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  • Title: Altruistic Kidney Donation - Give a Kidney to a stranger- Altruistic Donor - The Evaluation Process - Keyhole (laparascopic) kidney removal - recovery after kidney removal - in depth account of the whole process of donating a kidney - Altruistic Kidney Donation.
    Descriptive info: .. Living Kidney Donation.. Altruistic Kidney Donation.. I am Diane Franks from Lambourn, UK and an Altruistic Kidney Donor.. Give a Kidney to a stranger - change someone's life forever.. Evaluation process to become a - Living Kidney Donor.. This is my diary of becoming a kidney donor.. I hope you find it informative and helpful.. perhaps it will also inspire you.. Home.. About.. Why donate.. Brave or Stupid.. Donors.. Kidneys.. Dialysis.. Blogs.. Donated kidney to my brother.. Michael.. Christian Brazier.. Dawn Pearce.. Nathanael.. Holly Shaw.. Sharon Walsh.. Karen Brown.. Kamal Shah.. Judy Ladd.. Keith and Rebecca Farwell.. Carol Polizzi.. Ramblings.. Videos.. Links.. Visitor Map.. Contact.. Become a Donor.. Kidney Donor evaluation begins.. Consultant Nephrologist.. Kidney Donor Evaluation proceeding.. Psychologist Assessment.. Kidney Donor Evaluation Tests.. Living with one kidney - Living kidney donation - risks explained.. Emotions - being a kidney donor.. Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) and NM Renal DMSA.. Psychiatrist Assessment.. CT Angiogram Renal/Abdominal.. CT Scan on Kidneys.. Conclusion of Evaluation tests & HTA (Human Tissue Authority) approval.. A Recipient for my kidney.. Living Donor Pre Assessment Clinic.. Heart ultrasound prior to kidney donation.. keyhole surgery to remove right kidney.. Recovery Room after Kidney Removal.. My Hospital Stay after Kidney Removal.. Recovery at home after Kidney removal.. Summary of Living Kidney Donor evaluation and kidney donation.. Churchill Hospital, Oxford - First non-directed (altruistic) Kidney Donation.. Altruistic Kidney Donation in the UK.. Featured on Radio 4 "The Choice" - Altruistic Kidney Donation.. Become a Living Kidney Donor - Giving a Kidney is a wonderful thing to do.. Pages.. Comments.. Diane.. on.. katherine.. Chris.. Susan.. UBTH Hospital.. Sally.. Archives.. Select Month.. March 2014 (1).. December 2013 (1).. November 2013 (1).. July 2013 (3).. May 2013 (1).. March 2013 (1).. January 2013 (1).. December 2012 (1).. October 2012 (2).. September 2012 (1).. August 2012 (1).. July 2012 (1).. May 2012 (1).. March 2012 (1).. February 2012 (1).. November 2011 (2).. October 2011 (1).. September 2011 (1).. July 2011 (1).. April 2011 (1).. March 2011 (1).. October 2010 (1).. July 2010 (9).. March 2010 (1).. October 2009 (4).. September 2009 (1).. August 2009 (1).. July 2009 (3).. June 2009 (1).. May 2009 (1).. April 2009 (1).. February 2009 (1).. Altruistic Kidney Donation Statistics.. March 12th, 2014 |.. Author:.. |.. 7 Comments.. So far since altruistic donations started over 250 donations have been made.. That is amazing.. In the UK between 1 April 2012 and 31 March 2013:.. 4,212 organ transplants were carried out, thanks to the generosity of 2,313 donors.. 1,160 lives were saved in the UK through a heart, lung, liver or combined heart/lungs, liver/kidney or liver/pancreas transplant.. 3,052 patients lives were dramatically improved by a kidney or pancreas transplant, 166 of whom received a combined kidney/pancreas transplant.. A further 3,697 people had their sight restored through a cornea transplant.. A record number of 749 kidney transplants from donors after circulatory death took place and accounted for one in four of all kidney transplants.. 1,068 living donor kidney transplants were carried out accounting for more than a third of all kidney transplants.. Non-directed living donor transplants (also known as altruistic donor transplants) and paired and pooled donations contributed more than 130 kidney transplants between them.. Almost 1,012,000 more people pledged to help others after their death by registering their wishes on the NHS Organ Donor Register, bringing the total to 19,532,806 (March 2013).. Tags:.. altruistic.. ,.. kidney statistics.. living kidney donors.. organ transplants.. Have a Great Christmas.. December 18th, 2013 |.. Read/Add Comments.. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and I so hope 2014 will be a great year for many of you.. Thank you so much for your support of this website.. It makes my day when I receive a comment or someone contacts me through the website wanting more information or support through their donation experience.. I love also hearing from recipients, or family members of donors or recipients.. Thank you all so much.. I also want to pass my thanks on to all those involved in the kidney donation process.. Not just the front line i.. e.. doctors, co-ordinators, nurses etc but all those that help to keep the hospitals running smoothly who perhaps we never even get to see.. I have always said, donating a kidney is a great team effort.. Without the medical people, caterers, cleaners, administration and everyone who works at the hospitals we would not be able to donate.. I cannot list everyone who is involved as to be honest I know there will be some I will leave out because I don t even know they exist as their work is behind the scenes.. ! Great thanks to them and everyone.. you are all so truly appreciated.. People wonder whether Miracles exist if 200 years ago someone said one day we will be able to take out an organ from a living person and put it inside another living person and they will both continue to live I am sure they would have been shouted out of town as a mad person.. Yet here we are today with this great Miracle happening.. What will the next 50 years bring.. I find it exciting just thinking about it as I am sure there are huge medical breakthrough that will happen during that time.. For those first timers to this website thank you for visiting.. To find out what it is like being a kidney donor, please check out the links top left of this page under the heading become a donor.. I do so hope I can inspire someone to consider donating a kidney, whether it is to a family member or friend who is in need of a kidney or whether you feel you just want to help anyone no matter who.. I have never regretted once my donation and only wish I had more spare kidneys as would so willingly donate again.. What greater gift could anyone give or receive.. So everyone have a really wonderful Christmas and after years and years of trying to find the proof that Santa exists he was spotted the other night.. I will leave you all on this wonderful picture to bring smiles and chuckles from many.. Proof at long last.. Proof that Santa really does exist.. altruistic kidney donor.. become a donor.. Christmas.. Di Franks.. Diane Franks.. donate a kidney.. donate to stranger.. donation.. give a kidney.. kidney.. kidney transplant.. living kidney donation.. living kidney donor.. miracle.. organ transplant.. santa.. transplant.. Give a Kidney Charity AGM 18th January 2013.. November 26th, 2013 |.. The charity giveakidney.. org their AGM will be held on Saturday 18 January 2014 from 09:30am at the DoubleTree by Hilton London West End, 92 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4BH.. All are welcome.. Mark this date in your diary.. More information including Agenda will follow.. charity.. giveakidney.. org.. Altruistic Kidney Donations in the UK.. July 20th, 2013 |.. 2 Comments.. Altruistic kidney donations:.. 1st April 31st March in each year.. 2007-8 = 6 donations.. 2008-9 = 15 donations.. 2009-10 = 15 donations.. 2010-11 = 28 donation.. 2011-12 = 34 donations.. 2012-13 = 76 donations.. Since 1st April 2013 there have been 30 altruistic donations which is fantastic news.. altruistic kidney donation.. kidney donation.. living donation.. organ donation.. Elements of the new Organ Transplantation strategy explained.. July 14th, 2013 |.. Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020: A UK strategy has been launched by NHS Blood and Transplant and the four UK health departments.. The strategy sets the agenda for increasing organ donation and transplantation rates to world class standards over the next seven years and builds on success in increasing deceased donation rates by 50% since 2008.. One of the key aims of the strategy is to improve consent/authorisation rates to organ donation to above 80% (currently 57%).. NHS Blood and Transplant believes that public attitudes will need to change if the UK is going to achieve such a shift in consent rates.. To read the rest of the report.. please go to this link.. No Comments.. -->.. Give the Gift of Life Give a Kidney to a Stranger.. July 11th, 2013 |.. 5 Comments.. Want to make a huge difference in someone s life? Give a Kidney.. Dr.. Susan Hou.. summed it up perfectly when she said “I can’t bring about world peace, I can’t eliminate world hunger, but I can get one person off dialysis”.. Back in 2004 Dr.. Susan Hou donated one of her kidneys to someone in India.. She may not have made a difference in this world, but she certainly made a difference in that persons world.. I too made the world of difference to someone s life by giving one of my kidneys to a stranger.. Best thing I have ever done in my life and probably the best thing I will ever do.. Please read the links down the left of this page under become a donor and read about the evaluation process I went through.. The About link top of page also gives some information regarding why I donated.. Any questions please contact me (link top right of page).. Huge rise in altruistic kidney donors reports the HTA.. May 16th, 2013 |.. The Human Tissue Authority has seen a huge rise in the number of people approved to give organs to someone they do not know.. Issue date:.. 16 May 2013.. The number of altruistic donors, people giving organs to someone they do not know, approved by the Human Tissue Authority has almost trebled in the last year.. During 2012/13, the HTA approved 104 ‘non-directed’ cases, compared to 38 in 2011/12.. The HTA assesses all proposed transplants to ensure donors are aware of any risks and that they haven’t been pressurised or offered any reward to donate.. To read the full report please go to the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) website here.. http://www.. hta.. gov.. uk/newsandevents/htanews.. cfm/1143-Huge-rise-in-altruistic-donor-numbers says-HTA.. html.. altlruistic kidney donation.. HTA.. Human Tissue Authority.. Tell next of kin you want to donate when signing organ donor register.. March 8th, 2013 |.. In the UK 1 in 3 kidney donations are from a live donor.. On average the kidney from a live donor can last twice as long as one from a deceased person.. Also the living donor has had so many health checks to make sure they and the kidney are in best possible condition.. Giving the gift of life whether after you die or before is probably the best thing you will ever do for anyone.. Please at least make sure you sign the donor register.. AND equally as important tell your next of kin.. Too many organs are lost because next of kin veto their loved ones wishes.. What if you needed a kidney or other organ one day? Would you accept one from a deceased person? Of course you would so why not also offer one.. One day it might be your loved one that needs an organ and if noone ever signed the register.. they would die.. Upon your death you can save up to 9 peoples lives and help many more.. What an amazing legacy to leave behind for your loved ones to get comfort from.. gift of life.. next of kin.. Altruistic Kidney Donation Statistics 2007 2012.. January 27th, 2013 |.. The first altruistic kidney donation in the UK took place in 2007 and there were 3 altruistic kidney donations.. Altogether up until December 2012 there have been 151 altruistic donations! That is fantastic.. Well done everyone.. If you look at the picture below you will see there has been a noticeable increase in numbers each year.. Will 2013 see us hitting the 200 altruistic donor mark.. (click on image to see larger version).. These are the most recent statistics and so do not appear in the.. NHS organ donation annual activity report for 2011/2012.. If you want to see 2011 2012 stats for all transplant activity then please visit this link.. organdonation.. nhs.. uk/statistics/transplant_activity_report/.. kidney donor statistics.. living donor.. NDAD.. Give A Kidney To A Stranger Best Christmas Present Ever.. December 19th, 2012 |.. Christmas time is just about upon us.. The time of year when giving not only gives pleasure but we receive pleasure also when we give.. Have you considered giving the best present ever to someone a kidney? Okay you won t be able to do it in time for Christmas but you can start the giving process this Christmas/New Year by seriously considering giving one of your kidneys to a stranger or even family or friend that you know needs one.. Look at the links on the top left of this page under Become a Donor.. Read through them as it gives my pesonal account of my own donation.. Step by step; test by test I say it as it was.. It covers the operation and my recovery in hospital after and my recovery at home.. Read some of the links going across the top of the page for other information.. When I donated my kidney I didn t think too much about how would I feel about the actual giving of the kidney.. I knew I would feel happy I had been able to help someone but it went far deeper than that.. I was quite surprised to feel a wonderful deep sense of contentment in my life knowing I had made such a huge difference to someone (and their family).. If I had another spare kidney I would not hesitate to give it to someone else.. I can t think of a much greater gift to give someone than a second chance at life.. You are also giving them back to their family as the family also suffers when a loved one is so ill.. Being on dialysis is not a picnic.. It does not replace the kidney.. Dialysis is a form of Life Support.. That is all.. With dialysis comes many problems.. Not everyone takes to it BUT they have to as that is all that is available if they want to stay alive.. That is unless they get a kidney transplant!.. So we are a nation of givers.. It is human nature to help people where we can.. Read this website including comments people have given about their own donations or those waiting for a kidney.. Look deep inside you could you help save someone by giving them one of your kidneys.. Believe me, we do not need two.. If we did then live kidney donation would not be allowed.. I don t even know I only have one kidney.. My life has not changed at all.. Well actually it has.. It has changed because donating my kidney has made me more aware of the vulnerabilities of our own bodies and it has made me take extra better care of myself.. I don t have to take any medications though because of only having one kidney.. Nothing in my life has changed except I watch what I eat a bit more.. That is out of choice, not necessity.. Please consider giving the best gift of all.. God Bless.. With Love to you all.. Di.. xxxx.. evaluation process.. greatest gift of all.. kidney donor evaluation.. recovery after kidney donation.. Tell next of kin and family you are on organ donor register.. October 18th, 2012 |.. 4 Comments.. Are you on the Organ Donor Register?.. If so thank you!! So many lives could be saved.. What a fabulous legacy to leave behind.. Did you know though, that no matter the fact you have signed the.. Organ Donor Register.. , the final word about donating will be with your next of kin and/or family.. Although the transplant team has the right to veto next of kin wishes, they generally do not.. So please.. If you want to save some lives you must tell your next of kin and your family.. Make sure they understand how important this is for you.. That however upsetting it may seem at the time, they need to agree with your dying wish to save someone else.. I know someone who, after their loved one s death, refused to allow the organs to be used, even though their loved one had signed the register.. It came as a shock to them to find this out.. A couple of days later, they bitterly regretted their decision to refuse, but by then it was too late.. sign the.. Organ Donor Register.. AND discuss your wishes with next of kin/family, make it clear this is something you really do want to do.. There is no guarantee that our organs will be able to be used anyway when we die.. But at least by signing the Organ Donor Register we have offered.. Another reason why I am pleased I decided to donate a kidney while I was alive.. At least I know I have helped one person and hopefully after my death I can help many more.. If you do decide you would like to find out more about living donation, then please read the links on the left of this page, under the heading of become a donor.. Those links should answer many questions about living kidney donation and, who knows, it may even inspire someone to donate.. organ donor register.. Questions for MatchingDonors.. com.. October 10th, 2012 |.. I recently appeared on the Tonight programme kindness of strangers and later on the BBC World News along with Dr.. J.. Lowney from matchingdonors.. com to have a discussion on their organisation which was coming to the UK.. I contacted them to see if they would answer some questions that I and others had regarding their organisation and the role it had here in the UK.. They readily agreed to answer any questions I had but unfortunately, 5 week later they are still not answering any, regardless of repeated requests.. Here is the (lengthy) list of questions I have put to them.. Anyone considering joining the organisation either as a donor or patient may want to read these first before making a decision.. If matching donors responds to any questions I will publish them alongside the relevant question.. QUESTIONS:.. The system.. Paul Dooley is quoted as saying “The old system of ‘Give us your organ, we’ll decide where it goes’ no longer works.. We have the ability to take our system to the UK and save their lives.. ”.. Since the first non-directed altruistic donor was approved in 2007, the HTA have approved in total 160 donors 33 of which were approved in the first half of this year.. There are also many potential donors being worked up at the moment with 30 at one transplant unit alone.. 1.. Given that the altruistic donation system is very new in the UK, that the numbers of altruistic donors in the UK is increasingly very rapidly year-on-year, and also bearing in mind that the UK population, and thus the pool of potential donors, is a small fraction of that of the USA, on what basis can Paul Dooley justify his statement that our system is no longer working?.. 2.. Has matchingdonors.. com had any legal challenges?.. 3.. Do all American transplant centres accept directed altruistic donors?.. Patients.. 4.. Does your organisation inform transplant units that one of its transplant waiting list patients is registered with you?.. To read more of the questions click this link.. Read the rest of this entry.. altruistic donation.. give kidney to stranger.. giving a kidney.. kindness of strangers.. matching donors.. matchingdonors.. paul dooley.. com organisation.. September 12th, 2012 |.. 6 Comments.. Publicity was given about the USA organisation Matching Donors bringing their system to the uk.. Paul Dooley from the organisation was quoted as saying.. The old system of ‘Give us your organ, we’ll decide where it goes’ no longer works.. Since the first non-directed altruistic donor was approved in 2007, the HTA have approved in total 160 donors as of September 2012, 33 of those in the first half of this year alone.. It is very clear that our [UK] system not only works but is increasing greatly year after year.. I contacted Matching Donors and asked if they would answer some questions regarding their system and how it affects people in the UK.. They readily agreed to do this.. Several people had already asked me questions about the organisation so I put a list together of questions.. These questions were relating to how their organisation was run; what they offered members in the UK for the $595 membership fee and what support members and potential donors got once they had joined.. These questions I sent to Matching Donors on 8th September, and await their reply.. Living Kidney Donation is very keen to work alongside Matching Donors to ensure the wellbeing of UK members.. Donate a kidney to a stranger here is how you do it.. August 30th, 2012 |.. If you want to know what is involved in donating a kidney to a stranger then check out the links on the left of this page under become a donor.. Gives you step by step description of the evaluation process, the operation recovery in hospital and recovery at home.. I say it as it s and don t gloss over anything.. If you feel you would like to donate, then please contact your local Transplant Center to discuss with them.. I will help / support anyone through this.. It is good to be able to chat to someone who has been through the donation process and know they understand how you are feeling.. donate kidney.. donation process.. how to give a kidney.. stranger.. transplant center.. Annual check up after Kidney Donation Results.. July 12th, 2012 |.. 