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  • Title: The Biography and Works of composer Havelock Nelson
    Descriptive info: .. HAVELOCK.. NELSON.. 1917-1996.. Biography.. Works.. (Alphabetical).. (Instrumental).. Links.. Havelock.. Nelson joined the.. BBC.. in.. Belfast.. in 1947 having been educated at.. Trinity.. College.. Dublin.. and the.. Royal.. Irish.. Academy.. of Music.. He conducted the.. Northern.. Ireland.. Orchestra, the.. Studio Symphony Orchestra.. Ulster.. Singers.. His compositions were legion and included orchestral works, a ballet, a choral suite and many part-songs, anthems and (particularly) unison songs, song cycles and other solo songs (like Dirty Work and Love is Cruel).. He also  ...   incidental music for films and radio and TV plays, and many arrangements of Irish and other folksongs.. Among the more popular of his published miniatures are popular nursery rhymes in the styles of Mendelssohn and Rossini.. To search for sheet music click here.. Havelock Nelson.. or go to the list of works above and contact the publisher.. Please email ‘Admin’ with any comments or queries to this website address.. Updated July 2013.. Total visits to site in last 12 months.. 6830..

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  • Title: Havelock Nelson, born in 1917
    Descriptive info: Nelson OBE.. 25 May 1917 -.. 5 August 1996.. The composer, pianist and conductor.. Havelock J.. Nelson.. PhD DMus who has died in.. was one of.. Northern Ireland.. 's leading musicians.. Born in.. Cork.. , he was educated in.. where he studied medical science at.. and music at the.. Together with Constance Harding he co-founded the Dublin Orchestral Players in 1939, an amateur group set up with the aim of training young players and conductors and offering public performances of good-quality music, especially Irish music, of which they gave many premieres.. A Quaker and pacifist, he served as a bacteriologist in the RAF during the war and, in 1947, joined the BBC in.. as resident accompanist, conductor and broadcaster, a post in which he spent the next thirty years.. He was constantly on the look-out for new talent and nurtured many careers,  ...   laid the foundation for what later became Castleward Opera.. He also directed the Ulster Singers from 1954.. He was a frequent adjudicator at music competitions internationally and he has an extensive list of compositions and arrangements for orchestra, chamber ensemble, choir and voice, in addition to incidental music for some 150 radio plays and television films.. He was awarded an OBE in 1966 for services to music.. Eve O'Kelly.. He had three children Graham Nelson, Romilly Carter and Alastair Nelson and.. eight grandchildren.. Grandpa.. He was music.. Fast and Furious but always composed.. He was coat tails madly flailing.. In the silence in a lonely house.. He was grapefruits for breakfast, napkins.. And old misfunctional slide projectors.. That reeled out black and white.. Pictures of happier days.. Tom Nelson.. In 1995 he wrote a book of his life entitled.. A Bank of Violets..

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  • Title: THE WORKS OF HAVELOCK NELSON 1917 - 1996
