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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Registered in England and Wales no.. 5576339.. Home.. |.. What You Gain.. Situations We Transform.. How We Work.. Who It's Not For.. Useful Stuff.. Contact Us.. We can help you tap into latent resources and wisdom to enhance your life.. Or are you are stuck in a rut or conflict situation, feeling overwhelmed, demotivated or stressed and want to get out?.. Do.. you feel like your life has been turned upside down?.. Perhaps an emotional bombshell has been dropped in  ...   often result in a kind of capability shut down.. People find it difficult to make decisions, our motivation dips and we don’t behave like we usually do.. It’s very unsettling when you are normally on top of life.. We specialize in enabling you to transform these challenging times -.. quickly, positively and profoundly.. It’s cutting edge, personal and practical.. In Conflict or Dispute At.. Work.. Lifestyle Changes.. Loss.. Lost Motivation.. or Drive in.. Business.. Mind Body.. Patterns.. Stuck, Overwhelmed, Confused.. Recurring Patterns..

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  • Title: What You Gain
    Descriptive info: Clearer thinking and understanding.. Easier and wiser decision making about the future.. A regaining of control and motivation.. Stress reduction.. Solutions for your particular challenges.. Greater fulfilment.. Fiona Sutherland and others on the team offer a transformational service which provides the key to achieve:-.. “Clients often achieve astonishing results quickly as testimonials show.. We can work just on solving the problem or what ever else you want on your agenda.. ”.. Fiona.. “Thank you – I feel so much better already!”.. Someone off work with stress.. “Fiona – you are great!”.. Father going through major divorce challenges.. “Good grief!”.. Professional struggling to retire,.. who now understands why!.. For someone who is normally in control  ...   clients said after just one session.. “You have changed my life”.. Business owner who lost his.. motivation.. You are the expert in your life, so you set the agenda for what you want to achieve.. We will use all our skills and experience to help you make it happen.. It s as simple as that.. You will achieve real results and it can change your life.. What will you gain?.. Perhaps an emotional bombshell has been dropped in work or your personal life or perhaps you are stuck in a rut and can t see the way forward?.. Whatever has triggered it, you want to be back to feeling in control of your life ASAP!..

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  • Title: Situations We Transform
    Descriptive info: Symptoms.. Difficulty sleeping or other symptoms of stress.. Keep going over things again and again.. Finding it unusually difficult to make decisions.. Have lost some confidence and want to get it back.. Feeling unusually down or negative.. You want to make changes but feel trapped or don’t know which direction to move.. You want a way forward which doesn’t involve dwelling on the past, or takes lots of.. time.. Facing an emotional bombshell or challenging situation?.. Maybe you are dealing with a really challenging situation and can’t see the way forward?.. What ever has triggered it, you want to be back to feeling in control of your life ASAP!.. Scroll down to find out more about challenges you may face and the situations we have transformed.. Which challenging situations are you facing?.. Relationship breakdown or divorce.. Key driver/biz owner lost drive or confidence.. Conflict/dispute with employer, partners or colleagues.. Stuck, can’t see way through a complex  ...   which direction will be most fulfilling.. Your income depends on your performance and you can’t make it happen.. We can work just on solving the problem or whatever else you want on your agenda.. Fiona.. “Good grief!”.. professional struggling to retire, who now understands why!.. business owner who lost his motivation.. “Fiona – you are great!”.. father going through major divorce challenges.. “Thank you – I feel so much better already!”.. someone off work with stress.. Conflict or Dispute at Work.. Unfair Dismissal.. ~.. “I’m surprised by.. ”.. Find out more about the situations we have transformed for others.. The more you say ‘Yes’ the more you stand to benefit from our.. services.. Call On.. 01202 671954.. Contact us today.. Breaking Free.. “I can’t believe it.. Mind Body Patterns.. BIZ Owner Lost Motivation.. “Thank you.. Stuck, Overwhelmed Confused.. Metamorphoses.. “I feel a new.. Social Life Renewed.. “I had never.. A New Chapter.. “That was so.. Top..