2 years since I donated my kidney.. Went for annual check up (free for life) and here is the report.. We were very pleased to know that this lady is doing well two years following her altruistic donation of one of her kidneys.. Her renal function remains good with a creatinine of 87 and a GFR of 61.. This is in fact as good as her renal function prior to donation.. Her blood pressure is good at 112/76.. Her urine dipstick did not show any evidence of proteinuria.. I have sent off a urine ACR for completeness today.. This lady remains an active campaigner for kidney donation and we again expressed our sincere appreciateion for all her work.. This lady will be back to see us again next year.. Well I am very pleased about that.. You read so much about the levels remaining low for many years due to only having one kidney but mine are as good as before I donated just 2 years ago.. Bearing in mind I am 60 years old next week, I am really pleased with those results.. Altruistic kidney donation Ever thought of giving your kidney to someone?.. May 26th, 2012 |.. 13 Comments.. Altruistic Kidney Donation (non-directed) = is a form of donation whereby a healthy living person is able to donate a kidney, to someone they do not know.. The donor does not have a relationship with the recipient and is not informed who the recipient will be.. Giving someone their life back and giving them back to their family by donating one of your kidneys is a most wonderful thing to do.. I cannot think of a better gift to give someone than to give them a second chance at life.. If you want to know more about being a donor then please read this website.. Start with the links on the left under become a donor.. You will hear my own views on the evaluation process I went through at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford.. Each stage exactly what the tests were and how I felt about them.. I take you through the operation day, my emotions and thoughts and how I felt physically afterwards.. Finally my recovery both the 2 days in hospital and then when at home.. I have not glossed over anything and if there was an aspect I was not happy with, I say so.. Also read other peoples comments on my posts as each person can view the donation process differently and also have different reactions during the recovery period.. At the top of this page you will find a link to Blogs where people have given me their story both donors and people waiting for a kidney.. The About page gives my thoughts on why I wanted to donate etc.. So please start reading about what it is like to be a donor by selecting from the links on the left under Become a Donor or start with the first one here:.. http://livingkidneydonation.. co.. uk/altruistic-living-kidney-donor-evaluation.. htm.. You can also find out more about being an altruistic donor by going to these links:.. 1).. NHSBT (NHS Blood and Transplant) non directed Altruistic donation.. 2).. HTA (Human Tissue Authority) non directed Altruistic donation.. What I d know is that given the chance I would donate a kidney again without hesitation.. Any questions please just ask or contact me directly using the Contact form, link is top right of page.. -.. °))).. Take what you have, however little, and do your best with it.. https://twitter.. com/kidneydonation.. https://www.. facebook.. com/LivingKidneyDonation.. http://LivingKidneyDonation.. uk.. Churchill Hospital.. emotions being a donor.. kidney blogs.. kidney operation.. NHSBT.. non directed.. offer a kidney.. Oxford.. Karen Brown a crash lander now waiting for kidney transplant.. March 11th, 2012 |.. 9 Comments.. Karen Brown was 39, happily married with two children, of 3 and 6 years old.. She had also recently given up a career in London to spend more time with her children.. As you can imagine her world was turned upside down.. Here is Karen s story.. Her 6 year old daughter has also spoken of how she feels with her mummy being so ill.. Karen s husband, Matt, explains what life is like for him knowing the wife he adores is so ill.. Karen s Story.. Karen and her two children.. I found out I had kidney failure last September, I am what is called a crash lander.. It all happened completely out of the blue.. I had been suffering from bad headaches for sometime, and thought my eyes looked puffy, but the doctors thought it was sinusitis.. It wasn t until they checked my blood pressure, and realised it was sky high, that they thought there was a problem, and gave me a blood test.. It was that night I got the call to say that my kidneys showed they were functioning at 5%, and I needed to go straight to Brighton hospital for further tests.. crash lander.. dialysis.. ella brown.. karen brown.. kidney function.. matt brown.. Nathanael Adams life on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant.. February 23rd, 2012 |.. This is Nathanael s story.. Please read it and understand what life waiting for a kidney transplant is like.. Hopefully it will inspire anyone who has not signed the organ donor register to sign up.. You will see a link on the right of this page where you can sign up.. Nathanael Adams My life on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant.. I was born with dysplastic kidneys as a baby, and up until the age of 3 years old, I was fed through a tube that went into my stomach, through my nose.. Thankfully I had just enough kidney function to get me through the first 3 years of life, before I received my first kidney transplant.. Potential Altruistic Kidney Donors.. November 19th, 2011 |.. 20 Potential Altruistic Kidney Donors.. In the last week or so around 20 people have approached me asking about donating their kidney to a stranger.. WOW!.. That is just so fantastic.. They all were quite serious in wanting to do this having read recently all the publicity surrounding altruistic donation.. Most had already done some research and were eager for more.. If just one of those 20 ended up donating that would still be one person off dialysis and going back to having a normal life and enjoying all thing things that we take for granted.. To those 20 people and to all future potential altruistic donors Thank you so much for wanting to help someone by giving them the greatest gift you could ever give them their life back.. Anyone wanting to know more about becoming an altruistic donor, then please check out the links running down the left side of this page, from the top.. It will tell you, from the donor perspective, about the evaluation tests, operation and recovery of being an altruistic donor.. Please feel free to contact me.. uk/contact.. if you wish to ask more questions or simply want some support while going through the donation process.. It is sometimes just great to be able to talk to someone who has been through the same thing.. Again to those 20 people and to everyone the world over who has donated or looking into donating a kidney whether to a stranger or someone they know a big huge Thank You!!.. donate stranger.. kidney donor.. New UK charity launches to promote altruistic kidney donation.. November 2nd, 2011 |.. 36 Comments.. 12 Altruistic Kidney Donors on the Donor Panel.. A new charity has been launched.. Give a Kidney one s enough.. Chris Burns-Cox, a kidney donor himself, thought it would be a good idea to have a charity which would help promote altruistic kidney donation and also offer support to anyone who wishes to offer their kidney.. 300 people a year die in the UK waiting for a kidney transplant and another 6,500 suffer the miseries of kidney failure while they are on the waiting list.. So far 88 people have found this unnacceptable and have given one of their kidneys to a total stranger.. I am one of those people and am also very honoured to be a part of the charity Give a Kidney one s enough and am on a panel of donors who, if asked by a potential donor, can speak with them to tell them what it was like being a donor.. To read a donor perspective of altruistic donation then please use the links on the left of this page starting with.. Kidney Donation Evaluation Begins.. give a kidney one's enough.. kidney charity.. kidney donor panel.. Organ donation statistics UK year end March 2011.. October 21st, 2011 |.. Transplants save lives.. [as at November 2011 there had been 88 altruistic donors with the oldest being 82 years old and youngest 25 years old].. In the UK between 1 April 2010 and 31 March 2011:.. 3,740 organ transplants were carried out, thanks to the generosity of 2,055 donors.. 1,008 lives were saved in the UK through a heart, lung, liver or combined heart/lungs, liver/kidney, liver/pancreas or heart/kidney transplant.. 2,732 patients lives were dramatically improved by a kidney or pancreas transplant, 156 of whom received a combined kidney/pancreas transplant.. A further 3,564 people had their sight restored through a cornea transplant.. A record number of 567 non-heartbeating donor kidney transplants took place and accounted for one in five of all kidney transplants.. 1,045 living donor kidney transplants were carried out accounting for more than a third of all kidney transplants.. Non-directed living donor transplants (also known as altruistic donor transplants) and paired and pooled donations contributed more than 60 kidney transplants between them.. Almost 675,000 more people pledged to help others after their death by registering their wishes on the NHS Organ Donor Register, bringing the total to 17,751,795 (March 2011).. altruistic donors.. living donors.. organ transplant statistics.. statistics.. transplants save lives.. Become a Living Kidney Donor Giving a Kidney is a wonderful thing to do.. September 19th, 2011 |.. 59 Comments.. Altruistic Living Kidney Donation.. Have you ever thought of giving your kidney to someone when you are still living? It is called Living Kidney Donation.. You can donate to family, friend, work colleage or someone you just heard about.. You can also donate to a total stranger.. Someone you have never met, never heard of and never likely to know much if anything about.. This is called Altruistic (non-directed) donation.. If you would like to know more about the procedure to become a living donor then please check out the links on the left of this page starting with.. Kidney Donor Evaluation begins.. If you follow through the posts it will take you through the whole evaluation process including  ...   I could spend the rest of the time in either the Transplant Day Room or the Renal Day room or in the garden.. If the blood tests came back okay I could then go home.. If for any reason they didn t then I would have to be officially transferred to renal and stay there.. Well that suited me great.. I have to be honest and there was a huge difference between the Transplant Ward and the Renal Ward.. Lunch was lovely, again.. Couldn t fault them on the food.. The transplant day room was full so I went into the garden for a while.. While I was there two patients came, pushed by their relatives and spent some time in the garden chatting with me.. They were both resident at the hospital and with failed transplants behind them were back on dialysis.. It was late afternoon now and I wondered when my blood results would come back.. I went into Transplant and asked at the nurses desk.. They checked and not ready yet, but should be soon.. The nurse came and found me in the day room and yes, blood results all okay I could go home.. My discharge papers would be done and wouldn t be long now.. I telephoned my family to come and collect me.. I was given my bag of medication and discharge form.. I thanked everyone for taking such great care of me.. I didn t bother getting changed into day clothes.. Apart from the fact I was still very bloated, I knew getting dressed would not be that easy a task.. Also what was the point, I would only change back into nightclothes as soon as I got home.. I quite happily left the hospital and walked through the car park in nightdress and dressing gown and slippers.. Was good to be home!.. Recovery Room after operation to remove kidney.. Next thing I could hear a voice saying my name and asking me to wake up.. It is strange but you can hear the voice perfectly but for a short while you can t move or speak.. It was not that I was even trying to.. I was just listening to this voice but not reacting to it yet.. I didn t even try to open my eyes, I was sort of getting my bearings and remembering where I was.. For a second I was confused and wondered why I had to wake up, why had I been asleep? I thought it sounded like the operation was over, yet I had only just gone down to theatre! Of course I soon twigged that it was indeed all over.. For some reason I was totally surprised by the lack of lost time.. How wonderful though.. One minute feeling woozy, then next minute it is all over and I am back awake.. Sounds a bit crazy, but I sort of felt I had missed out on the best bit! I would have loved to have watched the operation and having lost a few hours seemed so strange as literally I felt like I had one minute said how woozy I felt and the very next second was being asked to wake up with no awareness at all of the time lapse between, it was as though the wakening immediately followed the woozyness.. I felt fine in the recovery room where you are expected to stay about a couple of hours and they keep an eye on your stats etc to make sure everything is okay before taking you to the ward.. I was told the operation had started at 9.. 30am and was finished at 12.. 45pm, so just over three hours.. I forget actually what the time was when I came around, but I was in no pain at all.. I was offered an oxygen mask but preferred the nose tube, which only just sits inside the nostrils.. It doesn t go right up your nose and into your lungs which I had previously thought.. Duh! Oxygen is pumped through which aids recovery and certainly I felt I was breathing a lot better than I normally did.. I felt slightly light headed, but not unpleasantly so and a very dry mouth.. I anticipated this as had been under anaesthetic before and had both those feelings before water seemed to be the cure back then and so I asked for a drink of water which I was given.. Head cleared immediately and I felt fine and dry mouth went.. Even though you are given fluids intraveneously you do get dehydrated, at least I do and taking a drink of water works wonders.. Recovery unit were waiting for a bed to be prepared for me in the Transplant unit but there was a delay with the discharge of the previous patient I believe, so I was actually in recovery for around 5 hours.. The nurse who stayed with me for best part of that time was great.. We had a good laugh together and chat about all sorts of things.. She said they had been discussing why someone would do what I did and she couldn t get her head around why I had donated to a stranger and even explaining it as best I could, she was still a bit confused by it all.. I can understand that perfectly.. Another nurse asked me to explain exactly what altruistic was so I explained.. She said that her husband donates bone marrow and had done so 4 times! Wow.. She said it was very painful for him to do but each time of course a life was saved.. What a courageous man.. There are some truly remarkable people in this world.. I was offered a cup of tea and while thinking did I or didn t I feel like one the offer of some biscuits was made.. Well only one answer to that Yes Please! I suddenly felt really hungry and did I enjoy those biscuits and that cup of tea.. I know the British are sometimes mocked for our love of a cup of tea but I have to say they can mock away all they like I love my cup of tea, and that day it was the best cup of tea I have ever had! I was beginning to feel rather spoiled.. A companion to keep me company for all those hours cups of tea and biscuits I have nothing but the highest praise for the NHS and the many many people I have had contact with over the months.. From what I could see there was only one other person in Recovery, next to me.. He was still a bit out of it.. My main recovery nurse said when she finished her shift the next day she would come and find me to see how I was.. I would look forward to that.. She had made my time in recovery go quickly and was very friendly and kind it takes a very special caring person to become a nurse and my brief stay in hospital brought me into contact with many very special people who enriched my life more than they will know.. I was taken up to the Transplant ward around 6.. 15pm.. July 3rd, 2010 |.. Laparascopic Nephrectomy (Keyhole surgery).. Laparoscopic surgery is performed by inflating the abdomen with gas, usually carbon dioxide, which creates a space between the wall of the abdomen and the organs inside.. Using short incisions instruments can be inserted to perform the manoeuvers necessary for the operation.. All this is viewed directly on a video monitor which receives its picture from a video camera attached to the laparoscope which is inserted through one of the incisions.. Our journey to the hospital was a hoot.. For the first time ever we missed the turning off the dual carriageway.. Drove on to the next turn off missed it!! I was not driving.. I was sitting in the back keeping my lips very firmly glued together, taking slow deep breaths and Praying! You see, men go on about how much women talk, but today, it was because two men were talking non stop that between them they allowed two turnings to be missed!! That would not have happened had I been driving and even if I had been talking as well, because we women all know, we are experts at multi-tasking! hee.. Had to laugh though at the reason why we missed not one, but two turnings! Today was not the day to get lost, be late or end up stressed.. A few minutes later and iphone to the rescue with its built in sat nav and my son got the directions and we got back on track! We did eventually get to the hospital about 10 minutes late instead of 15 minutes early as planned.. I had to laugh.. No way could I see anything but the funny side of this.. Right up until the last minute these little things were being sent to try me.. At long last though, I had learned patience and had a bit more Faith!.. We went to Day Surgery and I filled in a basic form with personal details, next of kin, telephone numbers etc.. A nurse took me through to another room and into a cubicle – my family was allowed to come and wait with me which was nice as I was now into unknown territory a bit.. I could have been quite nervous at this point, but I was not.. Here I knew everything was out of my hands and my total Faith in the transplant team and God was all I needed now.. I was weighed.. had name bands put on both wrists having confirmed my name, date of birth and address.. At this stage my family went back to the Day Surgery room to wait.. They could have stayed with me, but at this stage I preferred to have them wait outside.. I felt it was not really fair on them to put them through watching me being injected and that sort of stuff.. I would see them again before the op.. I was given some tablets and a heparin injection.. My blood when originally tested for clotting, clotted very well, so the heparin will help to thin it slightly so as to help stop blood clots from forming.. The nurse measured around my calf as I was to wear anti thrombosis socks.. She asked me to get changed into the hospital robe.. Why is it that the ties that do up around the buttock area are always the ones that are broken, so you walk down the passage with with your bum sticking out! lol The anaesthetist came and said hello.. Checked the forms and got my weight.. We had a little chat and off he went.. I then tried to put the stockings on the nurse gave me.. They are special ones that help stop blood clots forming.. Oh my!!! They were so tight I could hardly stretch them to get them over my toes let alone up my calf and over my knee! Took all my effort to stretch it partly open.. I managed to get the first one on, but not without grunting, groaning and generally going red in the face and feeling exhausted and throwing a mini tantrum lol!!.. to read more about my operation click here.. Sorting out last minute hitches i.. Heart ultrasound.. I had to wait a few days before an appointment was given to me.. Before I heard, I emailed my co-ordinator a couple of times, flapping around a bit with meaningless questions! lol Finally the ultrasound department rang me with an appointment for 2 days before the operation.. I emailed my co-ordinator to tell her, although I am sure she would have already been told.. I also asked when we would get the results? Could I come straight over to her department and sit and wait for them? She responded saying she was not sure if they would give me the results straight away but she had given the anaesthetist my phone number so he could ring me asap once he heard.. The anaesthetist actually telephoned me that evening to put my mind at rest.. He reassured me that there was nothing major wrong with my heart at all, that he was just a very very thorough person and wanted absolutely everything covered.. I was not to worry.. I very much appreciated not only his phone call which did put my mind totally at rest over this, but I very much appreciated him as well.. I had 120%+ faith in the whole transplant team.. If I was not, I would not be doing this.. I was really more concerned for the recipient and how they would feel should the operation have to be postponed until this wiggle was sorted.. It was the time scale I think that got me anxious.. Had all this happened with plenty of time to spare, then it would have been just one more test I had to have.. But only 2 days from the operation was not leaving much time to spare should any further tests be required.. click here to read more about the last minute hitch!.. heart echo.. heart ultrasound.. 