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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Shop.. Benefits of hooping.. How to hoop.. Exercise suggestions.. Events.. 21 Day Challenge.. Adults.. Children.. Instructor training.. About us.. Contact.. Home.. NEWS.. NEWS: Join our DRAWING COMPETITION.. NEW HOOPING.. CLASSES.. Join our fun hooping classes in:.. Chester.. Mold.. Oswestry.. Wrexham.. Liverpool.. Sign up for a chance to win a free hoop:.. Name.. E-mail.. EU e-Privacy Directive.. This website uses cookies to manage authentication, navigation, and other functions.. By using our website, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device.. View e-Privacy Directive Documents.. I agree.. I decline.. Reconsider Cookies.. You have declined cookies.. This decision can be reversed.. Remove Cookies.. You have allowed cookies to be placed on your computer.. Giggles and sweat  ...   more.. ).. HOOLA FOR CHILDREN: A chance to get involved in a fun physical workout while developing numerous skills.. Physical ability beneficial for life, carefree hoop dancing and stronger self-esteem.. (.. LATEST:.. Get your hands on our "7 Hoola Days to Fit" programme FREE of charge.. Register now to receive fabulous 7 hoola exercise videos that are guaranteed to keep you fit and smiling: This email address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can recommend it to friends too - the program is suitable for beginners and intermediate hoopers.. “hula hoop - hoola hoop - everybody loves to hula hoop - hoola hoop”.. Copyright © 2012.. HOOLA NATION.. Designed by.. NET KREACIJE..

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  • Title: Benefits of hooping
    Descriptive info: Benefits of hoola hooping :.. Playing with a hoop works up a nice sweat and has many energetic benefits.. Hooping also just feels good and like any cardiovascular exercise, it can hit the reset button on a bad mood.. Most people find hooping quite meditative, but more importantly, hooping makes you smile and gives you a great workout.. HERE ARE SOME OF SPECIFIC BENEFITS OF HOOPING:.. Adults :.. Speeds weight loss.. (burns upto 600 calories per session!).. Strengthens abdominals.. Sculpts thighs, buttocks and arms.. Increases energy.. Boosts libido.. Builds core strength.. Promotes laughter and smiles.. Enhances flexibility.. Develops balance and coordination.. Saturates body with energy.. Enhances creativity.. Instills confidence.. Increases endurance.. Excellent cellulite massage.. Children :.. Builds endurance and overall fitness.. Offers  ...   5 times?.. First hooping was in.. ancient.. Egypt as early as 1000 BC, where children used large hoops made of grape vines.. Hoop is the most versatile object.. The name hoola or "hula" became associated with the toy in the early 19th century when British sailors visited the Hawaiian Islands and noted the similarity between "hooping" and traditional hula dancing in the Hawaii Island.. First “proper” hoops for manufacturing were designed out of bamboo in 1957.. You can lose around 200 calories within half an hour of hooping.. Hooping gives you an excellent massage and is great for getting rid of nasty cellulite.. Interested in getting your own hoop? With our specially designed, hand decorated hoops you will have loads of fun!..

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  • Title: How to hoop
    Descriptive info: How to Hoop?.. When you start: Take it easy….. Start with a few minutes hoping and gently progress…each day do a bit more….. First, place the hoop on the floor and practice putting your body in a correct position:.. place one foot in front of the other, as if you would place them on the train tracks.. pelvis is nicely tucked in, so that your bottom doesn’t stick out.. pull your tummy in and breath normally.. chest is up.. shoulders are down, melted into your body.. your head is high and the eyes are always looking forwards.. Before you start hooping:.. place the hoop at the back of the spine and hold the hoop parallel to the floor.. spin the hoop round your body in a nice plato.. give it a good old push.. it  ...   the hoop around and start pushing into it….. don’t forget to breath ;o) and hold your body upright.. •.. For quick demo, see the video….. Most common mistakes when learning to hoop:.. The position of your upper body.. X the upper body is leaning forwards and moving around.. √ the upper body should stay still and upright.. Pretend you are a puppet and there are strings attached to your shoulders, pulling upwards.. The initial push of the hoop.. X the hoop doesn’t have enough power to go around six times.. √ make sure you hold the hoop parallel to the floor, the hoop is touching the base of your spine and give the hoop a good push.. Breathing.. √ it is essential, that you do not forget to breath, when trying to spin the hoop around..