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  • Title: How We Work
    Descriptive info: It s best to tell us what you want to be different and we ll take it from there.. Whether it’s one session by phone, or a series of sessions.. To address a specific challenge or holistic.. Goal, skill and action orientated, or deeper and more profound.. To stretch you to think bigger about the future, to help you heal the past.. What can we do for you?.. Fees for my investment.. We have the experience to charge higher fees than we do.. Great Transformations doesn t spend money on expensive advertising, or promotions.. Instead we work by referral and aim to keep our fees accessible for more people.. Ask for details.. What can I expect from a Tailored Service?.. Our team have huge skills and experience and are able to masterfully work on many levels drawing on many skills, tools and approaches to  ...   achieve, and what support you want as you implement changes.. Email.. or.. Call.. to arrange an initial chat.. How many sessions will I need?.. Fiona and other associates on the team work with clients on different levels from practical action orientated or skill development coaching, through belief’s attitude and thinking patterns, sometimes tapping in to and learning from feelings, intuition, re-.. patterning past events to give greater freedom to respond in the present and developing resources for the future.. The experienced team have backgrounds from fields of financial services, accountancy, film, engineering, communication, business development, Samaritans, training, coaching, consulting and cutting edge mind body wisdom approaches to personal development.. They have decades of combined experience and transform many situations.. Give us a.. call.. and we can help put you in touch with whoever on the team might best suit you.. Our Team.. Meet.. Sutherland..

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  • Title: Who It's Not For
    Descriptive info: The best way to find out if the service is relevant to you or someone you care about -.. is to.. contact us.. We are real people who genuinely care and we know what needs to be present for us to be able to make a difference.. If we can’t help we’ll tell you.. This is not for people who literally can’t get out of bed in the morning.. If a depression has got so bad that someone can’t function -.. we wish they had come to us sooner.. Sometimes the flood of negative chemicals their body has been releasing due to the thoughts they have been having -.. or possible brain chemical imbalance, means that they probably require help from the medical profession to get them back to a basic level.. The Great Transformations service we provide is not for people for whom serial analysis into their past, about the affect of their past, or why they think or feel a certain way, has become a kind of hobby or way of life.. Great Transformations helps you live more fully in the present and it generally works quickly in a matter of weeks not years.. When we are free from limitations which were formed in the past we no longer  ...   would be futile.. I walked away wishing him well.. This might seem harsh, but this service is not for people who want to dwell in a miserable situation or get secondary gain by being a martyr or victim.. Life is too short.. If you have been a bit of a victim in some aspect of your life and now want to change it, then that’s a different matter.. It s good that you are aware and taking responsibility to change it.. We are here to help you speed up the process providing new resources, insights and momentum.. Are Our Services right for you?.. The service is not for people who want to hand over responsibility to someone else to wave a magic wand and sort it for them.. You have to be prepared to invest in this process and work with your coach or consultant taking responsibility for the part you play, the actions you take and the things you ask for.. When you do this you can achieve wonderful things.. This service is holistic, honest and personal.. If you just want a nice chat, brush the surface of a challenge and keep it impersonal, or if you don t feel ready to change things, then this service is not for you..