11 Comments.. Living Donor Pre Assessment Clinic including final meeting with surgeon, anaesthetist, pharmacist and Transplant co-ordinator.. By law you have to have some medical checks done within 2 weeks prior to the operation.. This is to ensure that you are fit and healthy just prior to the operation.. Some of the evaluation tests were done a few months ago, so up to date ones would be required.. I arrived early in the morning at the hospital, knowing I would be there most of the day.. Here is a list (as presented to me at the hospital) as to what the day would hold.. I was at the hospital for around 5 hours and the following took place but not necessarily in this order:.. Tests I had done:.. Blood and urine samples (they took 20 tubes of blood! yes.. 20!).. MRSA swab (gave me a loooong q-tip I had to wipe the inside of my nose with).. Chest X-ray.. ECG.. I was seen by:.. Consultant Surgeon.. Anaesthetist.. Pharmacist.. Transplant Co-ordinator.. Consultant Surgeon:.. My Consultant Surgeon explained that he would not be available to do the operation.. There would be two other surgeons.. He told me a bit about them.. I was a little unsettled about this, as familiarity of people/faces goes towards a relaxing atmosphere and I felt I knew my current Surgeon and felt very relaxed in his company.. But then I thought I am going to be out of it anyway under anaesthetic, so won t really matter, so I was okay with that.. The surgeon went through the procedure from admission to after the operation.. He drew a picture showing where the incisions would be and why.. There would be a small incision just above the belly button, through this the camera would go.. Two more would placed to the right of the camera incision one just under the rib cage and the other same distance below the camera one.. Through those two the surgical instruments would go.. My surgeon comically called them chopsticks.. Another small incision would go to the right of the one just under the rib cage.. Through this incision an instrument would go that would move the liver out of the way which is very close to the right kidney.. Those four small incisions would be around 1-2cms.. (the one above the belly button actually ended up around 4cms the others were very small though.. ).. The final incision is along the bikini line and would be around 6 inches.. It is through that the kidney is extracted.. He also explained that it would be hard to move around in my abdomen as not much room, so they inflate me like a large balloon with carbon dioxide.. An after effect of this could be that some gas could escape up into the shoulder blade area and afterwards cause some discomfort for a few days (it did! lol).. anaesthetic.. anaesthetist.. asprin.. awake during operation.. bikini line incision.. blood clotting.. blood sample.. chest x-ray.. chopsticks.. consent form.. constipation.. consultant surgeon.. electrocardiogram.. epidural.. heparin.. ibuprofen.. inflate abdomen.. keyhole surgery.. laparascopic camera.. laparascopic incisions.. laxatives.. Living Donor Pre Assessment.. MRSA swab.. NSAID's.. nurofen.. one kidney.. operation awareness.. panadol.. patient controlled analgesia.. PCA.. pharmacist.. recovery from operation.. renal ward.. rib cage.. right kidney.. self medicate.. tramadil.. transplant co-ordinator.. transplant ward.. urine sample.. July 2nd, 2010 |.. 19 Comments.. HTA approval given to donate a kidney Finding a recipient.. My transplant coordinator asked if there were any dates I may not be available for the operation and when was best for me.. Once I was registered at UK Transplant things could happen quite quickly so it was important I was not registered at until we were ready.. I had a couple of dates that I wanted to avoid otherwise a clear calendar.. My family were fine for things to proceed also.. My details were then registered at UK Transplant.. The recipient is selected for blood type matching, tissue match, age, length of time on waiting list and various other medical / non medical factors, all of which are there to make the system as fair as possible and also to select the best match to reduce any chance of rejection.. Do not think that once you get to the stage of HTA approval that everything will be straightforward.. It may not be.. It was not for me.. I made the mistake of assuming it would all now be plain sailing but we still had a few hurdles to get over and it was quite an emotional time for me.. Read the rest of this entry finding a recipient.. blood type matching.. recipient match.. tissue match.. Conclusion of Evaluation tests HTA (Human Tissue Authority) approval.. It has been some time since I posted re my final evaluation test, the CT Scan (October 2009).. Following that I got HTA approval and I donated my kidney.. Here is an account of that and the operation and my recovery.. There is quite a lot to comment on so I will do it in separate posts.. It may take a couple of days to fully post.. Independent Assessor Report and HTA (Human Tissue Authority) approval to donate my kidney.. My last and final evaluation test was the CT Scan in October 2009.. That all went well and an appointment was made for me to see the Independent Assessor (IA).. The IA is totally separate from the medical teams that have dealt with me, he acts as the HTA (Human Tissue Authority) representative and sends a report to the HTA for approval.. read more about the Independent Assessor Interview.. donating kidney risks.. Human Tissue Authority (HTA).. Indpendent Assessor (IA).. kidney donation approval.. My evaluation to become an altruistic kidney donor.. March 15th, 2010 |.. 71 Comments.. Following several emails asking why I have stopped the evaluation process I just want to say it didn t stop, I just stopped posting about it back in October as it was important to keep the confidentiality of recipient and donor.. I will post again after several months have passed when I will describe the rest of the evaluation and the donation in the meantime please scroll down to the bottom of the home page of this blog to read the evaluation process from the start.. EDIT: I took up posting again and you will find the full account.. Links on the left or go to home page and scroll to the bottom to read from the start.. There are also plenty of good (I hope) links and pages on this blog to offer information regarding kidney donation.. If anyone is considering becoming a living donor and would like any information from a donors perspective then please get in contact with me via the contact page or just post a comment and I will get back to you.. Anyone wanting to donate, either non-directed or to a known person and would like some support from someone who has donated then please contact me via the contact form.. evaluation process kidney donor.. non-directed kidney donation.. Dr Susan Hou sums it up perfectly!.. October 29th, 2009 |.. I can t bring about world peace, I can t eliminate world hunger, but I can get one person off dialysis , Dr.. Susan Hou had said in 2004.. I came across this article and it moved me so much I just had to share it.. What an amazing and wonderful person and her comments sum up totally the selfless person she is and her desire to help anyone she can.. Chicago based doctor Dr Susan Hou is in India on the occasion of World Kidney Day on March 11.. If you are wondering what’s special about Dr Susan Hou, it is the fact she saved her patients life in a true sense by donating her Kidney seven and a half years back.. Dr Susan Hou would be speaking on renal disorders in pregnant women at an event organized by Tanker Foundation on Monday.. We have all known of family members or friends donating kidneys to one another.. But organ donations to unrelated patient was not really heard of.. Dr Susan Hou set up a noble example in this regard and proved that one need not be related to donate organs.. If we believe in the brotherhood of men, then there should be no second thought in donating your kidneys to anybody as no donation is unrelated, Dr Hou explained.. Dr Susan Hou, an expert on renal disorders in pregnancy describes her transplant experience as great.. Her husband Mark Moli, who is an expert doctor himself, was apprehensive about her decision but was fine post surgery.. In fact every nephrologist should donate his kidney for the cause of health care, Dr Susan Hou noted.. It is not all roses with Kidney transplants.. The donor’s intent and health condition is of utmost importance.. The donor must not be suffering from cancer or any other infection.. The donor’s kidneys should be healthy.. Not many people are convinced of organ donation.. “If we have the feeling a donor doesn t really want to donate, then we tell them they cannot do it.. ” Dr Susan Hou said.. On Monday Dr Susan Hou was honored by Georgi Abraham, founder-trustee of Tanker Foundation.. But one would be surprised to know that seven and a half years back her decision faced strong criticism.. In a male dominated society that India is, there was a fear that women would be forced to donate kidneys to their husbands.. I can t bring about world peace, I can t eliminate world hunger, but I can get one person off dialysis Dr Susan Hou 2004.. What a noble and inspiring thought indeed!.. October 28th, 2009 |.. 1 Comment.. The kidney CT Scan appointment only took 30 mins and I was in and out in a jiffy.. I had to make sure I was not wearing anything metal so necklace and bra came off.. Trousers stayed on as elasticated instead of zipped.. So wearing t-shirt and trousers I lay down on the CT Scanner bed.. It was explained to me that first of all they have to “plan” the scan.. The scanner will take some x-rays to determine exactly where my kidneys are then the main scan will only scan that part of my abdomen instead of all of it – all clever stuff.. To do this I had my arms stretched out behind my head and about 7 times the bed passed through the scanner stopping over my abdomen.. There was a little screen on the outside of it with two “pac man” type faces – quite amusing.. This recorded voice would say “breathe in” and the little pac-man on the left would light up.. He had his mouth partly open as though he was about to go chasing his lunch … lol … then a voice would say” hold your breath” and the little pac man on the right would light up.. His mouth was closed and his cheeks puffed out! ….. Holding of the breath lasted between 3 and 5 seconds, so hardly any time at all.. The bed you were on moved out of the scanner as the voice was saying “breathe” – you could see a countdown in seconds also.. Have to admit when the bed first went under the scanner (check previous post to see image of the scanner, like a doughnut), I didn’t think it was going to stop until it had passed totally over me.. Being rather claustrophobic I felt a bit of panic start, but then felt silly when it went no further than it had to so as to cover my abdomen!! It stopped with the outside, that was slightly angled, level with my chin, so that was fine.. Once they had “planned” the scanning area on my body, I then had a canular put into my arm.. First salt water was injected in (felt a bit cold) to make sure the canular was inserted correctly.. Then they attached the machine that was going to dispense two different amounts of radioactive mixture.. This travels through the body highlighting the kidneys etc so the scanner picks it up and can form the image.. I was told that as the fluid went through me it may feel warm also I may feel like I am doing a pee but I wont be! lol !.. When the “warmth” was felt, it was hardly anything, I felt my hands feel lovely and warm, but only fleetingly then the feeling disappeared.. I now know what he means when he said I may think I am doing a pee (not sure if this applies to men also…) but I felt a sort of “warm flowing” sensation as though I was weeing, but I knew I wasn’t because no bladder feeling happened.. It was just like the feeling of warmth flowing through my hands.. I had a joke with him and said I thought I had actually wet the bed! He said he wasn’t bothered as it would be the student with them that would have to clean it up!! We had a laugh ….. Had to wait a few minutes for the mixture to travel round my body.. Then a second dose was injected and this would show up the veins and arteries.. Again felt my hands warm up and the feeling that might be having a pee.. I hasten to add this was not an embarassing or unpleasant feeling and was only a fleeting feeling.. Not sure how else to describe it except for how the nurse described it!.. With my arms stretched out above my head under the scanner again.. I did twice have to hold my breath.. I was under the scanner I suppose maybe 10 minutes.. Was not long at all.. There were some see-through sections in the scanner and you could see the “workings” whizzing around.. It also sounded very much like my washing machine when on spin cycle, it even increased the revs just like my machine does! Then it was all over.. So the whole thing was very quick and totally pain free.. None of it was unpleasant and was back home before I knew it.. Now I believe the next stage is that my Consultant will review all the test results to make sure they are all okay.. He may order other tests, that would be up to him and he may also wish to see me … or may not! This is always the hard part – the waiting to hear something.. CT Scan.. CT scanner bed.. radioactive isotopes.. October 12th, 2009 |.. CT Scan now booked – 28th October 2009.. CT stands for Computerised Tomography.. This will be in the Radiology Department.. The CT Scanner is a machine that takes detailed slice-type pictures of the body using x-rays and a computer.. Instead of sending out a single X-ray through your body as with ordinary X-rays, several beams are sent simultaneously from different angles.. In my case it will result in detailed image of the kidneys, their location, size, the arteries and veins connected to the kidneys.. From this image the surgeon can decide which will be the safest kidney to remove.. Although we have two kidneys they are not necessarily identical.. One can be larger (my left one is) and they can each have a different number of veins.. The fewer the better as far as surgical procedures.. I will be asked to lay on a couch which then moves through the CT machine which will scan my abdomen.. The machine is an open ring-like structure – rather like a doughnut! I will feel nothing, but will be able to see lights on the machine.. I may be given an injection of a colourless dye which will help to show up the blood vessels.. This is what a CT Scanner can look like.. CT Scanner.. The hospital are great, they promised they would manage to fit in this CT Scan before I went to London and they have.. I did not want my time away from home to hold up procedings any more than they had to.. Computerised Tomography.. CT Angiogram Renal/abdominal.. Radiology.. Kidney CT Scan.. October 6th, 2009 |.. Tues, 6th October.. One more evaluation test to come.. I thought I had finished all the physical tests but apparently there is a CT scan of the kidneys still required.. The CT scan will show the veins and arteries leading to and from the kidneys.. It will show everything in much greater details.. It takes about an hour and a half.. The result of the CT scan will then be discussed at a consultant meeting and this will determine which kidney is to be donated and whether laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery can be performed.. Hopefully soon the letter will arrive with my appointment date.. Once it is determined which kidney is to be used, then the consultant nephrologist will review all my results to date.. He may or may not wish to see me.. If he is satisfied that I have had all the necessary tests and he is happy with the results then I will be referred for my independent assessment.. The Indepedent assessment is a legal requirement set by the HTA (human tissue authority) in order to gain approval for me to donate and for the transplant to take place.. Once approval has been given by the HTA that will be the finish of the assessment and the next stage would be for my details to be registred with UK transplant so that I can be matched with a suitable recipient.. This last stage must not be rushed and I will only go onto the donor database when it is totally convenient for me i.. no committments to get in the way etc.. Once a recipient is found which will be almost straight away, then things could happen very fast, so would not want anything to hold things up.. But all this will be discussed with the hospital when approval to donate has been given.. I sit back now and wait to hear when my CT scan is.. I hope it is before beginning of November as I am then away for about 2.. 5 weeks.. Older Entries.. Please help keep.. this site going.. Search Blog.. NHS Donor Register.. Recent Tweets.. @caseluggage.. Posted on Facebook.. appreciate a response thanks.. Di Franks.. 4 weeks ago.. HTA - UK.. HTA on Facebook.. HTA Twitter.. HTA Website.. Kidney - General.. British Transplant Society.. European Transplant Organisations.. NHS Kidney Care.. UK charity for Polycystic Kidney Disease.. UK National Kidney Federation.. UK Transplant Centre.. Living Donation.. Altruistic Donation.. Could you be a living donor?.. Donor Recipient perspective (.. pdf).. Paired/Pooled Case Study.. Transplant Support Network.. What is Paired/Pooled.. My Links.. Di Franks Radio 4.. Dibbfest.. Mercy Ships.. Sponsor a child.. Subscribe.. Subscribe to this site's RSS feed.. Desktop Reader.. Bloglines.. Feedly.. Live.. Netvibes.. Yahoo!.. Tags.. donor emotions.. GFR Test.. Glomerular Filtration Rate.. Nephrologist.. psychiatrist assessment.. Copyright © 2009-2014 livingkidneydonation.. All Rights Reserved.. Designed by.. Template-Layouts..