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  • Title: Exercise suggestions
    Descriptive info: Exercise Suggestion.. Energising Morning Routine.. It only takes 4 minutes and guarantees a Hoopy Day ;o) Enjoy!.. Moving Forwards and Backwards.. For flat tum and slender legs.. Moving Sideways.. Hello Booty.. For nice thight bum.. Arm bliss.. Get rid of the chicken wings..

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  • Title: Events
    Descriptive info: Race For Life in Chester.. When:.. Sunday 20th of July at 9 am.. Where:.. Chester racecourse.. What is going on:.. Race for life hoola style.. What for?.. Cancer research.. Register here:.. register yourself as individual and join in hoola style:.. Raceforlife.. co.. uk.. Hoopy Kids Workshop.. Join us!.. When?.. Tuesday, 19th of  ...   For kids of all abilities aged 5-12yrs.. What's happening?.. An opportunity to have great fun with hoops.. Be creative.. Refreshments provided.. Also an opportunity to tape your very own hoop to take home.. Price.. for the workshop + a hoop: £15.. Book your place now:.. This email address is being protected from spambots..

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  • Title: 21 Day Challenge
    Descriptive info: Will you take the challenge?.. Spin your way slim in just 21 days.. Here at Hoola Nation we are offering a ‘21-day Hoola Challenge’, which is a three week specialist detox, diet and exercise plan designed to help you lose weight and shape-up fast!.. The challenge has been tried and tested by a number of hoola novices and yo-yo dieters who all gave it the thumbs up after every one lost weight or shaped their fabulous curves.. It has been lovingly crafted by a team of health and wellbeing experts, who have created an awesome healthy diet just for you.. After completion, many participants continue with the fitness and exercise routine and use the experience as a platform for a long-term lifestyle change.. What makes the ‘21-day Hoola Challenge’ unique:.. Hoola hooping combined with 21-days of diet and detox is a one-of-a-kind product!.. Hoola hooping makes you smile and a workout with a smile is a workout worthwhile.. You don’t need any hoola hooping experience to join in.. This challenge is challenging but not impossible!.. Any lifestyle, including working full-time, works; simply plan ahead a little more.. It’s a flexible food diet that allows you to build your own meals based on your taste-buds.. The diet plan includes a whole range of yummy fresh produce and tasty bites.. There’s no calorie counting on this challenge, just straightforward portion control!.. Before you start, there’s an additional four days of ‘preparation’ for you to empty the cupboards, stock up and practice hoola hooping.. A high proportion of participants go from 21 days to a lifetime of healthy change.. It’s possible that you can lose anything up to two stone or between 2-3 inches off the waist.. The challenge is an online and  ...   Daily diet plan.. Daily hoola hooping exercises.. Seven recipes.. Recipe book (includes up to 21 recipes).. Instructional videos.. Daily motivational emails.. Weekly personal check-ups.. Brand new weighted hoola hoop (retailing at £25).. Price:.. 29.. 49.. 110.. Our ‘21-day Hoola Challenge’ experts:.. Sasha Kenney.. – is the founder of Hoola Nation, a wellness coach and a qualified Fitness and Hooping instructor, with a Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition.. She is responsible for the concept of this challenge and the development of the hoola hooping workouts.. Claire Darlington.. – Claire contributes her expertise to the challenge’s overall structure and looks at the balance between exercise and diet, as well as providing some recipes.. She has an M.. S.. c in weight management and a degree in Sport & Exercise Science.. Claire is an international presenter, guest speaker and regularly contributes to fitness magazines.. Katie Taylor Edwards.. – Katie is a self-confessed cooking enthusiast and a real foodie.. Everything she knows, she’s learnt by trial and error, after spending countless hours in the kitchen at home.. Katie has contributed countless delicious recipes to the 21-day Hoola Challenge diet plan.. NOTE:.. The ‘21-day Hoola Challenge’ is not suitable if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or have recently experienced or are currently experiencing a medical condition.. If in doubt, always consult your GP for advice on the suitability of the challenge to you.. Each ‘21-day Hoola Challenge’, as well as the additional four day preparation period, usually starts at the beginning of every calendar month.. Start dates can vary by a few days and some months are excluded.. For full information on the next ‘21-day challenge’, or if you have any questions, please contact Sasha Kenney by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots..

