run your fingers down your hair to see where the soft, smooth healthy hair ends and the rough, brittle damaged hair begins, and that will tell you how much needs to come off.. In really drastic cases, you may need to consult hair restoration experts like.. KSL Hair.. in Glasgow.. If your hair is damaged beyond repair, they can offer hair replacement systems that are completely unnoticeable, and hair extensions which can help to bulk out thin, damaged hair and give it a healthy look once more.. Whether blonde, brunette or redhead, our hair is often a big part of our identity, so it’s important to give it some TLC and make sure that it’s as healthy as it can be.. Looking After Your Skin.. Anti-Oxidant Smoothie Recipe.. Look After Your Skin..

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  • Title: Simplify Your Life: Live Organically : Live Life Then Give Life
    Descriptive info: Organic: simple, healthful and close to nature, as in an organic lifestyle.. Organic living has become a trend in itself as of recent years, and focuses on the purity of living without what is seen as harmful bacteria and microorganisms that attack your system.. Eating foods that have additives or preservatives inside, or even consuming meat, poultry or dairy products is said to interfere with your natural body system and its healthy glow.. Although there are currently no long-term studies that support organic living, many experts claim that leading a clean and organic lifestyle can actually improve your quality of living and your quality of health.. When you ask yourself “.. what is organic.. ?” I am sure you first think of organic foods and organic diets, however, there are many alternative ways to implement clean living and organic health into your daily life without only adjusting your eating habits.. So, if you want to live longer, live better and live fuller, here are a few top tips to organic your life and start afresh with your body and health.. Eat well, eat clean.. While it can be near impossible to lead a completely organic lifestyle, try to keep in mind that even the smallest changes can make a huge different to both the environment, your health and the health of your family.. Regarding your diet, try to consider how much food you have consumed over the past year, and how many of those items have included preservatives and chemicals.. Aim to incorporate organic foods into your diet at a slow speed in order to not disrupt your body’s intake and allow it to adjust to a cleaner way of living, naturally.. Plenty of supermarkets offer an organic range within their produce  ...   on a budget, and is a great hobby for you and the family to enjoy.. Herbs are an easy place to start if you have never grown your own foods before, and can often be placed on kitchen windows or near sunlit areas.. If you don’t have a garden, why not.. find a local allotment.. and.. start your own organic garden.. ? There are plenty of tasty and healthy fruit and vegetables that you can grow yourself with very little set-up effort.. Even growing just one or two items yourself will quickly make a small change towards living a more organic lifestyle.. Be natural.. Organic beauty products have been proven to do wonders for your skin, and due to their all-natural list of ingredients, users are often surprised with the fast and effective nourishment such products can have upon the quality of their skin.. Organic skin care products offer a natural alternative to the everyday beauty creams and lotions, yet you can’t always be sure it is as organic as it may say on the label.. As organic skincare can be expensive, always look for respected names such as.. Myreen Young Organic Skincare.. who offer an all-natural and completely trust-worthy range of organic skincare suitable for all skin types.. If you fancy creating your own natural skin treats, have a root through your kitchen cupboards and try out a few of these.. organic DIY beauty recipes.. Organic living is a way of life, and can make a huge different on not only your health, but the quality of the life you lead.. Learning to live organically can take time, so don’t rush and slowly build up your organic choices to result in a lifestyle that you feel comfortable with and can afford..