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  • Title: Altruistic Kidney Donor - the reasons behind my decision to become one | livingkidneydonation.co.uk - Give a Kidney - be an altruistic donor
    Descriptive info: ~.. Why donate?.. Brave or stupid.. ?.. My desire to be a Kidney Donor.. in 1967 the headlines were dominated by the first human heart transplant by Dr.. Christiaan Barnard.. I was 15 years old at the time and very impressionable (you know, female hormones and all that stuff!).. Chris Barnard became my hero! I remember having crazy thoughts about why we needed 10 fingers (including thumbs of course!) and maybe we could give a couple away to anyone who had lost their fingers and I got carried away in my thoughts of what could be done in the future.. Even back then I felt that if I could help someone lead a better quality of life by donating part of me, I would gladly do it.. Kidney transplants have been around for decades.. Initially only kidneys from deceased people were used.. Then later Living Kidney Donations were allowed but the donor had to be giving to a named person.. Generally to a close relative.. A few years ago I read about a man s life that had been saved by his wife donating one of her kidneys.. Since then my ear s pricked each time there was any news regarding organ donation.. A friend asked me once if I would ever donate a kidney and without hesitation I said yes.. I saw no reason not to.. I had two kidneys, as long as they were both healthy then someone really in need might as well have one of them!.. A while back a friend in the USA donated her kidney to a stranger.. Although she had read about him and put herself forward, so in some ways she knew who she was donating to but she never met him until the actual donation.. I thought this was amazing of her to do and knew that if ever the chance came about that I could help someone regain their life by donating, then I would.. I also read about an amazing guy called Zell Kravinsky.. A true philanthropist he had given away millions of dollars to needy causes, living only a moderate lifestyle himself.. He also donated one of his kidneys to a needy person.. His reasons for doing this and his general unselfish giving lifestyle attracted a variety of comments about him.. To me he was a truly unselfish, giving, caring person who put other people before himself.. To me he was just an amazingly inspirational guy.. If I had a wish list of people I would like to meet, he would be way up top.. All this just fuelled my desire to help make a change in someones life but in the UK it was not legal to donate to a stranger at least not then it wasn t !.. Then about a year ago I read about an altruistic donation in the UK, where somone donated their kidney to a total stranger.. I did some research and found the law had been changed and since late 2006 both altruistic and pooled/paired kidney donations were now allowed.. From that moment I knew I had to put myself forward as a potential kidney donor.. It wasn t quite the right time for me to proceed with this having just been diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes my sight was quite bad that I had to give up my job and I could not function at home on my own without assistance, so donation was on the back-burner for a while.. My grown up son fully supports my decision to donate.. I have never had any kidney problems.. There is no  ...   phone call that will change their life forever.. I hope this journal documenting my evaluation will help people who are considering becoming living donors.. Believe me, knowing the change it can make in someone s life to have a transplant is so rewarding.. For them it must be like winning the lottery, only better!.. Also did you know that if someone has a kidney transplant and the kidney is from a deceased person the life of that kidney is around 10 years.. After which the recipient needs another transplant and probably goes back on dialysis until then.. But a kidney donated from a Living donor the life of that kidney can be around 20 years!.. 5 Responses to About.. Sharon T:.. April 16, 2009 at 9:07 pm.. I am also in a similar position as yourself and donating a kidney to a stranger.. I am much further on with the tests but would like to keep in touch because I find it difficult at times trying to make people understand the reasons why I want to make a difference to someone s life.. It would be nice to share my experiences with someon in a similar situation.. Regards.. Sharon.. Diane:.. April 18, 2009 at 8:55 pm.. Hi Sharon,.. Sorry about delay in getting back to you but have had intermittent internet connection.. I truly believe God has a purpose for us all, and that is to help others.. Whether it is helping someone get through the day just by smiling at them or donating a kidney.. There are many ways we can help eachother, sometimes we do without even knowing we have.. I have had a desire to donate for a long time, but it is only recently that the time is right for me to do so.. The greatest gift for me is to imagine the smile on the face of the person when they receive that phone call.. knowing they will have a chance to lead a normal life.. Not just them, but their whole family.. That will last me a lifetime.. I had my second appointment on 17th and am about to write it up on the Home page.. Do keep in contact with me.. I have your email address and if you like I can email you direct and we can exchange thoughts.. Where abouts do you live? Maybe it is near.. Morgan:.. August 5, 2009 at 2:37 pm.. Good luck with your donation.. Hope the rest of your assessments check out.. Thank you for posting this blog I have learned a lot about being a kidney donor.. I am actually a recipient.. I received my kidney four years ago from a deceased person.. It is wonderful to know there are people around who care enough about other people that they will offer up one of their organs after death but even more wonderful that they will do it in life.. It is interesting to hear what a living donor has to say about the procedure.. Keeping you in my Prayers God Bless.. Morgan.. Elena:.. August 6, 2009 at 11:03 am.. Good day! My husband needs kidney for transplantation.. I can give my kidney, but it is not suitable for him.. We want to enter pair exchange programme.. Where can I find information about it? Thank you all.. Elena.. August 6, 2009 at 11:13 am.. Elena, You need to speak with your local Kidney Transplant Team, they can advise you regarding this matter.. Leave a Reply.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name (required).. Mail (will not be published) (required).. Website.. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail..

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  • Title: Emotions of being an Altruistic Living Kidney Donor | livingkidneydonation.co.uk - Give a Kidney - be an altruistic donor
    Descriptive info: Why Donate to a Stranger.. I was challenged recently to try to explain what drives me to donating to a stranger and what is in it for me.. If I were paid a large sum of money, then that could be understood as to the motives behind this.. But with no apparent benefit then why do it? Very good question and not always easy to answer.. Why do people decide to sail around the world or climb the highest mountains in the most atrocious of conditions? They are hailed as Explorers and record breakers and daring.. Why do our wonderfully brave men and women join the Forces knowing they may get injured or killed if they go to war? They are indeed exceptionally brave and courageous people and no-one will doubt that at all, I am in awe of all of them and I am just a shadow in their presence.. Why do we do anything though? Emotions drive us either to do something or not do something.. As Blaise Pascal once said Le cœur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connaît point.. The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know.. Sometimes the drive inside us is so strong we just can t ignore it.. I had a desire inside me to offer one of my kidneys to someone who needed one.. That desire just grew over time.. I knew it was something I wanted to do.. What do I get out of donating? I do agree that whenever we give, we do also receive, whether it is a great sense of satisfaction or disappointment should something go wrong.. Regardless of what we give love, help, gift or simply a hug we get some sort of emotion in return, even without asking for it.. I am certainly not doing this for any emotional thrill at the end.. I have had some stress so far as the wheels seem to turn so slowly I am not a very patient patient lol.. There is not much support to be found as altruistic kidney donation is very much a new development in kidney donation in the UK.. So finding people to just chat to about this is not easy.. This was one of the reasons I started this blog, as was hard to get the full donor perspective of it all.. I know some people who I should tell I am donating, but they would be against this or just wouldn t understand, so I have not told them.. I will tell them nearer the time.. This also means that people close to them I cannot tell, as it is not fair to expect people to keep secrets.. I can do without negative attitudes at this time and only need people who are prepared to support me whether they agree with me or not.. So that is somewhat stressful, having to keep quiet to people who perhaps I would like to include.. Once I have donated, then what? Unlike donating to a partner or child or sibling, I will have no-one to hug, no-one that I can share in the joy of seeing them begin to lead a normal life; no-one I can look down on when they are asleep and feel my love for them sweep over me no-one I can tell that they have to take me to the Peking Palace twice a year for a slap up meal!! No-one I can telephone to ask how they are.. I will probably feel a bit depressed because I want to give them a hug and can t.. In fact I will know very little if anything about them at all.. I won t know the recipients name, or anything about them except that they so desperately needed a new kidney so I imagine I will have a bit of an emotional hole for a while.. I will Pray the recipient does okay and lives for many years a good life.. I will also feel so very happy knowing someone has a new start in life.. That feeling will far far outweigh any negative feelings.. So there are no emotional highs in this so far just many emotional frustrations.. I have had people email me offering their support.. Someone who donated last year and people who are currently undergoing evaluation right now and someone just offering me their prayers and wishing me luck.. I also have had emails from people telling me I am crazy, nuts, stupid!.. I have been verbally abused and sworn at in emails.. I cannot say some of the emails have not hurt they have, even though those people do not know me at all.. Yes I put myself in that position by having a public blog.. But I have also had four people contact me who are wanting to donate (3 to relatives and one considering donating to a stranger) but find it hard to get first hand information from the donor perspective.. It can only help people to give the full picture.. I have not done the blog for any glory or emotional high.. I have done it so other people won t struggle like I have in trying to get certain questions answered but finding the medical answers still leave some holes, which as a potential donor those questions need full answers, and hopefully I can help fill those holes and so help someone make a decision one way or the other or be there for a donor who just needs a bit of emotional support from someone who is going through it been through it.. Most of my life I have known people who help other people just as part of a normal day.. often putting themselves out no end just so someone else wasn t struggling.. There was never any question of whether that person deserved help or whether one had the time to help them, one made the time and effort no matter who the person was and if you couldn t help for whatever reason, you sure as heck found someone who could.. When I heard it was now legal to donate to a stranger, I had this strong desire to make a real difference in someone s life.. Between knowing I wanted to donate and starting the evaluation proceeding I had a year.. In that time I did a lot of research and speaking to people, including donors.. None of my research or discussions with people produced anything that made me think twice about my decision.. My Christian beliefs I am sure have played a large part in making me the person I am.. Life experiences have also influenced my attitudes towards events and people and life in general.. It is very rewarding to be able to help someone, regardless of who they are, no matter how little or large the help.. I have been in three situations over the years where I have really really needed help, physically and or emotionally and never really got it.. What help I did get people soon tired and turned their backs.. I do not like the thought of people struggling, wanting help and not getting it.. I know the emotional pain and depression it can bring and believe me, no one should have to go through that.. If I can give help to someone, I will and God willing, I hope that is what I can do in this instance.. What makes us feel the way we do? Why do we feel certain emotions? I don t really know.. All I do know is that this is something I really want to do.. The desire to donate must come from within the heart and not from any outside pressure.. I hope this blog can help anyone who does have the desire to donate whether to a family member, close friend, or to a stranger to find some useful information here that will help one way or another.. 22 Responses to Why donate.. Michael:.. September 1, 2009 at 5:46 pm.. It’s difficult to explain why you want to do this – Life is such a thing of chance and I’ve been very fortunate and I felt this is payback.. Further I was ideally placed, healthy no dependants and retired – early : -).. Kevin.. :.. July 6, 2010 at 9:58 pm.. I stumbled upon this site through a google alert for post kidney transplant.. I am touched by what you have done.. I received a cadaver kidney in May 2010.. I also was not told who the donor was but they told me that if I write a thank-you letter to the family, that they will ask them if they want it and then give it to them.. They can decide whether to contact me back or not.. Is there not a system like this where you are?.. July 7, 2010 at 7:20 am.. Hi Kevin,.. Thank you for posting, nice to know people  ...   your recipient.. I live in S.. E.. London and work in Kent borders.. I was going to look tonight to see my nearest hospital to approach (presumably a London one), and it would certainly be easier if they have some knowledge of living kidney donation! thanks, Claire.. July 13, 2011 at 7:55 am.. Hi Claire,.. London units are as follows.. Great Ormond street.. Royal London.. Guys.. St georges.. Does this mean you ve decided to go ahead?.. I didn t see my gp first, I just contacted the relevant hospital and department by e mail.. July 13, 2011 at 8:03 am.. You can find London transplant hospital websites here.. uk/ukt/about_transplants/transplant_units/transplant_units.. jsp.. July 13, 2011 at 8:42 pm.. Dear Anon and Diane, thanks again, very helpful.. I have decided to take the first step of making a preliminary phone call as I would very much like to donate.. I am aware I may not, of course, get through the steps/stages as it is necessarily a very thorough process, but I won t know that till I start the process off! Your texts have certainly helped me get this far.. There seems to be an allocated Nurse at Guy s which is probably easiest location to reach so I will try phoning.. Thanks so much, Claire.. July 13, 2011 at 9:30 pm.. Hope the experience for you is as rewarding as it has been for me, all the way along I thought maybe something would crop up therefore preventing me from donating.. There were a couple minor hiccups but in the end, they felt safe for me to proceed.. Please keep me updated along the process, good luck.. July 18, 2011 at 9:43 pm.. Hello again anon, Just to say I was pleased that the nurse I spoke to seemed very nice and welcoming (for some reason I thought she would not know about the altruistic side!), she is sending me a pack to look through and a dvd before I make any appointment at the hospital.. Will keep you updated when anything new, Claire.. anon:.. August 12, 2011 at 8:38 am.. Did anyone see the article in chat magazine about the lady who donated altruistically? (11 aug issue).. August 16, 2011 at 11:53 am.. Hi, I did not see the article but good that there is publicity.. Also just writing to say that I have had my first appt at my hospital where a very helpful Nurse consultant talked very clearly about all the steps etc and I had some blood tests.. I think if these are ok I will have an appt with a Psychiatrist.. Will write another comment when there is more news of the process.. chris:.. December 25, 2011 at 7:27 pm.. I just read an article about kidney transplant in our local paper [i live in Tx.. ] and ended up on your website.. I was sad to read that people would call you crazy among other things for having a desire to save someones life.. These people are obviously selfish and would not help anyone.. You are an inspiration and hope God blesses you greatly for your gift.. I haven t decided whether or not I will follow in your footsteps but will investigate more and meditate on whether or not this is something I should do.. You can never go wrong helping someone in need.. God bless.. December 25, 2011 at 7:49 pm.. Hi Chris,.. Thanks for posting.. I think the people who think donors are crazy have really said that out of ignorance.. If you really don t know anything about the whole process then the thought of having major surgery and cutting out an organ, must sound pretty.. crazy! lol.. Thank you for your kind words.. If you do decide to follow the same route then please ask any questions you wish about the whole process and I will answer best I can.. What I can say now is that over a year later I feel fitter than ever and would not even know I had a kidney removed.. Donating a kidney to someone is something I have never regretted and never will.. Have a geat and Blessed Christmas,.. All the best.. Kevin:.. June 1, 2014 at 11:46 pm.. I m really considering doing this but my mum and dad are really set against it and want me to put the idea out of my mind.. I am 26 though and a fully-independent adult so it s not like they can stop me.. Still at the very start of the process, unsure whether or not to proceed.. June 2, 2014 at 8:03 am.. Your parents are scared.. to them you want to put yourself through major surgery where there are risks and all for someone you don t even know.. So it is very natural for their reaction to be what it was/is.. You do need family on your side if you can.. You don t say if you are married or have a partner.. but you will need someone to look after you after the operation as no way can you be on your own.. Having support during the evaluation process is also very helpful.. It can be/is a very lonely experience unless you have someone close to you to talk to about it.. you don t say at what stage of the process you are at.. But what I tend to say to people in similar circumstance is get all the information you can regarding donating a kidney.. Ask the local transplant unit for leaflets.. Go to the NHSBT / organ donation website and download some information.. Get some from this website.. find out the risks and get those down on paper along with your observations on them.. Have some phone numbers to hand or contact information (you may use mine if you wish as well) so your parent can make contact with people in the know to ask them questions.. Then sit them down take a deep breath and say to them mum/dad I know you are against this, but that is just initial reaction to a procedure that is strange to you.. Here are the facts.. and talk them through it.. If they ask a question you do not have the answer to be honest don t try and bluff your way through heck this is your mum and dad you are talking to, lol they will know! tell them, you dont know the answer, very good question, you will find out and take that into account when making your decision.. Ask them if they would like to speak to the Live Donor Co-ordinator at the local transplant center so they can ask questions direct and hear all about it direct so they know you do fully understand what you are wanting to do.. If they do, then make that appointment.. Tell them you are still open minded and undecided all you know is this is something you really would like to do.. Tell them what inspired you to want to do this.. Try not to be defensive when talking to them.. Tell them you understand they are scared would be unnatural for them not to be.. As to whether you go ahead and donate or not all I will say is, you do seem to be a bit unsure because of your parents reaction.. Maybe now is not the right time for you to donate? You need to be 110% sure/determined to donate.. There is no rush to donate there will always be someone in need of a kidney.. you could always just put things on hold for a while during which time get your parents used to the idea.. Say to them, you will at some point be donating and you really want them to understand the process; understand why you are so keen to donate; and really want their support even though you know they won t fully understand why you want to do this.. A few paople have said the radio programme I did helped family to understand how important it was to someone who wanted to donate.. So listen and see if you think it would be something to help them understand the passion we have in wanting to help someone in this way.. I am not sure how long they keep this available for but.. bbc.. uk/programmes/b011j8z2.. It is also good to let family know that once you start the evaluation process you can pull out any time you want and the hospital will back you and understand.. I hope my comments have helped.. Let me know how you get on and any further questions do just post or you can contact me direct by using the contact form link top right of this page.. If your parents would like to speak with someone who has already donated then I am fine with that also.. especially as I am mother of a grown up myself.. x..

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  • Title: Altruistic Kidney Donor - brave or stupid? | livingkidneydonation.co.uk - Give a Kidney - be an altruistic donor
    Descriptive info: Am I Brave ?.. As to whether we (altruistic donors) are brave, I would say we are not.. It is the recipient who is brave along with their family.. Being under dialysis for 2 3 4 more years is no picnic.. Some people have been on dialysis for 20 years or more with no hope of a transplant.. Those are the brave people.. I am sure if more people knew what being on dialysis was like and how that and the strict diet and fluid intake imposed on them affects them, more people would want to help.. Am I stupid?.. No not at all.. This is often a word used by people who do not have all the facts and cannot begin to comprehend why some people would want to help others by taking a very small risk in donating an organ.. We are also called stupid by people who wish they could donate but just don t have the will to, so they feel somewhat inadequate.. I don t view myself as anyone special, I am not.. There are people out there giving of their time, day after day, year after year, to do incredible work to help people.. The effort put in is far greater than I could summon up the energy to do.. It is strange how some people are hailed great heroes because they climb freezing snow capped mountains, risking losing their nose and fingers and toes and even limbs to frostbite.. and have done.. They also risk death and some have died.. But they knowingly take those risks to what end? Who do they help by making such a heroic journey? Surely if taking a small risk to save someone s life by donating an organ is stupid, then the great explorers who risk life and limb must be insane? No of course they are not, they are brave people who push the boundaries of human endurance.. They are heroes because people can relate to them.. They admire the courage and determination of the men and women who risk their lives to climb great heights.. They understand and appreciate how hard it is to do this how far beyond normal human endurance they have to push themselves the sheer guts and determination involved.. I admire those people greatly.. So why then is an altruistic donor stupid?.. It is far less of a risk.. Takes far less energy and effort.. No super human endurance, strength or courage is required.. In fact all the work is done by the surgeons, hospital staff and support of friends and relatives.. Yet what  ...   is affected by the 3 times a week dialysis in hospital and the restrictive food/water intake etc, their whole family is affected.. I could wait until after my death and then let all my organs and whatever else be given to do whatever with, but who knows how I will die.. It may be my organs won t be salvageable I may live to the ripe old age of 100 years! Heck I wonder if anyone would want my kidney then, whether it would actually be of use to anyone? I want to give something now while I can.. The rest of me can wait until I have departed this world.. It also depends how I die.. Not everyone who dies can be sure their organs can be used.. I wanted to make sure at least one of my organs could do some good.. Did you know that you can also donate part of your liver? A lobe is cut off and transplanted into someone.. Over a period of about 12 weeks your liver re-grows.. Now I am not brave enough to do that!! But there are people who have donated a lobe of their liver to a close relative to save their life.. Now that is being brave!.. 4 Responses to Brave or Stupid.. Roxanne Galloway:.. January 26, 2010 at 3:37 am.. Well, the article is definitely the greatest on this topic.. Expressing thanks will not be sufficient.. I will immediately grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates.. Great work and much success!.. Debbie:.. February 4, 2010 at 11:07 pm.. Really Good Work….. You Helping People A lot.. Chava:.. September 16, 2012 at 3:22 am.. Ahhhh!! Exactly!!! Word for word how I feel!!.. People think I m crazy or crazy generous, but it s neither.. I won t give up my jewelry or books just cuz I gave away a kidney lol.. So great to read this.. Should have researched more earlier on.. Woulda been such a great support.. Oh well.. All s well that ends well.. PS My hospital in NY told me that because liver transplants are so risky, it can.. only be done for a family member or someone you are very emotionally close to.. September 16, 2012 at 5:22 am.. Hi Chava,.. Glad to hear you have donated, and yes it is important and very helpful to get support which is why I set up this blog.. Please spread the word.. Risk of death with kidney donation 1:3000.. Risk of death with lobe of liver donation 1:200.. so yes, much more riskier donating part of liver..