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  • Title: Adults
    Descriptive info: A lot more than just effective exercise“.. With special bigger and heavier exercise hoops anybody can hoola hoop – guaranteed!”.. Hooping is way more fun than the hula hooping you remember as a child, because the bigger and heavier the hoop, the slower it rotates around your body.. This means that even if you think you can't hoop, with one of our hoops, you can!.. Join our classes for Adults.. "It's hard to spin the hoop round without giggling".. Hooping makes you smile and gives you a great total body workout.. We base our classes on a specially designed programme, which makes classes' enjoyable and effective.. While having fun doing some simple moves with the hoop,  ...   more energetic hoola workout filled with smiles….. • Where are the classes held?.. • Testimonials.. FITNESS CLUBS.. Based on our experience, offering a Hoola Class in clubs, has proved very popular with clients.. Most of our hoola classes are fully booked a week in advance.. We may be able to provide one of our own instructors, or you can opt for our starter hoola package, which enables the club to run hoola classes independently.. The starter offer includes:.. Full Training for one or more people.. Starter hoola hoop pack.. Licence and continuous support (tested hoola programe).. Please contact us for the information pack:.. To name a few references:.. Nortgate Arena,.. Chester Chirk Leisure Centre,.. Chirk Total Fitness,..

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  • Title: Children
    Descriptive info: …Hoop, imagine, create, dance, play, learn tricks and routines….. The hoop is one of the most versatile objects.. There are so many things that children can do to keep them entertained and exercised.. Hoola Nation hooping classes for children are taught using fresh methods of combining smiley physical workouts with fun learning.. Children love our hooping classes!.. Hoola Session at Penyffordd Junor School.. Christmas Hoola fun at St.. Christoper's School.. Hoola Nation Children’s Classes in your area.. A lot more than just fun and funky exercise.. Classes are suitable for boys and girls aged 6 – 12 and are usually run in the afternoons.. The classes run in 6 week cycles and we usually have a little performance for the parents at the end, to show off what we have learned.. Children also receive a certificate for successfully completing the hooping course.. • More on the venues and times.. – read what children have said when asked what they liked about their hoola hooping class.. Hooping Classes at your School.. Bringing joy to physical exercise.. With our "Hoop Hooray Programe" you will be able to deliver exciting hooping classes and hooping events for children at you school.. We may be able to provide our own instructor, or you may opt for the  ...   Lady St Oswald's Catholic Primary School, Oswestry.. Ysgol Bryn Tabor, Coedpoeth, Wrecsam.. Llay Junior School, Wrexham.. St Pauls VA Primary School.. Madras Primary, Penley.. Rhosnesni High School, Wrexham.. St.. Christopher’s School, Wrexham.. Joseph's Catholic Anglican High School, Wrexham.. Please contact us for the full information pack: This email address is being protected from spambots.. Fayres and Festivals – for the whole family, adults or children only.. We bring colour and joy to any fayre and festival.. We provide numerous specialised hoops for adults and children to have a go.. Everybody is guaranteed to have a blast, as you can not fail to hoop with these hoops ;o).. In addition, fun games with the hoops are organised to keep your adult and children guests entertained and amusing tricks are thought to all those who wish to learn.. To add to the festive ambient we also do a series of eye-catching Hoola Dance performances.. We can bring our own music or work with your DJ.. Enquire about hooping at your fayre.. NEW: Birthday Parties.. We organise smashing hooping birthday parties.. If your child likes to hoola hoop, she/he will LOVE this party ;o) We play loads of games and learn new tricks.. All your friends will love this one – promise!.. More about Birthday Parties..

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  • Title: Instructor training
    Descriptive info: Access Foundation Module.. User Name.. Password.. Remember Me.. Forgot your password?.. Forgot your username?.. START UP YOUR OWN HOOPING CLASSES IN 30 DAYS!.. No previous experience needed.. Full training and equipment provided.. The course consists of a Foundation module and a choice of Adult or Kiddies Modules (extra discount available if you do both):.. Foundation Module: Hooping for Hoola Instructors.. , On-line (mandatory).. This is workshop consists of 7 lessons, all accessible on-line.. You will cover all the hooping techniques and teaching points - from basic waist hooping and movement to off - body hooping and fun tricks.. Module A: Adults Hoola for Fitness.. , one-to-one training or one day workshop (see below for dates).. Focus of this workshop is teaching hooping to adults - it covers teaching techniques of individual hoola moves, trouble shooting and putting together a fun and effective hoola class for adults + basic business aspects (potential clients, hoola marketing etc.. )..  ...   Pro Instructor Hoop.. access to Module A on line.. Teaching Manuals for Adults, including lesson Plans.. Certificate.. License to teach under Hoola Nation.. Have a look at the video for basic information about the Franchise:.. Book now for September Training and a chance to win £250!.. Contact for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots.. Lucy wrote:.. I've got 4 classes a week at the gym started last week n the ladies love it my classes are fully booked n have extra turning up 2 see if there's space :) Couldn't of done it with out you :).. Lucy, Hoola Nation Trained Instructor, December 2011.. TEACHER TRAININGS IN UK.. WREXHAM.. Teacher Training Adult Hoola: 4th of October 2014.. Teacher Training Kiddies Hoola: 5th of October 2014.. TEACHER TRAININGS IN EUROPE.. SLOVENIA, Ljubljana.. Teacher Training Adult Hoola: 18th and 19th of October.. Teacher Training Kiddies Hoola: 17th, 18th and 19th of October, evenings only..