    Descriptive info: THE WORKS OF.. NELSON 1917 - 1996.. The works listed below are gathered from available catalogues and other archive information.. The following list is sorted alphabetically.. (.. Click for instrumental.. ).. To Search Press Ctrl F.. Title.. Publisher.. 1.. Ref.. Instrumentation.. Dedicated to.. A.. Connemara.. Cradle Song.. *.. SA56.. Orchestra.. A Farewell Toast (Irish).. Banks.. ECS 133.. TTBB unaccompanied.. Alastair McQuoid and the Harlando Male Voice Choir.. A Rathlin Cradel Song (Irish).. Bayley Ferguson.. 475.. SSA with piano.. Abdul Abdulbul Amir.. SA91.. Adventure (John o' the North).. Lengnick.. 4713.. Unison with piano.. Jan van der Gucht.. Ah How the Moon is Shining (Polish).. Novello.. EO 2641.. Shiela Mossman and the Orpington Junior Singers.. An.. Lilt (Irish).. Roberton.. 75175.. Two part + piano.. Billy Boucher.. Bavarian Song (German).. 4569.. Jean Crittall.. Beautiful Jane.. SA60.. Bonnie Highland Home (Scottsh).. 13.. Brideen.. Valley.. SA110.. Cameos (Edited Jack Brymer).. Ricordi.. LD 667.. Clarinet.. John Johnston.. Canticle - Bless The Lord.. C of I.. Anthem Book.. SATB with organ.. Commissioned by the.. Church.. of.. Choral.. Union.. Caribean Suite.. Carntoher Braes.. SA235.. Castle.. Drumore.. SA139.. SA32.. Chant 73 (100 20th Century Chants).. Oecumuse.. SATB unaccompanied.. Commissioned by Barry Branton.. Cherry Tree Carol.. SA305.. Colm's Cat.. CMC.. 2223.. Voice and piano.. Come Buy My Fresh Ivy.. SA256.. Come Down O Love Dvine (da Siena).. EO 2775.. SSA unaccompanied.. Heather Nancy and Conrad Hartley.. Daisy.. Bell.. SA217.. Dancing in the Baby.. SA306.. Dancing the Baby (Irish).. 4099.. Cicely Mathews.. Dandlin's Song.. SA304.. Dark Eyed William Irish).. Banks AIC.. CNC.. 103(13).. Herbert Wiseman.. SA28.. Dimity.. Town.. (Graeme Roberts).. Curwen.. 72530.. Henrietta Burne.. Dirty Work (John o' the North).. Naxos.. BSS2006.. Solo with piano.. Bernadette Greevy.. Donald the Dancer (Scottish).. 12.. Donald's Purse (Scotish).. 11.. Drahareen O'Machree.. SA166.. Drochetty in Rural Felicity.. IRJ113.. Drocketty's March.. SA128.. Early, Early.. SA151.. Erie.. Cherie.. Goodmusic.. GMO66.. Flute and piano.. Kenneth Smith and Paul Rhodes.. Fair Maiden's Beauty Will Soon Fade Away.. SA153.. Fanny Power.. SA90.. Fantasy Scherzo (Introduction and Fantasy Scherzo).. QUB.. ?.. Fashion.. SA121.. For Snow (Farjeon).. 75363.. John Henderson and the Enniskillen Collegiat Choir.. 63117.. George Little and the.. Montreal.. Bach Choir.. Four Irish Pen Sketches.. CMC *.. 833.. Four Irish Songs.. 'Lovely Jimmie', 'Poor Auld Lass', ' Lovely Armoy', 'Linking over the lea'.. Originally Highland Music Publishing in.. Basically.. Brass.. series.. Republished Marc Reift.. Soprano, Horn and Piano.. Ghosts in the Belfry (John o' the North).. 75147.. Jean Bob Carrington.. Green Beds.. SA349.. Has Sorrow thy Young Days Shaded (Irish).. 75148.. Choirs of.. St Joseph.. 's Convent.. Trinidad.. He Shall the Broken Heart Repair (No 43).. Cambridge.. Hymnal.. Church Music.. Hiring Fairs of.. SA138.. How the Rose Got its Thorn.. SA57.. How the Rose Got its Thorn (Haldane).. 75150.. Unison with descant.. Nan.. Larmour and the Coleraine Choirs.. I See His Blood upon the Rose (Plunket).. 4181.. The Summer School 'Trio'.. I Think it will be Winter (H Waddell).. BSS2022.. Solo.. Eileen Courtney.. I Wish I Was on Yonder Hill.. SA73.. I Wonder when I Shall be Married (American).. 75037.. The Many Who Do!.. I'm Seventeen Come Sunday.. SA264.. In Autumn (Mendelson).. EO 2601.. The.. Women's Institute Choirs.. In.. Derry.. Vale.. SA21.. Venezuela.. Lost.. Cello and Harp.. In Venezuela.. Irish Dance.. Irish Diversion.. SA48.. Irish Folksingers Album (8 Songs: Bonnie Green Tie, Ned of the Hill, Mr Maguire, Lovely Jimmy, Poor Auld Ass, Glenswilly, The Factory Girl, The Rambling Irishman).. 