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    Descriptive info: Donor Types.. There are different types of Living Kidney Donation.. 1) Living Donation.. This is where a kidney is removed from a living person.. They can survive very well on the remaining kidney.. Living Donation generally refers to donating to a relative, close friend or someone you know.. You can read more about Living Donation here.. Download a.. pdf leaflet on:-.. Can I be a LivingDonor.. 2) Non-Directed or Altruistic Living Donation.. This is where a person volunteers to donate a kidney to an unknown recipient, that is, someone whom they have never met or heard about and is not known to him/her.. The benefit of this type of donation is that the recipient of the transplant receives a living donor kidney transplant from a healthy donor, which is a very good option for the patient.. A non-directed altruistic donor can either donate into the paired/pooled scheme to create a chain of transplants or donate anonymously to a patient on the national transplant list to create a single transplant.. Read more about non-directed altruistic donation here.. 3) Paired or Pooled Donation.. Paired.. Paired donation is where adonor and recipient are incompatible or mismatched with each other.. It could be possible for them to be matched with another pair of donor/recipient in the same situation and for the kidneys to be exchanged or swapped.. With this type of donation each recipeint receives a transplant that he/she would otherwise not have had.. To give you an example:.. Couple 1:.. A = donor – B = recipient.. Couple 2:.. C = donor – D = recipient.. A is not a match for B but is a match for D.. C is not a match for D but is a match for B.. so:.. A = donor – D =recipient.. C = donor –B = recipient.. Pooled.. Kidney exchanges can involve more than two pairs at once.. This is known as pooled donation.. Read more about paired/pooled donation here.. pdf leaflet on.. Paired/Pooled Donation.. 4) Directed Donation.. Directed altruistic donation is when a person offers to donate a kidney or part of their liver to someone who needs a transplant but whom they have not known previously.. This is different from non-directed altruistic donation because the relationship between the donor and recipient only develops because the recipient needs a transplant and the donor becomes aware of it and chooses to donate specifically to that person.. This may be between family members who have not been in touch for many years or people may make contact through the internet for example on facebook- or through stories in the paper or radio or television.. Read more about Directed Donation here.. 5) Domino Donation.. Domino donation is a form of living donation where an organ or part organ is removed for the primary purpose of a person’s medical treatment.. The organ/s removed may prove suitable for transplant into another person (e.. g.. a heart originally removed from the recipient of a heart / lung transplant).. Useful Links.. FAQ Living Kidney Donation.. View this.. pdf on the emotions of Living Kidney Donation.. 72 Responses to Donors.. Newer Entries.. Greg Matthews:.. March 26, 2012 at 6:36 pm.. Natasha,.. Predisposed yes fully agree.. Programmed nope.. Glad you got your words mixed up as I agree with you.. I do believe some of us are predisposed to one illness or another.. Living a healthy lifestyle will not necessarily ward off an illness/disease.. But if we live a un healthy lifestyle and get ill we will never know if we would have got ill or not had we led a healthy lifestyle.. Greg.. March 26, 2012 at 6:58 pm.. I thought I posted but cannot see my post.. Natasha.. Yes predisposed a big thumbs up.. Programmed a thumbs down.. We are all on the same page now I believe.. Sid:.. June 10, 2012 at 8:10 pm.. Hi,.. I might be new to this but I have a question Why would someone donate their kidney to someone they don t want to know? Just recently I have came close to help someone but I turned out to be unmatched.. I would like to know the person I am donating my kidney too.. The thought of me donating to a stranger it doesn t make sense.. unless there something else.. Please help me to understand.. Thanks.. Sid.. June 10, 2012 at 8:30 pm.. Hi Sid,.. I had two kidneys.. I only need one.. I have signed the organ donor register but that is no guarantee any of my organs will be viable for transplant.. Donating before my death ensures one person has been helped.. Why to a stranger though? Why not.. None of my relatives have any illness that could lead to kidney failure.. I suppose I could have not donated just in case a family member did get ill with kidney disease, but that would be very unlikely.. knowing that people are dying every day simply because they need a kindey transplant.. And there was I with a spare kidney.. I ask myself the question did I have a good enough reason not to help someone and give them their life back? And no, I did not have a good enough reason.. For me, knowing I could donate and knowing I could perhaps save someone s life, give them a second chance at life.. give them back to their family how could I stand by and not donate? Just as I could not pass a man drowning in the river and not stop to try and save him even though I am not a good swimmer.. We are all brothers and sisters on this earth and I truly believe we need to help eachother where we can.. I perfectly understand though that some people are scared of hospitals, operations etc.. They may have dependant children at home.. And many other reasons why some people do not wish to donate to a stranger.. I respect that totally.. But for me, I could not have respected myself had I stood by and not helped someone.. I don t need to know them personally.. All I know is that we are all human beings on the same planet and if I can help someone I will.. I just wish I had more spare kidneys as i would willingly donate again to a total stranger.. There are no hidden deep motives to donating to a stranger.. But I have more reasons to donate than not donate.. Ali:.. June 14, 2012 at 3:44 pm.. Thanks for that Diane.. I have just made the decision to start the testing process for becoming a live donor.. My reasons are very similar to you, I feel that if I can help and I am happy to help, then I should.. Also, my Dad is unfortunately losing his battle with cancer and seeing what he and my family are going through made me take this step.. I thought about doing this a few years ago and have been reading up on it to ensure I had enough information.. Seeing my Dad fight and my family struggle with this really made me realise that whilst I can do nothing about his situation, I can do something for others out there.. I am quite happy that I am donating for a stranger, I don t need to know who they are, what they do, I am happy in the knowledge that I am willing to help someone and that by doing this, they have a chance at a happy and healthy life.. I have met with resistence from my husband and my family, they are concerned that I might become ill and then need my kidney, but I have been  ...   half of the year or second half of the year.. That way the recipient cannot be traced.. This can be checked with the coordinator at each individual hospital as to how they prefer the wording, but NHSBT suggest what I have said.. No this is not a religious thing at all.. And no way did my religion tell me I had to donate.. I used my beliefs to help make me strong etc.. Had I felt my religious beliefs were telling me to donate, I would hope the psychiatric (sp?) report would have denied me the ability to donate.. there is also no age limit to donating, with the oldest UK donor being mid 80 s and the youngest being 19 years old.. Even having an illness one self need not preclude one from donating.. I believe most donations in all hospitals are done via keyhole.. However.. there is no guarantee this will happen.. Only once you are under the knife and the surgeon sees exactly what the vessels are like etc, will he / she know for sure.. At the last moment it could revert to open surgery.. most hospitals when you sign the surgery consent form get you to consent to both.. I am so sorry about your wife, such a sad time.. Please let us know how you get on with the rest of your evaluation.. Hope all goes well.. September 3, 2013 at 6:58 pm.. Hi Di,.. Your mention of the psychiatric report reminded me.. I asked the psychiatrist what he was looking for, and he said that, among other things, he wanted to make sure I wasn t donating because the voices in my head told me to.. I told him that my voices had told me not to tell him about them :-).. Fortunately he had a sense of humour.. Yes, I realise that keyhole surgery isn t guaranteed, but I am told that the percentage of keyhole operations is getting higher, which is good news if you are one of the lucky ones.. Sorry about giving too much info I still don t have a date for the op, and will make sure I don t publish it.. I was simply trying to give others an idea of the possible timescale involved, at least in my case.. For personal reasons I have been pushing forward at each stage, to ensure the shortest possible time from start to finish.. BTW, I am 66 years old.. One bonus of all this is that I have now had the most thorough medical check-up I ve ever had, and am pleased to know that I m in such good health!.. September 3, 2013 at 8:36 pm.. lol, yes good job a sense of humour!.. do you know which kidney they are removing? They like to remove the left one as the vessels are longer so easier to attach to recipient.. However they always leave the best kidney for the donor.. In my case I donated the right kidney because it was a very small kidney and so they left me with the larger left one.. The left kidney was working at 58% and the right at 42%.. They did not decide on which kidney until after the HTA approval with me, though each hospital is different.. Yes, we get a jolly good MOT with this.. September 3, 2013 at 8:50 pm.. Good question and interesting answer.. Left kidney does ~53% and has one artery, whereas right kidney does ~47% (both ± ~2%)and has two arteries (so more complicated), so it looks like they ll take the left one, but no final decision yet.. I may not know till afterwards.. Philip:.. September 7, 2013 at 12:11 am.. Dear Diane,.. We have spoken in the past and just wanted to give you a quick update.. I have had all of the physical tests now and as far as i am aware I have been successful up to now.. I am awaiting the Psychological assessment and am looking forward to receiving the final sign off.. The donation journey has been greatly beneficial to me on a physical and psychological level as I was asked to lose half a stone.. so I have taken up exercise (at least one hour per day) which has had meant that I have become the fittest I have been in years which has emotional benefits.. Thank you again for your brilliant web site which is very useful and supportive.. Best regards.. Philip.. September 7, 2013 at 7:15 am.. Hi Philip,.. We do get a great MOT don t we and good advice which we tend to follow, whereas perhaps under other circumstances we wouldn t be so keen to do so.. Well done on weight control and yes, it is far more beneficial than just making one physically fitter!!.. Good luck with the Psychological assessment.. It is interesting the different approaches hospitals have.. Mine I had a psychological and psychiatric assessment, other hospitals I know just to the psychiatric one and you have the psychological one :).. That is the only legal requirement in the evaluation of a donor that they have some sort of psych evaluation to a) make sure they are fully understanding what they are offering to do and b) not receiving any incentive or coercion to donate.. Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on.. All the best and thanks for posting.. November 5, 2013 at 12:43 pm.. I have now successfully completed my donation, and it was all very straightforward.. It turned out I had been slightly misinformed about the kidneys the left one was 52% and two arteries, and the right one 48% and 1 artery, so they took the right one.. The operation was done laparoscopically, and took about four hours (what do I care, I slept through the whole thing).. The only complication was that my uvula (the dangly bit at the back of your throat) became swollen and inflamed, probably as a result of the intubation, which was uncomfortable for a few days, and stopped me talking as much as I usually do.. I was able to go for a two mile walk ten days after the operation, and full recovery was less than a month.. I have a very tidy 3 inch scar just below my navel line, plus two small scars (~1cm) where the laparoscopes went in.. During the process I met several people who had already had one or two transplants, and who told me of the difference it had made to their lives.. I also met a young man, about the same age as my own son, who was in hospital to try to save his second transplant long enough for him to get a third.. He is such a cheerful chap, and it just brought home to me how important this altruistic donation thing is.. I ve volunteered to help by talking to others considering donation at my local hospital, and have had an interview published in a local paper.. It all helps.. November 5, 2013 at 1:25 pm.. Hi Haggis,.. Thanks for letting us know how it all went.. Sounds like a classic operation/recovery.. Soar throats etc very common.. I had one after a cataract operation, felt like tonsilitis it was so sore, lol.. Yes I too had right kidney removed.. They prefer the left but will generally leave the better kidney for the donor.. Live donations are very important, whether altruistic or non, but yes more education is required re altruistic.. You will have been given leaflet about the charity and joining it, and they can guide you more into how to safely spread the word.. Well done you on donating..

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  • Title: Kidneys - Useful information, facts, links and downloads | livingkidneydonation.co.uk - Give a Kidney - be an altruistic donor
    Descriptive info: Kidneys – useful information.. I felt it would be useful for people to have some knowledge on exactly what part kidneys play in maintaining a healthy body.. Understanding also why they fail and what treatment is available – knowing what it is like to live with kidney failure and being on dialysis.. Please understand though, I am no medical expert and the following information was gathered from various medical websites and the reliability of information given you would need to check with your own doctor.. What do Kidneys do?.. Most people have two kidney which are each around 4 long and 2.. 5 wide.. They can be found just behind the lower ribs and at the back of the body.. Kidneys act as a filtering system.. Blood passes through the kidneys to be cleaned.. Gets rid of waste products and excess fluid.. The waste and excess fluid is excreted out of the body via the bladder as.. urine.. Balances the body’s fluid content.. Produces hormones that control blood pressure.. Produces the hormone Erythropoietin to help make red blood cells.. Activates vitamin D to maintain strong healthy bones.. Regulation of the body’s salt, potassium and acid content is performed by.. the kidneys.. As blood passes through the kidneys, it is “cleaned” – the body’s waste products and excess fluid are removed.. The waste products come from the breakdown of tissues such as muscles and from food.. Once the body has taken what it wants from food, the wastes are then sent to the blood.. These waste products, along with the excess fluid, are then sent through the ureters to the bladder.. Then they are passed out of the body as urine.. If the kidneys did not remove the wastes from the blood, then they would build up and damage the body.. Kidney Failure.. Kidney disease usually affects both kidneys.. There are many causes of chronic kidney disease.. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease.. There can be inherited diseases.. Polycystic kidney disease is the most common inherited kidney disease.. Useful Links:.. Where are your Kidneys?.. -interactive animation.. How do your Kidneys work?.. excellent animation showing you how they work.. NHS Kidney Care website.. Videos from NHS Kidney Care.. Interesting Facts about Kidneys.. Simon Prince from the USA.. Treatment.. Patients with kidney disease can be treated with diet and medication and also dialysis or a kidney transplant.. There are two different type of dialysis:.. Haemodialysis: This is where the blood is cleared of toxins outside the body..  ...   am sure they cannot be that far off approving that method? So sorry you have to wait so long.. Hopefully you will get your transplant very soon- your day will come.. Thank you for posting and letting us know the situation.. Irene:.. May 5, 2012 at 5:07 pm.. i have three(3) kidneys,they are all in good condition the Doctor recommends that u can donate anyone of them.. my doctor done all blood test.. I am alright and i dont have suffer in any dangerous disease.. May 5, 2012 at 5:26 pm.. Hi Irene,.. Hopefully you will put yourself forward to be fully evaluated so one of your kidneys can go to a deserving person on the waiting list.. It is not unheard of to have three kidneys, a friend of mine also had three.. Jim Dunt:.. November 25, 2012 at 6:33 pm.. I am in Andover SP11 9JJ.. Where is my local transplant centre?.. Would it be Bristol or Oxford? Going on your and other peoples experiences then the Churchill sounds the best.. November 25, 2012 at 6:45 pm.. Hi Jim,.. Here is a link giving a list of all the kidney transplant units so you can see which one would be nearest/best to you.. It could be you can choose which you go to as I don t think Oxford (Churchill) would be your nearest one.. There are many very good transplant centers, Plymouth being another one.. Yes Churchill was excellent but I am sure people from other centers would probably say the same about theirs? Anyway here is the link~.. uk/ukt/about_transplants/transplant_units/.. Suggest you telephone the hospital you select and ask to speak to a Live Donor Coordinator and then take it from there.. Hope that helps.. Dennis Cummings:.. May 25, 2014 at 10:34 pm.. my son and I would like to become living kidney donors,(preferably for my wife and my son s mother), but after seeing what she/we have been through I would like to help someone else if my kidney os not compatiable for my wife.. Please could you provide details of who I would need to speak too, or where I would have to go to make this possible.. Thankyou.. Dennis.. May 25, 2014 at 10:43 pm.. Hi Dennis,.. That is wonderful that you want to donate, regardless.. What you need to do is contact your local transplant centre.. Speak with the live donor co-ordinator and he/she will advise you.. If I can help in any other way, please just let me know..