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  • Title: About us
    Descriptive info: AN AMBASSADOR FOR FUN EXERCISE.. Our mission is to make hooping accessible, effective and great fun for adults and children at all levels and abilities.. We are aiming to spread the joy of hooping to adults and children around the UK by providing enjoyable classes and workshops as well as high quality fitness hoops.. Hoola Nation was founded by Sasha Kenney, a qualified Aerobics and Hooping Instructor.. “I have always wanted to keep fit, but couldn’t stick to anything as I quickly got bored of exercise routines….. I have tried running, gyms, fitness classes and all sorts - I just couldn’t put up with dull exercises….. After my second child I was desperate to sort out my flabby tummy…and I came across hooping… I started hooping for fun, but found it so addictive! It was amusing, it felt so good and it was the first kind of exercise that actually produced results ;o) ….. Soon I have invented and learned tricks and games and transferred my new passion to my 4 year old daughter and her little friends….. It is because I enjoy sharing the enthusiasm for pure fun and effective physical exercise, that I decided to establish Hoola Nation – an ambassador for fun fitness, for all ages and abilities”.. Hoop not only secures my personal space, but it focuses my mind – on me, here and now.. I love the giggles.. And the sassiness of it all.. And most of all the playfulness.. It gives me a chance to feel as a child again; the times when I needed to wiggle, wriggle and twirl all the time.. The times when I was able to find magic and smile in any small thing.. Follow Sasha’s Blog:.. This is Sasha.. Your Hoola Nation Instructors:.. "Hoola Helen" hasn't stopped spinning since she discovered hooping ;o) Helen is a mum of 3, an outdoors adventurous kind of girl who will try anything once!! Helen can get  ...   moves to a full range of music for all levels! Your guaranteed to work up a sweat whilst having a fun time! Be careful though once you start spinning you may not be able to stop!.. Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots.. JulaHoop's classes are super fun, high energy and suitable for ALL abilities.. Using funky tunes to get you moving while the hoop spins on your waist, you'll quickly break a sweat and feel those abs toning! Then we'll do some off body work, using the hoop to tone up your upper body.. We also learn a trick or two - you'll be amazed at what you'll be able to to with a hoop - there's a circus performer in all of us I'm sure of it!!.. Contact Jules: This email address is being protected from spambots.. more info:.. www.. julahoops.. HOOLA KIDS INSTRUCTORS IN SCHOOLS.. Our Lady St Oswald's Catholic Primary School in Oswestry are very excited to have started their new Hoola class! The class is run after school by Mrs.. Macey and has 17 children in it ranging from years 3 to 6, with a mixture of boys and girls.. After the first week they were all hooked and really enthusiastic to learn new tricks.. Jeni, our wonderful welsh speaking hoola instructor, is in charge of enjoyable hoola classes at Ysgol Bryn Tabor in Coedpoeth.. Her fully booked hoola sessions run in six week cycles….. Cerys is a kiddies Hoola Instructor who works in Ellesmere, Oswestry and the surrounding villages.. She loves teaching hoola to children of all abilities and her cheerful classes have been described as “lively and fast paced… a great balance of games and hooping.. ”.. Children who come to her classes love learning new hoopy skills to music and are having so much fun and really don’t want the sessions to end.. Contact Cerys: This email address is being protected from spambots..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: 07841 261 582.. Contact Form.. Send an email.. All fields with an * are required.. *.. Email.. Subject.. Message.. Send copy to yourself.. Send Email..

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