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  • Title: Useful Stuff
    Descriptive info: Learn more about Robert Fletcher’s Famous Th.. ought Pattern Management.. Mon 4th April 6.. 30pm -.. Live Conference Call.. Revealing more of the elephant.. Have you heard the story about the blind men in India who went out one day for a walk? They came across something standing in their path.. The first blind man said, “It s a mud hut, it s a wall that s been in the sun and it s rough and weathered”.. He was touching the side.. The next blind man said, “No no you are mistaken, it s a tree.. I can feel the thick round tree trunk he was holding a leg.. The third blind man said “What rubbish you both talk, this is a spear I can feel it in my own hands, I know a spear when I hold one He was holding the tail.. It s never a spear, it s a massive python the other blind man said.. He was holding the elephants trunk.. The moral of the story is that we all see things from our own limited perspective.. When we open our minds to what else there  ...   receive tips, news and more resources be sure to register for our occasional Email-.. newsletters.. ” Fiona.. Really Useful S.. ources of Information.. More.. www.. theawareshow.. com.. -.. listen to interviews on a variety of topics connecting science and spirituality with leaders in their field.. It s free via Internet but, you just have to put up with a few plugs to buy the speakers books, dvd s etc.. Mind Body Soul.. thenatrualpath-.. med.. com.. http://livingenergysecrets.. com/core/.. to find out more about energy healing and wellness, Debora conducts interviews with many leaders and pioneers in this field.. Food, Environment Heath.. riverford.. co.. uk.. to get healthy tasty organic food delivered to your door.. Living Life To The Full.. Managing Change.. Loss Cycle.. rjw.. Russell Jones and Walker Lawyers have an award wining employment team who only act for employees.. They have offices in London, Manchester and Cardiff.. We only hear good things about them from their clients.. Thought Pattern Management.. Top.. http://www.. laughterremedy.. com/article_pdfs/Emotion-.. The%20Key%20to%20Mind s%20Influence.. pdf.. find out why humour can keep you healthy.. tpmlondon.. Join the Call.. Thought Pattern Management Flyer.. more info.. tpmeurope.. TPMeurope You Tube Channel..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Your details will only be used by Great Transformations to send you occasional newsletters or to inform you of events which may be of interest, so it helps us know geographically where you are.. Your details will not be passed to any other organisation.. You can be removed from our mailing list by sending an email to info@great-.. transformations.. uk with Remove in the title.. Also let us know if your email or location changes.. Bahari,.. 56a Sterte.. Esplanade.. Poole,.. Dorset,.. BH15 2BA.. 01202 671954.. fiona@great-.. uk.. Contact us to find out more about what we can offer you.. Great Transformations.. is the new trading name of Great Coaching Services Ltd Registered in England and Wales no.. Free initial consultations.. We provide an initial brief consultation where someone interested in coaching can speak to one of our coaches.. Are you interested in personal development, overcoming challenging situations and enhancing more of your untapped potential?.. Type in your Name, Town and email address and click Submit to sign up.. If the answer is yes -.. would you like to receive our occasional Great News email newsletter?.. Are you a professional adviser?.. If you are a professional adviser dealing with challenging clients, would you like to  ...   Canada.. Cape Verde Islands.. Cayman Islands.. Central African Republic.. Chad.. Channel Islands.. Chile.. China.. Christmas Island.. Colombia.. Comoros.. Congo.. Cook Islands.. Costa Rica.. Croatia.. Cuba.. Cyprus.. Czech Republic.. Denmark.. Djibouti.. Dominica.. Dominican Republic.. Ecuador.. Egypt.. El Salvador.. Estonia.. Ethiopia.. Falkland Islands.. Faroe Islands.. Fiji.. Finland.. France.. Gabon.. Gambia.. Georgia.. Germany.. Ghana.. Gibraltar.. Greece.. Greenland.. Grenada.. Guatemala.. Guinea.. Guyana.. Haiti.. Honduras.. Hong Kong.. Hungary.. Iceland.. India.. Indonesia.. Iran.. Iraq.. Isle of Man.. Israel.. Italy.. Jamaica.. Japan.. Jordan.. Kenya.. Kiribati.. Kuwait.. Laos.. Latvia.. Lebanon.. Lesotho.. Liberia.. Libya.. Liechtenstein.. Lithuania.. Luxembourg.. Madagascar.. Malawi.. Malaysia.. Maldives.. Mali.. Malta.. Martinique.. Mauritania.. Mauritius.. Mexico.. Monaco.. Mongolia.. Morocco.. Mozambique.. Namibia.. Nauru.. Nepal.. Netherlands.. Netherlands Antilles.. New Caledonia.. New Zealand.. Nicaragua.. Niger.. Nigeria.. North Korea.. Norway.. Oman.. Pakistan.. Palau.. Panama.. Paraguay.. Peru.. Philippines.. Pitcairn Islands.. Poland.. Portugal.. Puerto Rico.. Qatar.. Republic of Ireland.. Republic Of Kazakhstan.. Romania.. Russia.. Rwanda.. Saint Lucia.. Sao Tome.. Saudi Arabia.. Senegal.. Serbia and Montenegro.. Seychelles.. Sierra Leone.. Singapore.. Slovakia.. Slovenia.. Somalia.. South Africa.. South Korea.. South Sandwich Islands.. Spain.. Sri Lanka.. Sudan.. Suriname.. Swaziland.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. Syria.. Taiwan.. Tanzania.. Thailand.. Togo.. Tonga.. Trinidad and Tobago.. Tunisia.. Turkey.. Tuvalu.. Uganda.. Ukraine.. United Arab Emirates.. United Kingdom.. Uruguay.. USA.. Uzbekistan.. Vanuatu.. Vatican City.. Venezuela.. Vietnam.. Virgin Islands.. Yemen.. Zambia.. Zimbabwe..