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  • Title: Dialysis - haemodialysis & peritoneal dialysis. | livingkidneydonation.co.uk - Give a Kidney - be an altruistic donor
    Descriptive info: Dialysis is a process by which waste products, toxins and unwanted water are removed from the blood by artificial means.. People usually go on dialysis prior to getting a kidney transplant.. They can be on dialysis for years.. I have been asked by some people why someone would even consider doing a Live Donation when the patient can have dialysis … believe me it is no picnic being on dialysis.. Read the blogs re Kamal Shah and Judy Ladd (links in sidebar).. In the meantime the below information may help to give a small insight into the dialysis process.. There are two types of dialysis, both of which can be equally effective:.. Haemodialysis.. – This form of dialysis removes waste products from the blood by passing it out of the body, through a filtering system (dialyser) and returning it, cleansed, to the body.. Peritoneal dialysis.. – this is where the blood is cleansed inside the body.. Which form of dialysis  ...   – Fluid Balance animation.. restricted fluid intake can be important when on dialysis.. Advantages and Disadvantages.. of Haemodialysis and Peritoneal dialysis.. Possible Side Effects.. - whilst on Dialysis.. NHS video about haemodialysis.. - Dialysis patient Heather describes home haemodialysis.. How Haemodialysis is performed.. including tips on diet whilst on Haemodialysis.. how it works – this is an animation well worth watching.. Eat Right to Feel Right on Haemodialysis.. how diet affects you.. Peritoneal Dialysis.. – how it works – this is an animation well worth watching.. NHS Video on Peritoneal Dialysis.. Greater freedom of choice.. 11th video down the page.. Diet tips peritoneal dialysis.. all about sodium, potassium, fluid etc intake.. Withholding and withdrawing from dialysis.. pros and cons of deciding against dialysis with renal failure.. Downloadable leaflets regarding diet when on dialysis.. Various kidney related videos.. The above links come from very informative websites, especially the Edinburgh Renal Unit one.. Check out their other pages for even more information..

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  • Title: Extracts from kidney donation blogs | livingkidneydonation.co.uk - Give a Kidney - be an altruistic donor
    Descriptive info: This is a page for other people s blogs including tribute pages and stories of donors or recipients.. Matthew s story.. Matthew s account re donating one of his kidneys to his brother in 2013.. was going to donate her kidney to her daughter s friend s mother.. Unfortunately unexpected circumstances resulted in Sharon having to pull out from donating.. A very difficult and emotional decision.. Dawn Pearce.. - donated to her brother, though not without its problems.. Being overweight and high blood pressure, Carol decided to go on a diet.. This diet would be the start of finding out just how ill she was.. Tragically Carol passed away not long after having her transplant.. Suddenly out of the blue Karen was told she only had 5% kidney function and would need a transplant.. This is her story.. Also her husband Matt tells us what life is like for him.. Ella their 6 year old daughter drew a beautiful picture and wrote about her mummy.. Nathanael Adams.. Born with dysplastic kidneys he had a transplant as a toddler.. That kidney lasted 17 years at which stage Nathanael had to go on dialysis and has now been waiting 9 years for a transplant.. This is his story.. (UK altruistic donor) donated a kidney to a stranger.. (UK recipient) – on dialysis for nearly four years then finally got her transplant.. (UK altruistic Donor) Christian donated his kidney altruistically.. His post operation recovery did not go as smoothly as he and his family had hoped and Christian and his family still struggle to come to terms with the after effects of the donation.. (Rebecca UK donor) Keith unexpectedly died 2 months after receiving his wife s kidney.. Not all transplants are successful and I believe we need to know both sides the successes and the tragic losses.. As a tribute to Keith, Rebecca has written their “story”.. To me it is a beautiful love story that so tragically ended well before its time.. (USA carer) looked after her husband who was on dialysis and who recently had a heart attack.. (since this story was written sadly Judy s husband died before getting a transplant).. (India: 14 years on dialyis) – is on dialysis.. His first transplant failed due to complications that may prevent him ever having another transplant.. His years on dialysis have certainly had their ups and downs.. He is a very positive person and he does not let dialysis rule his life.. 20 Responses to Blogs.. Lorraine:.. December 6, 2011 at 8:52 pm.. Hi all,.. I was a living donor for my brother in January 2004.. No problems with the operation or my health since.. The difference it has made to my brother is amazing.. He now takes part in the transplant Games in the UK every year, where he has won many gold medals.. he also competed in the World games in Australia and Bangkok.. We always have great fun at the games, and seeing the difference transplants have made to these peoples lifes is amazing.. Would do it all again tomorrow if it was possible.. December 8, 2011 at 8:04 am.. Lorraine,.. That is so wonderful.. Your brother sounds a great sports person.. Just goes to show how healthy people are after transplants, how well they can work.. Great you were able to donate, family are not always compatible.. I expect you look back at times as to how your brother was before the transplant and now to see how he is now must seem like a miracle.. Good luck to you both and keep those Golds coming in!! What an inspiration you both are.. Thank you for telling us about your brother and yourself.. I so love reading these stories and they do truly inspire people.. karen Gear:.. January 20, 2012 at 4:53 pm.. Donated a kidney to my husband in 2009.. It has made no difference to my lifestyle.. In fact I know I am healthy due to pre op healthchecks and further follow ups.. Unable to put into words how it feels to give someone back their life.. It not only saved his life but gave my sons their father and my grand daughters their grandfather.. Would do this again without hesitation if I had another one spare!!.. January 20, 2012 at 5:01 pm.. Hi Karen,.. Thank you so much for posting, it is comments like yours that help to inspire other people to donate.. You mention one important bonus if you like with donating that is not only is the recipient able to lead a normal life again but they are given back to their family.. People who do not know too much about living donation do not often consider the family of the person needing the  ...   donating a kidney to my 8 year old son in 2 months time.. Would really like to share experiences with people in similar situation.. I am in the UK and have just started a blog chronicling our family s story (the ups and downs!).. thanks.. oknak.. wordpress.. brian Roberts senior:.. March 26, 2013 at 9:40 am.. hello all my brothers and sisters kidney donors.. even though I was a kidney donor myself you all are my heroes.. locally kidney donors.. I m doing interviews and putting together a documentary.. I own a record label but my art form is video production.. that s what I enjoy the most.. someday I would like to include all of you and this documentary if you wish to tell your story.. the main thing I want to do is be an advocate because.. as we all know donating a kidney or and Oregon only hurts for just a few weeks.. and we have a lifetime of satisfaction seeing are recipient live a full and healthy life.. it changed my life for the better I don t worry about small things anymore.. everybody comment on this tell me what you think.. March 26, 2013 at 9:57 am.. Hello Brian,.. Thank you for posting and well done for being a donor.. Who did you donate to.. you come from Oregon?.. Yes one does look at life differently after donating and after receiving.. Colinus Allende:.. June 2, 2013 at 7:05 am.. My name is Colinus Allende,I have been in the job of helping people with kidney problem and people that have suffered in terms trying to get a donor for them to have a kidney transplant.. In the little island where i live and due to the poverty there, the people look for way to sell of there kidney to get huge cash for survival and this people are very healthy.. I am an agent, so if you need a healthy kidney you can contact me.. June 2, 2013 at 9:22 am.. Hello colinus,.. Selling or buying a kidney in the UK and many other countries is illegal and as such we cannot help you in this.. Also it is not possible for you to say tne people are healthy as only a full medical exam by a transplant specialist can actually say who is or is not healthy enough to give a kidney.. It is not just about the health of the kidney for the recipient.. But the donor s health also tht they can survive the operation and live without problems afterwards.. rita healther:.. July 27, 2013 at 12:27 pm.. my name is rita, my gran mum almost died of kidney failure, i came across Mr.. xxxxxxxxxx online who help me out in search of kidney donor, in short time He brought a donor that survive my granni.. July 27, 2013 at 1:37 pm.. Rita,.. I have edited your post to remove email addresses etc as using a broker to get you a kidney is illegal in this country and many other countries.. It is interesting that for your own personal email address you give that of the person you advise people to go to.. I am just wanting other people to know not to accept any offers from people who act as agents in procuring an organ for someone.. The chances of something going wrong is high apart from it being illegal.. Admin.. Sameer.. November 25, 2013 at 1:06 pm.. i want to sell my kidney.. A positive blood.. November 25, 2013 at 1:14 pm.. Hello Sameer,.. I regret but it is illegal to sell any organ in the UK, USA and many other countries.. We cannot help.. wayne:.. March 7, 2014 at 10:41 am.. Hello.. Need a 0+ kidney in UK if anyone would like to donate I will reward greatly for this my email is [email removed by admin].. March 7, 2014 at 11:40 am.. Hello Wayne,.. Thank you for posting.. Unfortunately in the UK it is not allowed to reward anyone for donating a kidney.. Suggest you speak with your local transplant unit and ask to be put on the list for a donor.. UBTH Hospital:.. July 23, 2014 at 7:20 am.. We currently have a kidney donor who is willing to donate kidney, if you are interested kindly contact us.. July 23, 2014 at 8:10 am.. UBTH Hospital, thank you for posting.. How so very generous of the kidney donor to want to donate his/her kidney to the UK.. I am overwhelmed by their generosity.. Could you kindly contact our NHSBT so your kidney donor can make an appointment with them with a veiw to generously donating, for free, his/her kidney to the next person on our list who so desperately needs a kidney..

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  • Title: I donated a kidney to my brother | livingkidneydonation.co.uk - Give a Kidney - be an altruistic donor
    Descriptive info: It was at a family event in 2006 when I heard the first whisper that my brother Tim had kidney disease and would need a transplant one day.. My immediate thought was that this had my name on it.. It was not until early 2012 that this was mentioned again – his eGFR (whatever that was!) had deteriorated to the high teens, and he had been advised to find a donor if he could; I just felt that my time had come.. We are from a large family and I knew that I was the right blood group.. I think five of us volunteered but one was in Canada, one was the wrong blood group and one was not a blood relative, so two brothers went for tissue typing and we were both perfect matches (which is unusual).. Since I was retired and that other brother runs a company with Tim, it was obvious to both of us that I should go first through the rest of the testing.. In truth I don’t think that many people outside of Tim’s immediate family realised just how ill he was getting.. It is only since the operation that we have not only seen the change in him back to his old self, but also he has said that he “can hardly begin to describe” how well he feels, so I think he’s surprised as well.. There are lots of tests, as described in my.. blog.. and elsewhere.. There is no standard set and each transplant centre will be slightly different; Tim lives in London and I live in Oxford but I had no real desire to travel that far to his hospital frequently and it was agreed that the Churchill Hospital, my local transplant centre, would do the initial tests.. These covered blood pressure, urine samples, blood samples (every time!), ECG, ultrasound, CT scan, chest X-ray plus a couple of less well-known ones to measure my eGFR and do another sort of scan on my renal system.. There’s nothing in there to worry or cause pain, and I found the entire process really quite interesting.. There are also a few interviews so that they know a bit more about you and your medical history.. During the whole testing process I felt that these people really seemed to value me for my commitment, but at the same time I knew that I always had an option to bail out with no reason needed for my change of mind.. I was actually surprised as I continually passed each test – clearly I was fitter than I realized.. Eventually, Tim’s quality of life had deteriorated to such an extent that they agreed the operation could be scheduled.. His eGFR still said that he was fairly healthy but he was in fact barely existing.. What I didn’t realise was that if a donation had not been planned then they would have already been making preparations for him to be on some form of dialysis.. This is seriously not nice for a patient as it effectively imposes a new, highly restrictive lifestyle on them, quite apart from being one of the factors that may limit the life of a transplanted kidney.. Had I failed testing at this stage, Tim would have had to go on dialysis as a matter of urgency.. At this stage it all got even more interesting as we met the surgeon from St Georges who was in overall charge and would actually remove my kidney (she wouldn’t do Tim as well because the two operations are conducted concurrently in adjoining theatres, with me leading).. The date was set and things moved up a gear.. There were some final tests and the HTA interview and, almost before we knew it, we were arriving for admission on an October Tuesday morning.. The day was spent on tests, interviews and forms and actually went quite quickly.. Once again the staff were brilliant and sensitive to our needs.. After our spouses had left, Tim and I soon went to bed, aware very much of the big day ahead.. On the Wednesday morning I was showered, changed and ready to go with my DVT stockings on by 7am (these stockings have a hole in the toe so that they can check your toes during the operation as this is a useful monitor of your condition).. At 8am I walked up to the anaesthetist’s room between the two theatres and the next thing I knew I was in Recovery, being told “wake up, it’s all gone very well”.. (Later on, phrases like “textbook operation” were mentioned.. ) I was soon decently conscious but woozy, a bit uncomfortable but not in pain.. Soon after, Tim was wheeled in beside me and I was sure from the large bag of urine that at least the new kidney was working well already.. It was then around 3pm, and I had actually been operated on from about 9am to 1pm; Tim was in from about 12 to 2.. 30, I believe.. By 4pm I was back on the ward with my wife, surrounded by lots of tubes and wires.. That night was pretty uncomfortable as I never really got to sleep properly; I was continually itchy and aware of the tubes and the annoying toe holes in the surgical stockings! Additionally every movement was potentially a muscular pain – even a gentle stretch to reach something like my water.. After the ward round the next morning (Thursday) I was removed from all the tubes except a drain from my wounds.. This gave me an almost instant improvement as the general wooziness and the itching were, I believe, side effects of the morphine that I had been on.. A price worth paying for freedom from pain, I suppose, but from now on all I had was paracetamol.. Soon after that I stood up for the first time and walked down the corridor to see Tim who was looking better than for a long time.. It was around then that I realized that my movement was improving and there was now very little pain at all; there was just an ache from my stomach, largely due to gas pressure inside pushing on the wounds.. Visitors came and went, amidst much happiness from Tim’s family, who could see his change much more than I could.. They really didn’t need to thank me for what I had done as I could see what it meant from the joyous look on their faces.. I then got another bad night’s sleep which included me getting a temperature, having some blood taken at midnight, going for a chest X-ray at 2am and then having some antibiotic at 4am to sort out a minor chest infection.. By the Friday ward round at 9.. 30 my temperature was down to normal and the consultant declared that in his view I would do much better staying locally than in the hospital so I was discharged.. A variety of visits and actions followed, one of which was the “pain nurse”:.. “Hello, I’m the pain nurse.. On a scale of 1 to 4 how bad is your pain?”.. “Er well, actually I don’t think it even rates a 1.. Is 0.. 2 an option?”.. “Are you sure?”.. “Well, last year I had a needle stuck in my upper lip for two minutes to give me a local.. I reckon that was a 10 out of 10, and on that scale this is nothing.. Exits.. And so I walked out to our car at 1pm, only 48 hours after leaving the theatre.. Jane was clutching my large bag of medications, one of which was the rest of a course of antibiotic for the earlier chest infection.. I was leaning forward gently as I walked but otherwise there were no outward signs of what had taken place.. We spent the next few days locally with a brother who is a retired GP and then returned on the Tuesday for some quick tests and a check with the surgeon.. She pronounced herself very happy with my progress and the healing to date, and reckoned that I was very fit (for my age?) and also had a high pain threshold.. We immediately left to come back home to Oxfordshire where my recovery has continued apace.. I know that I have had an easy ride, leaving hospital in record time with no pain; I am only having trouble reminding myself that it is still early days and I must not overdo things, despite how well I feel.. Meanwhile, we had visited Tim on both Saturday and Sunday.. By then he was looking really  ...   which is to be six months after the last.. My brother s eGFR is now 48% which is the highest it has been for about 8 years, and it is still rising!.. Frankly I do not recall any such risk talk , nor do I recognise the figure of losing 1% of kidney function per year.. They would not let you donate if they thought there was any predictable possibility of suffering renal failure, which is why the tests are so thorough.. There is of course a risk of renal failure but it really is very small.. NB the stages of renal failure are defined not only by your GFR but also whether you are showing symptoms of renal failure, so, although my eGFR is technically showing Stage 3, my health says otherwise and so I m not ill!.. You might like to read this:.. ncbi.. nlm.. nih.. gov/pmc/articles/PMC3812927/.. which seems a good summary of studies into the risks and long term outcomes.. Donating a kidney to Tim is probably the best thing I ve ever done to see him back to his bubbly energetic self is well worth it, after years of him being tired and unable to do more than survive another day.. It really is the Gift of Life.. March 9, 2014 at 8:26 am.. Hi Julia,.. I agree totally with Matthew, there is a lot more to kidney failure than the GFR reading.. According to the NHS (and this can be found on the NHS website, so in the public domain) Less than 1% of people with stage three kidney disease develop kidney failure.. = Less than 1% that is an exceptionally low risk.. A kidney function on the low side does not necessarily mean it is not performing sufficiently.. As for my kidney function, I am not at home so do not have the figures with me.. But at my year 3 check up (last year aged 61) when I was sent all the results, which were also sent to my doctor, the covering letter from the transplant unit said that my kidney function was as good as it was before I donated.. Now that to me is success.. and no 1% reduction per year so far.. 1 in 3 kidney transplants are from live donors.. Doctors are not going to allow people to donate if that was a noticeable risk for them.. Of course there are risks, but they are minimal.. Be careful where you do your research.. There are some scaremongering sites out there and quite a few with totally wrong information.. Go direct to the NHSBT and check out all the information they have on live kidney donation.. I cannot understand your doctor telling you that you lose 1% of kidney function every year and to go do the maths.. Sounds like he is telling you not to donate, which does not make sense.. Yes our kidneys must decline over the years, just as most of our organs do.. This has to vary person to person.. My mum died at the age of 99 and her kidneys worked fine.. yes they had declined over the years, and she had reduced function, but nothing to cause any medication or anything else to be administered.. :).. Yes there are risks.. very minimal.. if they were major risks then people would not put themselves forward to donate like they do now as past results would speak for themselves.. 1 in 3 kidney donations is from a live donor.. Melissa:.. March 9, 2014 at 9:07 am.. I donated to my sister 15 years ago when I was 53 years old.. I have my kidney function checked each year.. I cannot tell you the percentage only that the doctors are more than happy with how my remaining kidney is performing.. I do know that it is more than the eGFR that should be taken into account when determining whether the kidney is struggling.. If the eGFR is such that the doctors are concerned the tests should be repeated in 3 months time as a urinary infection can affect readings, as can other aspects.. Other tests.. A number of other tests are also used to assess the levels of damage to your kidneys.. These are outlined below but there could be others as well:.. urine tests – used to see whether there is blood or protein in your urine.. kidney scans, such as an ultrasound scan, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan or a computerised tomography (CT) scan – used to find out whether there are any unusual blockages in your urine flow.. In cases of advanced kidney disease, the kidneys are shrunken and have an uneven shape.. kidney biopsy – a small sample of kidney tissue is taken so that the cells can be examined under a microscope for damage.. The eGFR on its own is not a 100% indication of a kidney that is causing problems.. Mel.. Sally:.. July 15, 2014 at 9:28 am.. Hi I m 4 weeks after donating to a friend.. It has not all been plain sailing,and we have both had our up s and downs.. I would have found it helpful to have spoken to folks who had donated,and maybe of had a buddy,to talk to during the last 4 weeks.. I know each one of us has a different story,and each hospital is different.. I would like to say I had brilliant care in the city hospital Nottingham,and the Pain doctors kept my pain well under control.. July 15, 2014 at 11:06 am.. Hi Sally.. thanks for posting about your experience.. What a shame you didn t find this website sooner as plenty of folks to talk to and in your area also.. But how wonderful you have donated to your friend.. I hope the downs are not so down now and you are both feeling a lot better.. katherine:.. September 19, 2014 at 10:30 am.. Hi there,.. just wanted to thankyou all for your posts.. Im 24 years old and am undergoing tests to be a potential donor to my father who is 53.. He has PKD disease and had received a kidney from my grandma 10 years ago and unfortunately that is no longer working for him and has been back on dialysis for about 2 years now.. I hate seeing him struggle with day to day life.. On Tuesday we are both going to Addenbrookes hospital to have some genetic testing to make sure there is no sign of me developing the disease.. Iv had a couple of scans and there are no signs of any abnormalities although my sister who is 26 years old has received the bad news that she has inherited the disease.. Because of my age they want to carry out the genetic tests to be sure there are no abnormalities there before continuing with the original tests to donate.. I love reading the stories out there like the one above where you feel amazing for helping a loved one, but I also agree there is also a lot of scaremongering ones out there too.. and a lot from America.. I am scared of death and im scared of my future of being able to have children.. Katherine x.. September 20, 2014 at 1:48 pm.. Hi Katherine,.. Sorry I am a day late in approving your post, but just back from holiday and I forgot to take any website login with me, so could not approve any postings!.. Fingers crossed that your tests show you are free from the disease and that you will be good match for your father.. If the tests show you are ok re the disease, does that mean you defo won t get it? at least not through it passing down through the family?.. I have to show my ignorance on this.. I keep meaning to read up more on why people need a new kidney, especially those with inherited conditions.. If your tests show you are free from the disease, going by your comment re children, would that mean they would not inherit it, or they still could even if you haven t ? Sorry if I am getting too personal with my questions!.. There are so many things in life to be scared of.. I have to admit I am not so much scared of death but of how I will die!! I am hoping my Faith will see me through when the time comes.. Please post back and let us know how you get on with the potential donation etc.. Any questions do just post here or pop me private contct if you prefer (link top right of page)..