2987.. Irish Fragment;Supplication.. Ms.. Soprano and strings.. Dedicated to Mrs Harding and.. Junior Orch.. Irish Pen Sketch No 4.. SA252.. Orchestra (Str).. Island Solitude.. 2227.. Jack o' Lantern (John o' the North).. 4614.. Graham Wiseman and the Moray Music Festival Chorus.. Jack o'Lantern.. CMIC.. 2224.. Jingle Bells.. SA165.. Jinnifer-Jannifer (John o' the North).. 4152.. Inagh Field.. Jug of Punch.. SA152.. Killyleagh Variations.. Kitty Magee (Irish).. Malcolm Fletcher and his Choir.. SA23.. Sa,pf.. Kitty of Coleraine (Irish).. ECS 75.. William Boyd and the Ormiston Choir.. La Lo and Lullaby (Christmas).. 4314.. Commissioned by Gordon Thompson.. Laughing Song and requiescat.. SATB.. Lazy Lizzie (John o' the North).. 72587.. Donald Fraser The.. Hong Kong.. Choirs.. Lights.. Havemusic.. Tom and Ruth Nelson.. Little Bo-Peep (Parody).. Banks Ascherberg.. 650.. Little Miss Muffet (a Rossini).. Music Sales Ltd/Novello.. 1871.. Maisie Fee.. 1695.. SATB with piano.. Locaber Lullaby (Scottish).. Elkin (Novello).. 2700.. Agnes Duncan The Scottish Junior Singers.. Londonderry.. Air.. Air (2 arrangements).. SA127.. Love is  ...   North).. 75321.. Emma Alastair Carter.. Sho-Sheen, Sho-Ho (Irish).. 4071.. The Olivian Singers.. Silly Sally Sue (John o' the North).. 75108.. Margaret Tudor Evans Sally.. Sinfonietta.. Sister Mary Had A But One Child (Spiritual).. WR2086.. Eileen Kelly and her Millorn Choir.. Skribareen.. SA280.. Slow Air and Slip Jig.. SA239.. Snowy Flakes (Christmas).. Banks (G Thompson).. ECS 207.. Snowy Flakes (KB Wood)(Christmas).. The Shaw Singers.. Songs and Choruses from the Incidental Music to 'The.. Heart.. 's Desire'.. MS.. Songs for Joanna (John o' the North).. 75346.. Joanna Lutton.. Song without Words (John Field ).. Two Piano.. Stephanie Hughes.. South Down Militia.. SA291.. Stay, Little Blackbird (Dalway).. 4172.. Mary Johnston.. Strings of the Earth and Air.. Strolling Players.. SA242.. Suite for Violin and Piano.. Violin and piano.. Sun Don't Shine in the Valley (Spiritual).. 75240.. Mabel Gordon and her Choirs.. The Black Cat (John o' the North).. BSS2016.. Raymond Marshall.. The Bonnie Wee Lass.. SA331.. The Bonnie Wee Lass (Irish).. The Carlow Song (Irish).. 1574.. James Woods and the Victoria Male Voice Choir,.. County.. Mayo.. SA104.. The Course of the Year.. Ms(4 of the set of 6 are pub by.. The Dancing Butterflies (Schubert).. 75145.. Daphne.. her Ashfield Choir.. The Drummer and the Cook.. 27.. SAB.. with piano.. Ronnie Lee and.. Grovenor.. High School.. The Drummer and the Cook (Sea Shanty).. 28.. Allan Willcocks and the Manx Regal Singers.. The Enchanted Valley (Irish).. 75039.. Doris Parkinson and her Wirral Singers.. The Fair Hills.. SA20.. The Fiddler (irish).. 15.. Jane Carty.. SA30.. The Gentle Thorns (Schubert).. 75146.. Sam Carys.. Denton.. The Girl with the Buckles.. 72655.. Hazel Nelson.. The Girl with the Buckles (Irish).. 72694.. 72468.. 61499.. SA94.. The Green Bushes.. SA70.. Greenwood.. Laddie and Drynan Donn.. SA329.. The Happy Spinner (John Irvine).. Gordon Thompson.. Lloyd Hall his Jamaican Choirs.. The Heavenly Babe (K Humphries).. Johnathan Gregory and Alan Boyd.. The Heavenly Pilot (G Sigerson).. ECS 209.. Eleanor Shimmin her Aeg Threshlyn Choir.. The Hermit (Sydney Bell).. 