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  • Title: Avoid Injury when Weight Training : Live Life Then Give Life
    Descriptive info: Weight training is undeniably an excellent form of exercise that will help you to increase you strength, explosive power and general fitness.. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing then the chance of injury when lifting is higher.. Weight training may not seem that complicated to the casual observer, and many people are heading into gyms without the appropriate knowledge and are putting themselves at risk of injury.. Some of the most effective weight training exercises are large compound movements such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses that utilise multiple muscle groups.. These three movements are a staple of power lifters, but are great exercises for anyone who wants to improve their strength and general fitness.. However, they are complex movements, and due to lack of proper training, many are attempting these lifts without knowing the correct form, leading to injury.. Avoiding Injuries when Squatting.. This superb exercise engages multiple muscle groups, your legs, lower back and core.. When carried out correctly, it can work wonders for you, but when attempted with poor form this is a potentially dangerous exercise that may lead to long lasting injury.. We recommend ensuring that your form is good and not overloading the weight; practice with a lighter weight or just body weight squats until you have it right.. Poor form on squats typically will result in knee injuries and often problems in the lower back too.. Common mistakes are letting one knee buckle inwards on the descent.. If you’re struggling to maintain good form, you’re lifting too much weight; it’s better to lift less weight, but with great form!.. This blog from Muscle for Life.. has some extremely good tips on preventing injury when you squat.. Preventing Bench Press Mishaps.. Bench pressing engages your chest, shoulders arms and to a lesser extent your core.. Another hugely beneficial exercise, but again there is a risk of injury.. It’s more complicated than it looks and it can take a little while to get the form spot on for a bench press.. Take a  ...   There’s also instances of people tearing their bicep when deadlifting, but you don’t need to worry about that unless you’re an Icelandic power lifter who lifts 400+ kilos! If you’ve had back injuries in the past, then we’d advise steering clear of the deadlift, or certainly consulting a doctor first.. We spoke to physiotherapists,.. Technique Physio.. in London, who told us that they see a great deal of knee and back injuries that are a direct result of poor form when weight training.. The best advice is to ensure that people use the correct form when performing these complicated exercises, so don’t hesitate to look online where you’ll find numerous resources and videos demonstrating exactly how certain exercises should be carried out.. Livestrong.. is a great online resource with information about all the exercises discussed in this blog, plus much more about fitness and nutrition in general.. Some people may have more success by consulting a personal trainer, who’ll be able to demonstrate exercises with perfect form, and then take you through the movements step by step, correcting your form as you go along.. Many people recommend using supports such as these.. knee wraps available from My Protein.. , particularly for squats which put a lot of stress on the knees.. The additional support provided by knee wraps can be particularly beneficial for people who suffer from a weakness in the knees, and many professionals who lift extraordinarily high weights absolutely swear by them.. Although knee wraps won’t make you 100% injury resistant, they’ll certainly help to reduce the likelihood of it happening.. These are all great exercises for anybody who wants to improve their overall strength and fitness; they’re not just for power lifters and bodybuilders! Anyone can do them and we’re not trying to discourage you from attempting them at all, but we are encouraging you to make sure that you do them properly, allowing you to safely enjoy your training!.. Tackling Rosacea.. Healthy Kids, Happy Kids!.. The Health Benefits You Maybe Didn t Know About Hot Tubs..

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  • Title: Alternative and Spiritual Approaches to Wellbeing : Live Life Then Give Life
    Descriptive info: If modern life is taking its toll on you, then you might consider turning to more ancient, spiritual techniques to re-acquire the balance in your life.. Reiki.. Originally developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, Reiki is a technique used to balance the energy in the body through the laying on of hands.. It is used for reducing stress and inducing relaxation, and many practitioners also believe that it promotes healing.. Through careful placement of the hands, the practitioner channels the.. ki.. or energy in the body, adjusting its flow to overcome blockages and thus remove the symptoms.. There are many ways you can access Reiki, but if you wish to use it on a regular basis, the best way may be to attend a.. Reiki School.. and learn the practice for yourself.. A first degree course gives you the skills you need to apply Reiki to both yourself and others.. Balancing Chakras.. Another system of balancing your energies comes from tantric and yogic practice in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions.. The seven chakras are the meeting points of your energies, each representing a different level  ...   balance.. Whilst you can buy chakra bracelets, you will find that making your own instils more personal meaning;.. Charming Beads.. offer a range of beads and gemstones which you can use, and they are sorted by chakra to make choosing simple.. Herbal Remedies.. Herbal remedies can be used for a wide range of complaints, from dandruff to stress to colds and flu and much, much more.. This is not a pseudoscience; many modern medicines are derived from traditional remedies.. Aspirin, the common painkiller found on every pharmacy shelf, was derived from the bark of the willow tree which had long been used for the same purpose.. Herbal suppliers like.. Baldwins.. offer a range of both herbal remedies and the base ingredients – herbs, roots, barks and gums – used to make them, so you can decide whether you prefer their formulations or your own.. These are just a few of the ancient and spiritual techniques that you can use to recover your wellbeing; there are many more, and it may simply be a matter of finding the right one for you.. Body Politics: Student Living..