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  • Title: Michael | livingkidneydonation.co.uk - Give a Kidney - be an altruistic donor
    Descriptive info: Some of you may remember Michael who has previously posted comments on this blog.. Here is his story about his kidney donation.. I know this isn’t his blog but he hasn’t got one, so this is the next best thing!.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.. Part 1.. What makes a person want to donate a kidney and particularly to make a non-directive donation.. I knew there would be psychiatric test and I would have to justify my decision so I explained it this way – if you were passing a river and someone had fallen in you’d jump in to save them even if you could barely swim – it’s not so much that it would be the right thing to do indeed it would probably be foolish much better to call for help.. However there is a more selfish motive – could you live with yourself if you didn’t make the attempt? The same could be said of the idea of donating a kidney – I would have found it much more worthy if I had chosen to give up my time to helping down and outs for instance – that’s why I can truthfully say it wasn’t a big deal; the real work was done by the drs and nurses and friends and family who supported me.. I have often said that giving to charity wasn’t morally worth while unless it “hurt” by that I mean we all contribute regularly to charities but not to the extent it would impinge on our lives – giving up a holiday for instance.. So that’s why I say this hasn’t been any effort on my part.. When I was in Hospital I saw people coming in hoping for an organ transplant – they had received “the call” perhaps this time there would be a match.. Seeing this was very humbling, even thinking of it now my eyes are filling – how little we think of good health until we lose it.. I’ve mentioned before that none of the pre op test nor the hospital stay itself involved any more discomfort that giving blood.. Here there is a caveat I had my operation by keyhole which I understand is considerably less invasive than the “regular” method.. So how do I feel after nearly a month?.. Mine isn’t a typical case as I contracted double pneumonia a matter of hours after the operation.. I should.. say that at one point I really thought I wouldn’t make the morning and sent for my family.. I seem to remember in this very sick state someone saying “ I think he’s given up” whether this happened or was due to delusion it served to pull me together and start fighting at least mentally.. I went into hospital with sciatica which had come on the previous month and I also had a problem with my right shoulder, neither was serious but they did impact on my recovery.. Todate I’ve not walked any distance due to the sciatica however I’v a dr appointment to see about my “creaky” the residue of the pneumonia so I’ll try walking then.. Apart from that how am I? I’m fine though still find having a bath and dressing tires me but generally moving about the house I’m fine – looking forward to cycling again : -).. At least with all these aches and pains I feel I’ve made an effort and done something morally worth while.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.. The complication of double pneumonia that Michael got is very rare and the belief is that there would have to have been an underlying reason for this to happen.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.. 28th April 2010.. Part 2.. How quick a recovery did I have:.. I had the op and although unfortunately contracted pneumonia.. I made the first tentative moves on my c2 rowing machine a few weeks later and just over a month later was rowing 10,000 metres – so you can say complete recovery in a month.. I am now on tablets for high blood pressure but it was slightly high before the op and it’s a common condition.. Would I do it again:.. yes no doubt about that.. What advice would I give?.. Be certain in you own mind you accept the risks!.. Though the chance of death is slight it is there.. 1 in 3000 is quoted.. The above will not be such a consideration if you are giving to a specific person but if you are thinking of making a non-directive (altruistic) donation then that emotional factor isn’t there.. I was 60 at the time and by good fortune had been able to retire so there wasn’t the concern of getting back to work and I have no dependents to be provided for.. I also had friends and relatives available to help out if required – it wasn’t.. Practical things – have you been in hospital recently? –If not ask to be shown round where you’ll be staying – get an idea of the layout.. Ask if you can use radio with headset or take in an ipod or similar.. I was able to plug in my laptop and keep in touch by e-mail.. The obvious is to take some books in but you’ll probably be out so quickly you won’t have time for more than a couple.. So I’m back to working on my various researches family tree –one day I’ll write it up – oh which reminds me when contemplating the operation I decided that I must write up the family history because if the worst happened it would be lost did I no –let that be a lesson to you all!.. Now back to my work for the bi-centennial of the war of 1812 – never heard of it shame on you.. Best wishes to you all,.. 26 Responses to Michael.. Jen:.. April 28, 2010 at 9:15 pm.. Well done Michael! I have had my initial assessment and chat with the surgeon.. He is prepared to consider diving inside to acquire a kidney despite previous surgical complications!!! Mind you, he probably has a slightly ulterior motive in wanting a kidney!!?? Good thing I will have an independent doctor too, looking after my interests, just in case it might not be a good plan to delve back into my innards! I have been told after only 48 hours that my initial blood tests were all fine, but a long way to go for me yet! I can t believe you were back rowing so quickly after post-op complications too.. Well done!! All the best.. Jenny.. Lea Hanan:.. May 21, 2010 at 5:34 am.. Michael,.. Congratulations to you! I hope that you continue toward a complete recovery.. I am donating my kidney to my father June 28th.. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.. May 21, 2010 at 7:06 am.. Lea,.. What an exciting time for you both.. Won t be long now before your father will get his life back and you can all start doing things that have been out of reach.. Wonderful! I bet the 28th can t come quick enough.. May 21, 2010 at 7:50 am.. Thanks Jen and Lea – sorry for being so slow in reply been busy indexing – it’s like typing out a telephone directory! –Yes I am an anorak ?.. Jen – I’m sure they won’t go ahead if there is the slightest risk to you – but consider the position very carefully – I was lucky that I was so fit and the nursing of such a high standard that they caught the pneumonia in time.. Lea – that’s wonderful and you’ll be able to see what a difference it will make to him and both share in the joy of his recovery – best wishes.. ~ ~ ~.. I can assure you both that I’m exactly as fit as I was before the operation – I’ve felt no difference and that will be a year in October – I’m so fit that on the last check up they didn’t want to see me for 4 months and this week I was allowed to give blood again.. In January I had a note from the person who received the kidney –all anonymous of course, saying what a difference it had made to both him and his family and that, with what I’d seen in hospital, made me see how little indeed no effort on my part can make a difference.. Now to end on a lighter note – for my “fans” there is a clip of me on the Antiques Roadshow from August 2008.. dun.. uk/Editor.. bottom of the page.. Now back to watering the garden….. Clive:.. September 3, 2010 at 7:29 am.. Lucky you being on the Antiques Roadshow.. I once queued for hours and in the end had to give up the wait due to other committments (had to pick up the wife from mother-in-law and you cannot be late for that!).. I am curious as to your double pneumonia.. Was that directly due to the anaesthetic/operation? I understand that with any operation that involves anaesthetic chest infections can occur.. Even though that happened to you you say you would still donate again if you could.. I admire you for that.. I am not sure what makes a person want to donate except they must be special indeed.. I applaud you.. Clive.. September 3, 2010 at 8:33 am.. I’m so vain Clive that I made sure that I joined the queue some three hours before the doors opened – I would certainly recommend the experience.. However be sure the item you take will be of interest – I was lucky as I had intended to take an inscribed pocket watch and only at the last minute did my uncle suggest his picture.. I was convinced the watch was interesting as it had a numbered key for winding, suggesting to me that it was perhaps marking it as a “limited edition” I was soon disabused when the expert being asked about the numbered key he proceeded to empty a bag of keys all numbered –it only indicated the key size!.. I didn’t know that there was a link between the anesthetic/operation and chest infections –certainly the hospital were shocked and couldn’t understand how previous tests hadn’t picked it up –but I really can’t remember as I seem to have jumbled days up according to my sister.. The only really unpleasant circumstance was the psychosis induced by the drugs –where I was convinced they were trying to kill me to the extent I pulled out all my drips -that was really unpleasant and lasted until my sister came in the next day I think and showed me a printout from the net describing the condition then it vanished as if a light had gone on.. Even that had a plus side as I was so convinced I was going to die I think I know how I would react if given such news which in a way is reassuring as I always suspected I’d go in to a frozen panic.. However I don’t want to make it sound more harrowing than it was, mine was an isolated case and the actual operation was, and I know people just don’t believe this, painless even the point where they were draining my chest which I thought –now you are going to get it! Was again painless and I’m a wimp when it comes to pain.. Why would I do it again – if you saw the people coming in hoping this time they would receive a transplant you’d understand why I wouldn’t hesitate.. It’s just a month short of a year and I feel no different if anything it has given me the spur to do jobs I’’ve long put off – I think I’ve done more since the operation than I’ve ever done.. see.. 1812privateers.. org/.. September 4, 2010 at 6:40 pm.. With General Anaesthetic because a tube is passed into your lungs via your throat any infection that may be in the throat can also pass down into the lungs.. If there is already an infection in the lungs it can be made worse.. The infection may be so small as not to be noticed but will be aggaravated by the GA.. That looks to be a very fascinating website you are doing.. Do you get many visitors? A lot of research has gone into that so I can see how it keeps you busy.. September 5, 2010 at 8:17 am.. Interesting that makes particular sense in my case – I know they carried out tests after I’d recovered to ensure that if I had to have GA again they would be prepared.. Last month there were 599 unique visitors – the traffic will build as 1812 approaches –there is much on there that will be of interest to UK genealogists as well, particularly ADM 26 –  ...   number of people who consider donating whilst still having dependants.. My BP seems to have improved – I’ve even managed to lose weight.. no more bridies : -(.. Give your brother my best wishes – from one who was also adopted!.. I really feel no different from before the operation –perhaps even fitter.. This from a wimp and hypochondriac.. Jennifer Tully from Ohio:.. February 1, 2011 at 7:37 am.. That is a great thing to do Michael and I am glad it was a success.. I am in the USA and my cousin donated to a stranger two years ago.. She had complications afterwards.. The incision got infected quite badly from the inside so was not straight away noticed until she had a soaring temperature.. She was readmitted into hospital.. A few days after that she had crippling pains in her abdomen it took around 5 months before she was fit enough to go back to an office job.. She had three children.. Two in their teens and one 12 years old.. She did regret donating afterwards as the pain and distress it caused her family with the complications she wished she had never put them through.. Her husband also was very distressed and her family all had visions of life without her or a very restricted life.. It seems sensible to me to wait until children have left home.. My cousin did say she felt so strongly in her heart she wanted to do this but afterwards realized that the desire to do it would still be there after her children had left home and she wished so much she had waited and not put her selfish desires and the stranger before her family.. The pain it caused them still fills her with guilt.. Personally I do not think I could donate to anyone, not even family as childhood bad experience in a hospital makes me dread the thought of even visiting someone in one let alone having an unnecessary operation.. So I admire very much those who do.. February 1, 2011 at 9:10 am.. Thank you Jennifer – it’s a coincidence that you are in the US as at this very moment I’m working on American privateers in the War of 1812.. But to serious matter – I completely agree with you – it really is only those who don’t have dependants who should consider this – the caveat being if it’s for a family member or close friend.. There seems to be a consensus forming on this point – I do think it’s important that these problems should be recorded – it might not be the most scientific approach but if it could be said that out of x number of donations a number of cases of problems were reported it would give at least an indication of the risk.. As I mentioned previously I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, much to the shame of my sister, a former nurse : -).. So I realise how fortunate I’ve been with no apparent problems since my op – indeed I’ve been increasing my exercise to get my weight down – walking or cycling for at least an hour plus at least 30mins on a rowing machine and this I’m managing most days – so reasonably fit.. As for fear of hospitals – I was the same I didn’t like visiting – though the only experience of being in hospital previously is when as a 8 or 9 year old my mother ran me over with a lawnmower – yes that’s true I was 6monts in plaster – but it made a great story.. Now of course that has been completely cured and I feel comfortable in them: I suppose it was my stay in Edinburgh was so successful.. Please pass on my best wishes to your cousin – she shouldn’t feel guilty rather try an look at it in the way of her jumping into a river to save someone drowning – she wouldn’t stop and think of the risk or dependants you just do it.. February 1, 2011 at 8:56 pm.. You were run over with a lawnmower? Why when I read that did I laugh! I do believe humans have this sadistic side to them somewhere, lol.. but it does conjur up a comic scenario.. But 6 months in plaster, oh my, now that is not a laughing matter.. Caroline from Australia:.. April 2, 2011 at 10:58 am.. Michael, your experience sounds horrific.. Thank goodness you were okay afterwards.. My brother needs a kidney.. He is not in a huge urgent need of one.. He will need dialysis soon but has been told within the next 5 8 years he will need a transplant.. I went to be assessed and intitially was going to be a good match, well I still am.. We have decided though to wait until my son has finished college and leaves home and becomes independant of me which will be in around 3 years.. If my brother gets worse before then I will donate.. He is worried that should something go wrong I still have a family at home.. I did feel relieved when we decided that as it was having family at home that made me more scared than anything.. We are all happy with waiting a few years before me donating to my brother.. Who knows another kidney may come along before then also.. Bless you all.. Carly.. April 2, 2011 at 11:34 am.. Thank you Caroline,.. It probably sounds more horrific than it was, if you take out the pneumonia then the whole procedure was a doddle.. I’ve haven’t so far, suffered any adverse affects, indeed the need to lower my blood pressure, this has now stabilised, has proved most beneficial I’ve managed to lose nearly 14lbs.. I’ve a rowing machine and daily do around 30mins often more and cycle regularly so it hasn’t diminished my fitness indeed if anything it has encouraged me to do more.. The weight coming off has me thinking of taking up running.. ok lets be honest jogging again.. I think you are both wise in waiting until your son is independent or until the operation is urgent.. The last thing your brother would want is to make problems for you.. Whether I’m an average case I don’t know – there are other stories of people having problems after donating – this should be weighed up before going forward – more so in the case of a donation to an anonymous person.. The thought of being in the fortunate position of having the chance of making someone’s life significantly better is both humbling and rewarding.. I used to make a joke of saying after doing something “ …then my life hasn’t entirely been wasted” after the op it is a comfort to know that in this case at least it’s true.. It’s probably a coincidence but since the op I’ve found a sister and family I didn’t know about, I was worried that I would find my “new “ sister needed a kidney, fortunately not – so even at 61 life can still throw up surprises.. April 3, 2011 at 3:16 pm.. Caroline?.. Are you the Caroline that emailed me a few weeks ago? Your story sounds like you are, I tried getting back to you but the email kept bouncing back.. If you have a different email we can use then I can get back to you answering your questions.. If you are not the Caroline in question, then apologies for what must sound like a confusing conversation, lol!!.. April 4, 2011 at 6:41 am.. Hello Di,.. Yes it is me.. I thought you did not want to respond so I did not chase it up.. I do have a different email so will get it to you via the contact page and will look for your reply.. I would appreciate speaking with you.. You came highly recomended from a friend in the UK who you are supporting now through their donation process.. The Very Best.. Caroline from Australia.. April 20, 2011 at 8:22 am.. I had 18 month check yesterday and whilst my blood pressure has stabilised and my weight down to a shade over 12stone/168lbs I was brought short to be reminded that my kidney wasn’t functioning as well as hoped.. It’s normal for the remaining kidney to “up” its work load after the op this didn’t occur with me.. However provided it doesn’t deteriorate I should be fine.. Now back to the garden….. April 20, 2011 at 8:28 am.. Hi Michael,.. Sorry to hear kidney not as should be but as you say, fingers crossed.. When do you get another checkup??.. James:.. June 8, 2011 at 7:38 am.. How fascinating.. It sounds like hospitals do all they can before an operation to make it a success.. It also shows that there can be the unexpected.. Only too true one must look at all the risks and be prepared for something going wrong before taking decision to donate.. I am donating to my brother next week.. He is my twin brother and we are as close a match as you can get for a transplant.. It was a no brainer for me to donate to him.. We are very close.. We did put off this donation for three years as I had a daughter at home finishing college.. She is now married and has a husband to care for her.. So now is the time for my brother to come first.. A hard decision to make as we had to make sure my brother stayed well enough for the transplant to be postponed a few years.. Was hard on him but my daughter came first.. Had his health deteriorated and it became a matter of urgency for him to have a kidney, if all other avenues failed then I would have donated.. Well done everyone who has donated or is about to.. Exciting and scary time.. Jimmy.. Michae Dun.. June 8, 2011 at 8:06 am.. Well done Jimmy If you are concerned about fitness after the op – I’ll complete 5 million meters on my C2 rowing machine in the next two days and 3 million of that was completed in the 18 months after the op, latterly I’ve been spending an hour a day on it.. I only started to realise how restricted the life is on dialysis when I was in hospital – it’s only when you take to those who are suffering that life style you can see how much the chance of a normal life is appreciated.. Don’t be concerned by my experience – the operation it self was as painless as giving blood.. I found the whole hospital experience in a curious way enjoyable –it was certainly interesting.. I wish you both the very best – let us know how you and your brother ptrrogress.. Jennifer:.. October 11, 2011 at 8:43 am.. I am about to donate to my sister in few weeks.. I have read some blogs on people s recovery and it does vary.. Yours, Michael seems to be a one off rather than it is a common problem you had.. Glad you hear you recovered and sounds like you are fighting fit.. I am aware there can be complications and it has no bearing if you are really fit or not before the donation.. In all the donation stories I have read though the complication ones are few and far between.. I just Pray I am not one of those.. Even if I am though, it will have been worth it to see my sister smile again and to be able to hold her hand and go running along the beach together.. Something we have not done in years.. Thank you for writing your account and for all the comments here I have read.. It is better to know about complications than to think everything will go smoothly with the recovery.. Jennifer.. October 11, 2011 at 9:11 am.. Jennifer please don t have any fear my case was unusual in that there was a problem with pneumonia.. I’m convinced it had been lying latent for years as the result of a previous problem.. I’ve just passed the 2 year mark last week and feel fitter than ever – I’ve even managed to get my weight under control, it was slowly creeping up after retirement.. I daily spend an hour on the rowing machine and cycle a couple of times a week.. I can only speak from my experience – but you do feel mentally better – you can say to yourself what ever mistakes I’ve made this is something which can only be for the good.. This is the very best you can do for your sister – both of you should treat yourselves to new running shoes, you are going to need them..