75149.. Romilly Nelson.. The Hills are Asleep.. SA with piano.. Sydney Bell.. The Hills are Asleep (Sydney Bell).. The Holly and Ivy Girl.. SA39.. The Irish Girl.. SA101.. The Irish Schoolmaster.. SA29.. The Kingdom of the.. Quiet.. (Haldane).. 4174.. John.. Oliver.. The Kings Daughter.. Solo and piano.. The King's Daughter (John o' the North).. Rosalind Campey.. The Lark in The Clear Air (Irish).. ECS 53.. Jack Braid and the Portadown Male Voice Choir.. 474.. Girl Singers.. SA24.. The Last Rose of Summer.. The Last Rose of Summer (Irish).. Violin and Piano.. Una and Fionula Hunt.. The Last Rose of Summer (Irish).. 75151.. Vernon.. Evans and the Trididad Choirs.. The Leprachaun (Irish).. 17.. Geoffrey Spratt.. The Little Pets of Saint Mochua (John Irvine).. 75152.. Ena Mitchell.. The Little Rath.. 2222.. Batitone and piano.. The Lonely of Heart (Yeats).. 72658.. Maurice Jacobson.. The Magarry Fishermen.. SA237.. The Maid of Bunclody (Irish).. 53002.. John and Margaret Rankin.. The Moonshiner.. SA59.. The Morning Glory (Schubert).. Banks OUP.. OM.. 41.. The Mournes.. 2221.. The Open Door (.. Ian Hunter and the.. Parish Choir.. The Oul Lammas Fair.. SA126.. The Piper Thri' the Meafow Straying (Irish).. MFS 732.. of Erin (Irish).. 16.. The Quiet Serenade (Schubert).. 75307.. Lola and Beth.. The Snowy Brested.. Pearl.. SA303.. The Spraying of the Braes.. SA236.. The Tailor Boy and his coy Damsel.. Two pianos.. The Town Tree (Dorety Roberts).. 19603.. Doris and Michael McGuffin.. The Tree of Life (Flower).. 827.. Jean Graham and the Haldane Singers.. The White Petticoat.. SA218.. The Winding Banks of Erne.. SA11.. They That Wait Upon the Lord.. In memory of Martin Tai.. Three Dances.. (Mozart).. Ashdown.. EA36699.. Three Irish Diversions.. MISC3.. Piano.. Tis My Grief and Sorrow (Irish).. 75078.. Peter Tatton.. Tis Pretty to be n Ballinderry.. SA140.. To His Saviour a Child.. SA46.. To Rathlin's Isle.. SA125.. To the Sun (Schubert).. (Curwen).. 72495.. Twas in the Month of January.. SA154.. Two linked Irish Airs.. Cello and Piano.. Two Irish Contrasts Lament/Dance.. SA134.. Lilt.. SA263.. Weary Travellers (Spiritual).. WR2085.. Moore.. Wasson.. Wester Snow.. SA77.. Wexford Carol.. SA58.. While Christ Lay Dead (No 131).. Yoru No Uta.. 1520.. You Must Have That True Religion (Spiritual).. Father Tim Corcoran.. 75355.. Jean Graham and the Dalvait Singers.. Notes.. Unpublished works marked * or ? Manuscript available from.. ,.. Queens University Library (QUB),.. or from family.. Produced by Alastair Nelson, Scotland.. Updated July 2014.. Homepage..

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  • Title: THE WORKS OF HAVELOCK NELSON 1917 - 1996
    Descriptive info: The following list is sorted by Instrumentation.. Click for alphabetical.. Two linked Irish Airs.. Erie Cherie.. Song Without Words.. (Mozart arr Nelson).. Dirty Work (John o' the North).. ECS39.. Castle of Drumore.. Daisy Bell.. Hiring Fairs of Ulster.. In Derry Vale.. Londonderry Air.. Londonderry Air (2 arrangements).. The County of Mayo.. The Greenwood Laddie and Drynan Donn.. Cambridge Hymnal.. Introduction and Fantasy Scherzo.. Piano and strings.. Strings in the Earth and Air.. Queens University Library (QUB).. Produced by Alastair Nelson,.. Scotland..

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  • Title: Links under development
    Descriptive info: Contemporary Music Centre for Ireland.. Dublin Orchestral Players.. Religious Society of Friends.. Serenade for Strings.. (Sheet Music).. Music Web.. BBC Children’s Hour.. Back to..