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  • Title: How Pets Improve Your Health : Live Life Then Give Life
    Descriptive info: If you are looking for ways to improve your health, you’ve probably already considered the obvious options – cutting out smoking, getting more exercise, eating more healthily – but have you considered getting a pet? It may be surprising to learn, but having an animal companion in your home can be very beneficial to your health.. Anybody who’s ever come home after a bad day to be greeted by a wagging tail or a soft purr will be able to tell you the first benefit of pet ownership – they are natural mood enhancers.. Playing with your pet can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol and increase levels of serotonin, which is associated with pleasure.. It can also reduce your blood pressure, reducing your risk of.. hypertension.. and associated heart problems.. Dogs are often particularly useful in improving your healthy lifestyle, simply because they are active pets.. Dogs – especially large or very active breeds – can require a lot of exercise, which naturally means that their owner starts to get more exercise too! Because they naturally tend to walk at a human’s brisk pace, walking a dog is perfect for exercise.. If they’re pausing too often, it may be that you’re going too slow, or they may need further  ...   of isolation and depression – not only does your pet offer companionship themselves, but they can also be an excellent conversation starter, and having a way to initiate social contact can be very valuable to mental health.. For those with more serious issues, dogs and other animals have been used for many years to provide assistance.. We’re all familiar with guide dogs for the blind, but you may not have heard of the Xolo – a particular breed of hairless Mexican dog who can be trained to act as a canine heat-pad for sufferers of chronic pain.. There are also dogs trained to react to changes in their owner’s body chemistry and alert them to diabetic reactions or seizures – there are in fact many different organisations dedicated to training and providing.. assistance dogs.. both in the UK and around the world.. If you’d like to improve your health with a pet, one of the best ways to do so is to adopt a pet from a local animal rescue centre like.. Croydon Animal Samaritans.. This way, you may not only be giving yourself a new lease of life, but giving a new chance to your new companion, too!.. Alzheimer s Disease And Lifestyle Choices.. Easier Lifting and Carrying at Work..

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  • Title: What to Expect After Giving Birth : Live Life Then Give Life
    Descriptive info: The first few weeks after giving birth to your baby can be a very emotional time for you and your partner.. There is a lot to experience, learn and do.. There is the excitement of finally getting to see and hold your baby after 9 months of anticipation! However, you will probably feel tired as your body is recovering from labour, and you may feel confused and possibly agitated when experiencing new, unfamiliar things for the first time.. For many mothers, the pleasure of meeting their new baby far outweighs any problems.. However, it’s extremely common to begin to feel low or rather depressed, especially if you are very tired or feel you cannot look after your baby in the way you would like to.. Your Body Will Change Shape.. Breastfeeding.. In the first few days after giving birth, it may take you a while to get into a comfortable breastfeeding routine.. Having skin-to-skin contact with your baby straight after the birth will help to soothe them, and will make breastfeeding much easier.. Your baby should feed within the first hour after birth to get off to a good start, however, all babies are different.. Babies will have a sleep and then start to give you signs that they are ready for the next feed.. These signs include:.. starting to move about as they wake up.. moving their head around.. finding something to suck, usually their fingers.. Around  ...   You may be able to attend a postnatal exercise class at your hospital, however you may wish to participate in specialised.. post-natal exercise classes.. Tests and Immunisations.. Rubella.. If you were not immune to rubella (German measles) when you were tested early in your pregnancy, you will be offered the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine by your maternity team before you leave the maternity unit, or shortly afterwards by your doctor.. If you are not offered the vaccine, talk to your midwife or GP as this is a good opportunity to get it done.. Rhesus Negative Mothers.. If your blood group is rhesus negative and the baby s father is rhesus positive, blood samples will be taken after the birth to see whether your baby is rhesus positive, as you may need an injection to protect your next baby from anaemia.. The injection should be given within 72 hours of your baby being born.. Check with one of the doctors or midwives about what should happen for you and your baby.. Following the birth of your baby an.. NHS Midwife and Health Visitor.. will see you.. However, many parents find that they need an extra level of support and a greater sense continuity than is currently provided by the NHS.. For this reason, you may find it beneficial to enlist the services of an.. independent health visitor.. who specialises in post-natal care.. Looking Good On Your Big Day..

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