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  • Title: Christian Brazier | livingkidneydonation.co.uk - Give a Kidney - be an altruistic donor
    Descriptive info: Hi, my name is Christian Brazier and early 2011 I donated a kidney via the non-directed altruistic route.. My name’s Christian, I’m 26 years old and work full time in Brighton and Hove.. I live with my girlfriend and flat mate.. I recently ran a marathon and play football regularly to give you an idea of my health and fitness levels.. I thought I’d write an honest account of my current experiences so that anyone thinking about going down this route can get another view / angle on post op life.. 1 week post op.. It’s been 1 week since the operation.. One word to sum up the post op experience? Strange.. I’m sure it varies for everyone, certainly reading Michael’s blog has made me feel extremely lucky to be as healthy as I am one week on.. I had a minor complication during the operation.. A small hole was accidentally burned into the sack that holds the organs away from the kidneys.. [EDIT : A while after operation when I saw the surgeon he made it clear that the hole that was burned in the sack was NOT a minor complication or mistake.. It is part of the sugery and we should not have been told this.. ].. This allowed a tiny amount of air and blood to leak into an area of my chest where they should not have been.. The consequence of this was tightness, a general all over pain in my chest allowing me to only take tiny breaths at a time.. (Some of this may also have been a side effect of the anaesthetic) On the day of the op I didn’t really notice this pain as I was falling asleep constantly and on a morphine drip.. The day after the op I came off of my drips.. This is when I felt the general pain, not just in my chest but also my abdomen.. That night I was wheeled for chest and stomach X-rays not really knowing why I felt the pain.. When I got back to the ward I was told I had a perforated diaphragm by a ward nurse.. They retracted this soon after because I think the doctor had spoken to my surgeon to gain some clarity about why I was in pain.. I was put on tramadol for the pain but the day afterwards, had to come off of this as I felt I was hallucinating when I closed my eyes and felt nauseous and light headed.. The staff were trying to get the right balance between pain killers, anti-sickness tablets and laxatives which was a bit of a struggle initially.. I say laxatives because the staff were very keen for me to pass wind and solids before I left the hospital.. This was quite difficult, although given that I ate absolutely nothing for 24 hours on the day of the op and then struggled to have an appetite, I probably didn’t have a lot of ‘goods’ to pass through.. So, leaving the detail to the imagination, 2 suppositories and 1 enema later, I was the happiest I had ever been to flush a toilet.. Other incidents of note are as follows:.. Day 1 (Day of Operation).. 4 hours after I had been operated on, a pigeon found its way into our ward and walked under my bed.. I pressed the button for a nurse, terrified that this bird would flap and pull my catheter out.. When the nurse arrived she told me that I should only really press the button if something has happened to a person.. (my mum knew by the look on my face how angry this made me).. Day 2.. I was given a blood pressure tablet by a nurse.. I queried this as my blood pressure had been good and strong.. She reiterated that I needed to take it as it was doctors’ orders before clarifying whether or not my name was Gary.. No, he’s sitting opposite I replied.. Day 3.. Got to go home! That night I had been waiting for an hour for the doctor so decided to go for a part discharge so that I could leave.. This is where a ward nurse officially discharges you with the doctors blessing and the doctor sends through relevant letters to you later.. The bumps in the road were a bit tricky so I recommend having a pillow underneath your seat belt.. I managed to keep down a double cheeseburger from a well known dirty food chain, which I had been craving for ages.. Tasted great but didn’t have room for the second one, which is unheard of for me.. Day 4.. In my own bed I managed to get a relatively good night’s sleep for the first time in days.. The hospital ward was so loud at night with various people shouting.. It meant that on average I would get maybe 4 hours sleep in little bits.. Getting out of bed was tricky as Di mentions in her blog and tiredness of course was a big issue.. Washing myself in the shower made me feel so tired.. I learned from Di’s mistake and remembered to take my paracetemol regularly which helped the remaining pains.. This day was spent indoors apart from one trip to the garden which was an adventure in itself.. My girlfriend was amazing in looking after me and topping up my water bottle etc.. I would have really struggled without her.. Day 5.. We drove to Devil’s Dyke to have a walk, a very small walk.. It was on this day that my mood dipped and I started to feel quite low.. This was mainly a feeling of guilt around the worry I had put my girlfriend and mum through.. I don’t think anything could have prepared them for this week.. They were there every day without fail.. I think there’s a real shock to seeing a loved one with tubes coming out of them barely being able to keep their eyes open.. Some of the hospital experiences probably didn’t help make them feel too assured either.. We have been told that the recipient is doing well but the overriding feeling at the moment is one of guilt.. I had about a 2 hour sleep after the walk.. My girlfriend says that apparently a side effect of anaesthetic is some slight depression.. Day 6.. Managed to walk to the post box and back.. This usually takes me 3 minutes but probably nearer to 15 minutes today.. But I am noticing that things are becoming a little easier each day.. However, I have now sneezed twice.. This was something I was warned about.. I was told to put both hands over the main incision, apply pressure and then sneeze.. However, both sneezes came out of nowhere and the pain this caused was acute.. It faded after about 5 minutes though.. I am also developing a little tickly cough.. Every time I cough to clear it, it hurts and doesn’t quite hit the spot.. It affected my sleep last night in that every time I felt like I was about to drop off, I coughed and woke myself back up.. Day 7.. This is the first day without my partner around as she had to go back to work.. I managed to make lunch and write the majority of this blog which shows I am getting my energy back still more.. I had to sleep in a separate room yesterday for a bit as I could not stop the coughing.. I am getting a bit of a burning sensation just above the incision and it is still numb and bloated.. The sensation in my lips has now fully returned.. They had been quite numb after the operation due to the tube that was put down my throat.. My walking is still small steps but I am feeling a bit stronger in that respect.. Not sure I will be going out today though as I am feeling pretty tired.. Reading this back and reflecting on my experience, it sounds as though I am slamming the hospital.. I don’t intend to.. The majority of staff were absolutely brilliant, kind and caring.. Even when I was having an enema they were great! But I want to give an honest account and these things did happen.. Emotionally I am feeling better than I did on Day 5.. The feeling of guilt is still there.. At the end of the day I put myself at risk without needing to.. If you love someone then that is a hard thing to accept and I can understand the mixture of emotions that family and friends are left with.. Though on the surface this is a generous act, there is a selfishness to it that you can not ignore.. No matter how much you prepare loved ones for the experience they are still going to worry and be upset.. I know that some of the closest people to me were not keen for me to go ahead but I did it anyway.. I’m not saying that they did not support me because they did, amazingly so, but I could tell that they would rather I didn’t do it.. I could write an essay on the pros and cons of doing this and the emotional challenges for family, friends and donor.. However, right now my eyes are starting to close so I will maybe put that idea on the back burner.. 15 Responses to Christian Brazier.. Anne Jordan:.. April 28, 2011 at 12:13 pm.. Hi Christian,.. Hope you are feeling better.. Bloody scary those hospitals aren t they?.. Rest as much as you can listen to your body.. Stop feeling guilty everyone must be really proud of you i am.. If it dosen t kill you it makes you stronger that goes for  ...   have a tour of the ward at Addenbrookes, but only because we wanted to see it and asked for it.. So we knew what to expect.. As an altruistic donor, you wouldn t be so aware of it, but I can tell you from my experience that the hospitals give much more attention to the recipients of organs.. I was aware all the way through that once the surgery was over and my kidney had been taken, I would no longer be of much interest to the hospital, so that nothing that happened in that regard came as much of a surprise.. The support group I started is a Yahoo one and it is growing slowly but steadily.. Thanks for asking about it.. Look after yourself!.. Cheers.. May 28, 2011 at 10:01 am.. Thanks for your comments Diane and Rebecca.. It certainly sounds like your hospital had it spot on Diane.. I am following this experience up with the hospital and have put in an official complaint letter but I m not confident I will get anywhere.. At least one hospital is doing it right and hopefully others will follow its lead.. If one can do it I m sure others have the ability to.. Back at work now and back to normality.. Good luck for the radio airing Diane! I shall be listening.. May 28, 2011 at 9:26 pm.. The only complaint if you like I had of Churchill was lack of communication.. I found it hard to get hold of anyone to talk to from home.. But when I did it was fine.. Everything else was just as I felt it should be.. Let us know how you get on with your hospital.. Glad you are back to work and hope no after effects now.. TTFN.. kelly:.. July 29, 2011 at 11:10 am.. hi christian, its kelly, your old house mate, if you see this message please get in touch, i have mail here for you from the NHS trust and think it is most likely related to this kidney donation so my be important?.. Apologies for the intrusion, i googled you, its all i could think of, and found this site, sounds like its you, i saw you during the marathon run!!.. Amazing thing you have done with this kidney donation, you are an inspiration in selflessness.. Kelly, email me at.. kelly_jelly01@hotmail.. July 29, 2011 at 12:21 pm.. Hi Kelly,.. I will email Christian and get him to come and take a look.. I know some previous emails to him he has taken a few days (or more) to respond, lol.. but he will get my email.. He is truly an inspiration.. Shephard:.. August 28, 2011 at 10:01 pm.. We are a group of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community.. Your blog provided us valuable information to work on.. You have done a marvellous job!.. October 11, 2011 at 8:52 am.. Hello Christian, I am sorry your hospital was not up to the standard it should have been.. I can understand more attention being given to the recipient as they are sick to begin with, we are in good health.. I am donating to my sister in a few weeks and it is good to hear about any complications to donor as then they won t come as a surprise to me should I suffer any of them.. To be honest I was not expecting a pain free or complication free recovery as it is major surgery, so when I have in other places read about complication free recoveries it has certainly boosted my confidence.. Thank you for saying what happened Christian and I hope the hospital has taken on board what you have said.. Must have been a very unpleasant experience for you when it should have been a very enriching one.. October 11, 2011 at 9:57 pm.. Hi Jennifer,.. Don t get me wrong.. It certainly was an enriching experience overall and I have heard that the recipient is doing really well.. Nothing beats that.. It was more for my close family that I was concerned as I don t think they were prepared for the errors that occurred.. Fortunately there were no major errors that happened though, we are just talking minor ones and now I look back on it it wasn t too bad overall.. Don t have high expectations would be my advice and if you still are committed then go for it.. I wish you all the best for your donation to your sister.. I hope all goes well for you and her and you are very brave for stepping forward.. wendy:.. November 1, 2011 at 9:08 am.. It has beeen a week today since I donated my kidney to my friend.. She is off painkilles and is having a good recovery.. I feel the same as I did three days ago and my spirit is sinking.. It has been good to read that this is normal.. I hadn t understood the extent of my dependancy during recovery and am feeling the guilt too.. The hospital I was at showed the same preference of care to the recipient and I felt like a pest when I needed help.. Also a nurse signed that she had given me painkillers when i hadn t received them so i went from morphene to nothing followed by 2 paracetamol five hours later.. i am reluctant to visit my friend as her knowingthat i m not at all chirpy would riddle her with guilt and knock her back.. Despite this I am glad that i have helped her and thankful for you honest words, now my partner can stop rolling his eyes and tutting at my incapacity to do much for myself.. Best wishes to you andall those that value human life xwend.. November 1, 2011 at 6:34 pm.. Hi wendy,.. Sorry to hear about your experience.. I am a good 6 months down the road now and what I can tell you for certain is that i don t regret doing it.. I think that low feeling, that guilt is natural and it doesn t stay around forever, you can be sure of that.. If you have a partner at home who is tutting at you and rolling his eyes because of your inability to do much for yourself, then my advice would be this: milk it for all its worth! Order one of those little side bells off amazon that sit next to your bed and ring it whenever you want a drink or some food.. Really lay it on thick so that he feels the guilt, not you! But if manipulation of your partner isn t up your street then I understand.. When he s out, try and do a little bit more each day.. Set yourself small goals, as in walk to the lamp post and back, then the next day to the shop, then a little bit more etc.. I know in the early days, just getting out of bed is a job so be realistic with yourself.. The last thing you want is a hernia so take it easy but to give yourself mini challenges each day.. I am in contact with my recipient now and the effect a healthy kidney has on someone is unbelieveable.. Nobody can ever take that away from you.. Even if it had gone wrong during the op, nobody can every take away the fact that you stepped up to the plate when others wouldn t.. It s worth it.. It s worth the crap expereince with the hospital, trust me.. We just got unlucky with that, some will have good expereinces, others not so.. We were the latter unfortunately.. But we are still here and you will recover.. It takes time and its frustrating.. During my recooperation I started writing a kids story and signed up to do hospital radio.. Give yourself a focus, learn a language, something not to streuous but that you ve always been meaning to do.. It s not often you get to lay on your back for so long without having to work, so use it.. Your biggest regret will be if you ve done nothing with it when / if you have to go back to work once you ve recovcered.. I had about 5 weeks off in the end.. Judge it week by week.. See what the difference is at the end of week 2 compared to week 1.. The early days is very slow progress.. Take care Wendy.. Fair play to you for doing it, I think it s brilliant.. Your friend owes you a pint I reckon.. Write back if you would like any advice at all.. Kind Regards,.. November 6, 2011 at 12:25 pm.. Dear Christian, it s lovely to hear advice from those that know.. The pain is now dulling into a tight ache and moving around has been easier.. Julie, the recipient and i got together yesturday.. She has been putting on a show to stop her family from overly worrying and in fact, has gone through a similar experience to me.. My partner is delighted with the small improvements I ve made, a stroll with my stick down the sea front, joining the family for dinner sitting upright at the table in truth he has found it hard taking on all I do for him and our son, it s been a lesson to him, dinner doesn t simply arrive on the table! I don t regret this, who would when a close friend turns from yellow to healthy pink? It is also easier to put my mind to use when not fogged by painkillers, hope your kids book gets appreciation.. Best wishes to you, and thanks again for the help through the tough bit of my recovery.. Wend..

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