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  • Title: Hn2
    Descriptive info: CHAPTER ONE.. Opening Prelude.. When you write your autobiography,.. my.. Dad would advise me - note he did not say if' - Start with the statement 'Havelock Nelson was born of poor but respectable parents.. Certainly the statement of my parents' respectability was undeniably true.. Their category of poverty was more arguable.. Dad had trained as a chartered accountant and he once told me that during his apprenticeship his annual salary was.. xxxx.. The family background was solid.. Antrim.. farming stock.. My paternal grandfather died before I was born but I remember my grandmother clearly.. A small pretty woman, who was looked after in her later life by an unmarried daughter, she lived to a ripe old age without any physical disability, apart from increasing deafness.. She used to take me twice weekly to the local cinema in.. Dun.. Laoghaire.. , the Pavilion, which screened silent movies.. This undoubtedly aroused my interest in the.. pixters.. as Dubliners referred to them.. Later it was to lead me to live drama and opera.. Dad's.. family were.. generally fair-skinned, with blonde hair, and no doubt there was a strong strain of Scandinavian blood in their veins.. Possibly the Vikings had raided the area centuries before! I have looked up the name in various volumes and discovered that the variants in.. extend from Nielsen to O'Neill.. A Danish friend remarked on my name on one occasion when I was working in.. Denmark.. We.. have a famous national composer, Carl Nielsen, he said.. In addition, your Christian name (pronounced.. Hav-luk.. ) is Viking in origin.. I told him of the many times I have been introduced on the air or appeared in the press abroad as Havelock Ellis, a sex psychologist of the early part of this century.. That's the worst of having a distinctive Christian name.. In fact I was named after a.. favourite.. cousin of my mother who was killed towards the end of the.. first world war.. My mother's maiden name was Graham.. There is strong evidence of a Scottish connection.. Her father was an enthusiastic genealogist who researched a family tree going back to Robert the Bruce, mostly from the wrong side of the blanket.. My grandfather was from.. Tobermore.. Tyrone.. and had nine or 10 brother and sisters.. Three of the boys.. emigrated.. to.. America.. and made money in the linen business.. He himself entered the Baptist ministry and was a disciple of C H Spurgeon, one of the founders of the denomination.. He was sent out to the mission field in what was then the Belgian Congo and worked there, trying to save souls and also helping in the fight against the many prevalent diseases.. In these tasks he was greatly assisted by my grandmother.. She was an Australian who had come to.. England.. to train as a nurse and met my grandfather just before he went to.. Africa.. My mother, born in 1891, was sent home when she was two because of the dangers of malaria and was brought up in.. by a childless uncle and aunt.. My maternal grandfather was an excellent writer and speaker.. He wrote book about his life as a missionary called Under Seven Congo Kings.. There were interesting reminiscences too about people he had met in.. through his work, including David Livingstone the explorer, and Roger Casement who, at that time, was a colonial officer.. He entertained us children for hours, singing Percy French songs, which he put across with great verve.. Mother and Dad met through music.. He had a fine baritone voice and had studied under Captain Charles Brennan, the then organist of St Anne's Cathedral.. To add to his.. meagre.. salary from accountancy he took singing engagements at the Saturday night miscellaneous concerts popular in the city at that time.. On one occasion his usual accompanist fell ill and my mother was sent as a replacement.. They married in 1916 and shortly afterwards my father took a job in.. where I was born on 25 May 1917.. I was only a month old when we moved to.. where Dad had secured a much better position.. My earliest.. memories of a home was.. a large Victorian house in.. Sandycove.. , where I grew up with my three brothers, Niall, Dermott and Robin, the youngest.. There was only five years between me and Robin.. I say the house was large: when I saw it years later, it didn't seem as large as I remembered it.. Beyond the small back garden there was a field euphemistically referred to as the orchard , though by the time I came to know it most of the trees had disappeared and we used it as a hockey pitch after school.. From it a short lane ran down to the rocky seashore where we all learnt to swim.. I was about five years old when I had my first piano lessons, and I was extremely fortunate in my first teacher Jeannie Russell, who lived nearby.. She had met my parents at a musical event and offered to take me as a pupil.. She was a fine pianist and had also studied the violin and viola.. She declared that she not only produced pianists who could play well but they were also musicians.. She encouraged my father to use me as his accompanist when I had become technically proficient, since by this time my mother, now with four children, had little time to keep up her piano playing.. I well remember going for lessons to Auntie Jeannie, as we called her.. She lived in a big old rambling house on her own.. Both her parents had died some years previously and she was an only child.. There were souvenirs of foreign travel everywhere, mementoes of family trips abroad,.. wood.. carvings from.. and tea-sets from.. China.. Over all, there was an air of the relics of.. oul.. '.. daicency.. When I reached the age of 10 and had become a reasonably proficient pianist, I started to play chamber music, in particular, piano trios.. Auntie Jeannie played the violin and enlisted the services of a local cellist, Frank.. Mease.. He had been a singer but with advancing years his voice had deteriorated - Dad described it as roaring like  ...   