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  • Title: Loss
    Descriptive info: “That was so helpful, I can now see light at the end of the tunnel and feel I can make progress”.. Widow who couldn’t see a future after her beloved husband died and she was struggling to decide where and how to live the next chapter of her life.. Loss Adjustment Factors.. How you interpret the situation.. What you focus your thoughts and activities on.. If you take responsibility for what you can do now, or feel helpless and blame things / people / situations outside your control (or which you think are outside your control).. What you eat and drink ( booze and other drugs make things worse, not eating properly affects your mood and well being).. Exercise and environment (E-.. motion moves and so should you, when you are feeling stuck or depressed change your position, take a deep breath, get outside, do something different, exercise, go somewhere that makes you smile).. What you believe about your purpose in life and plans for the future.. The affect of others in your lives who may also be experiencing the loss adjustment cycle and be at a different stage to you.. (Maybe they are still angry).. What we do.. Using various approaches, we can help you to.. Lift the heavy feelings or grief, anger, sadness, guilt so that you can move forward more positively.. Facilitate you focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want.. Enable you to clarify what is important.. Reduce conflict or bitterness and increase understanding..  ...   positive one.. Mums and Dads can realise when the kids fly the nest, that their joint purpose which bound them together, was to provide for their children.. Once they are gone, parents can experience have a strong sense of loss of purpose.. A good time to step back and take stock of what you value in life and focus on how you want to grow.. Bob’s wife died suddenly 18 months ago leaving 2 young sons and a husband who lost his motivation in life.. After only one session he reported.. “I feel like a dark curtain has been lifted and I can see the way forward again.. It looks bright and I feel positive about the future again”.. Session 2 enabled him to change his belief that asking for help was a sign of weakness.. It was fantastic to see the change in him as he organized help for his business too and with school runs and holiday cover for his boys.. Suffering from a Loss or Bereavement?.. Loss includes loss of a loved one, loss of a marriage, loss of a role, job or business, loss of a lifestyle or dream.. In all cases we go through what is known as the loss adjustment cycle.. Click here to see it.. It’s not a smooth transition, we move back and forth along the cycle and it can take a while.. It’s a natural process and one which can be helped or hindered by various factors.. The Next Chapter.. Future Looks Bright..