my father got a letter inviting him to come and see him.. I think it would be a good idea if.. gave up this musical nonsense so he can concentrate more on the Classics, he said.. Dad said politely that he would think about it, and that was the end of it.. school subjects were the Sciences, History and English, especially English.. The master in charge of English - an Ulsterman, as most of the staff members were, since it was a Presbyterian establishment -was fanatically enthusiastic about drama in particular and induced the same feeling in his pupils.. My class had a large percentage of.. literamry.. fans, and.. Mr.. Johnston - Johnnie as he was commonly known - responded by working through many of the Shakespeare plays with us and European and American drama as well.. My interest in school sports was rather slight.. Rugby.. was the main game and the Headmaster had been an International player.. However, my preference was still for hockey.. In later years I went to a number of cricket matches in the.. West Indies.. , though I got more pleasure from studying the spectators' reactions than from the game itself!.. Music continued to be my absorbing interest and I became more and more involved with RIAM activities.. My principal piano teacher, who took the place of Jeannie Russell, was a dedicated lady called Dina.. Copeman.. who had given up a promising career as a performer to devote herself to teaching.. She was a real tyrant who terrified any pupil who had not done sufficient practice.. But she certainly got results.. Even after I had left her, I used to return for refresher lessons.. In fact I still went to her for teaching until I left college in 1943.. The character on the staff was a rotund lady called Dorothy Stokes.. Despite the fact that she had been educated at a high class ladies' school she had a fierce.. accent.. One got the impression she had been.. jined.. to sell bananas in.. Moore Street.. , a noisy part of.. , off '.. Connell Street.. Even though she sometimes could be quite astringent, I.. is.. very fond of her.. She directed our theory and harmony class from the.. ano.. with a lighted cigarette dangling permanently from her lower lip.. We pupils used to watch with eager anticipation to see the lengthening Li drop off and fall down the front of her ample bosom.. Strangely tough, I can't remember it ever happening, but there was always the hope!.. Apart from the piano I studied the organ, the viola and the double bass.. Miss Stokes encouraged me to start composing and I sketched out the music for an opera early on.. Where I got the libretto from, I've no idea.. I.. allowed to go to the Gaiety Theatre to see opera matinees (only), so at last I knew what an opera was.. In addition, over the years I had collected library of 78 rpm records: Mozart, Wagner and Puccini were special.. My own operatic masterpiece never saw the light of day.. From the time I started going to opera matinees I began to develop an interest in live theatre.. From the early 1940s, together with my brothers I.. unded.. up a bunch of friends, including girlfriends, to take part in amateur dramatics, mostly light comedies, staged mainly in the Peacock theatre a small auditorium beside the Abbey.. Th.. eatre.. which was a popular venue for experimental and more conventional amateur drama.. These early theatrical efforts stood me in good stead in composing incidental music for radio and television drama in later years.. During the 1 940s the pressure to plan one's future career was not.. so.. easy as it is nowadays.. From my early teens I had no doubt that I wanted take up music as a profession but the question was, what branch of music? I didn't feel the call to be a teacher and I knew I was not of the.. calibre.. to be a solo pianist.. I think my father may have had divisions of me starving in garret and dying of tuberculosis as in the romantic fiction of an earlier time.. After lengthy discussions, we came to an agreement.. He would not object to my musical aspirations provided I had something to fall back on if failed musically, and so I sat the entrance exams for.. in 1935 with a view to acquiring a degree in some branch of the Sciences.. CHAPTER TWO.. First Movement.. Some years before I went to university, I thought I'd try to earn some money.. In those days, it wasn't easy to get a holiday job and parents did not necessarily encourage you to find one.. I decided to learn the organ and earn a salary by playing in church.. There was only one snag.. I was somewhat ignorant of church music in general, having been brought up in the Society of Friends which had no music in its services.. The Quaker strain came through my maternal grandmother who had sent my mother to a Friends' boarding school, when my grandfather and she were missionaries in.. I had organ lessons at the Academy from Dr George.. Hewson.. , who combined the post of organist in St Patrick's Cathedral with the professorship of music at.. Apart from his fine teaching, he was also a wise.. counsellor.. He suggested I seek out a nonconformist church vacancy with which to begin, and avoid the difficulties of the Anglican musical service, in particular the pointing of the chants and psalms.. To those unfamiliar with this term, which appeared in the middle of the 19th century, it is a method of marking.. unmetrical.. verse which enables a choir or congregation to keep exactly together by agreeing on the important stresses of the words.. My first post at 15 was a small Methodist church in Bray,.. Wicklow.. , which was ideal for a beginner.. Bray is a seaside resort and so our largest congregations were invariably during the summer months when we were able to get a small choir together.. I learnt an early lesson in diplomacy one Sunday when.. travelling.. home on the train with one of my singers.. (To be continued).. HOMEPAGE..

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