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  • Title: Mind & Body Patterns
    Descriptive info: Unusual or recurring patterns and the mind body connection.. If you find you are experiencing a strong emotional reaction to a particular type of situation it’s probably the result of an embedded thought pattern.. Did you know.. we only have to think of something three times and our brain creates a new neurological pathway connecting emotional triggers to that memory or decision? When something new happens, our brain automatically searches the past for a reference point to interpret the present.. We may experience a strong emotional reaction in a situation and don’t always know why.. Because we are not aware of where it comes from it’s difficult to change it with just a cognitive approach.. For Example.. The girl whose parents left her home alone as a kid, grew up with an in illogical fear of being on her own so she always needed to be in a relationship.. The guy who runs his own business couldn’t delegate because he took on responsibility for keeping everyone happy after his parents split up.. The woman who grew up with an ill mother, never felt special or that she deserved good stuff in her life.. The child who had an accident found making decisions as an adult really difficult in case they made a mistake.. The man who felt guilt from the womb, because his parents had to get married.. It didn’t take months of deep analysis, or bringing up painful memories, to change these clients responses.. Just a session or two of Thought Pattern Management™.. “Developed by Robert Fletcher over 30 years TPM works with the natural processes of the mind and body in such ways as to teach the mind-.. body to resolve even deeply seated issues automatically ‘on its own’ and often permanently.. TPM is based on extensive research into the processes of the ‘mind-.. body’ connection.. Drawing on the powerful tools and technologies of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), as well as others, Robert Fletcher, founder of TPM, continues creating new technologies.. He has also added to, and refined many of the most powerful core technologies of NLP, thereby creating a simply elegant set of processes with remarkable and rapid effectiveness.. In fact, many of the originators and giants in the NLP community agree, TPM is the next step.. ” From Roberts website.. thoughtpatternmanagement.. For training in 2011 see.. tpm-.. london.. Fiona says “I feel lucky to be among a small group of Thought Pattern Management Master Practitioners in the UK ( Which includes Stephan in London) who were trained by Robert.. I teach the process for clients to review and re interpret past events quickly and profoundly so that they have more choice over how they respond, thus separating the emotional response from the trigger.. They don’t even need to pin point or talk about a traumatic event in their past, just a slightly challenging situation is used to teach the process, then their unconscious mind gathers up all the connected memories, (including any traumatic ones, and all the one’s they can’t remember) and does a similar process reviewing and releasing unhelpful interpretations while maintaining the positive learning.. It sounds a bit bizarre but one session can have the affect of months of more traditional talking therapy (according to people who are trained in both and based on the instant results clients report.. ).. I help people improve their self image, self confidence, self esteem, eliminate feelings of guilt, reduce responses of sadness, give them  ...   and for the first time ever, I was able to discuss my father and not get angry or frustrated -.. I just felt calm.. This thought pattern management is amazing.. I now feel that I can choose how I lead my life without feeling like I have to seek approval, even though he s not with us any more”.. Lady whose father s influence on her as a child, had restricted her choices as an adult, the mere mention of him (even after his death) used to cause feelings of conflict and frustration.. Recurring conflict and feeling I need to get Father s approval.. Illness patterns or physical conditions.. Patterns of illness can also indicate that there is something in your situation which is not compatible with what your unconscious mind believes is what you want or need for yourself.. I know of people whose back muscles would go into spasm on a Sunday night – meaning that they were unable to drive to their stressful job on a Monday.. Perhaps their unconscious mind is doing it’s job to protect them?.. Conflict and stress can cause the body to produce ulcers, skin outbreaks, affect hormones, adrenaline, muscle tension leading to headaches and all sorts of imbalances.. Studies in Japan have found that when someone experiences a broken heart, something actually changes in their heart.. I have coached people who have eating or weight related challenges and have found the source of the pattern links to an unconscious desire to protect, or in some way serve the person, even though it’s sabotaging what they consciously want.. Much has been written by Dr Bernie Seigal, a cancer specialist, who documents that those who live truly authentic lives are far more likely to make a full recovery from Cancer.. My friend and Naturopath Carmen Schurt has also documented emotional connections for many serious illnesses.. There has to be some connection between what we communicate to ourselves and what happens in our bodies.. Of course what we eat, drink, our life style and genetics also impacts on us but more and more there are studies linking emotion to illness and showing that what we think can even change our genetic coding.. Pharmaceutical companies can’t patent thoughts so it’s not in their best interests to promote this but if you want to find out more go to the.. Useful Stuff.. page of this website.. Indications might include:.. Fears or panic which seem a bit illogical.. Angry or tearful responses to situations which you know shouldn’t affect you like that.. More on the mind body connection.. What we think affects our body’s chemistry.. Think happy feel happy.. Think sad, feel depressed.. The flush of falling in love creates feelings of butterflies in our stomach, and our body releases lots of happy chemicals into our blood stream.. When we experience fear, we release adrenaline, some is good but too much – just like too much coffee has negative side effects.. With ‘loss’, our blood cells change and our immune system is affected.. With a broken heart – our heart actually changes!.. So our body responds to our thoughts – what if our body also responds to our wishes and beliefs? And what if there is some kind of intelligence that we can tap into to work with us, to heal us emotionally and physically?.. Really struggling to ask for help, delegate, say no, look after yourself, make decisions.. Addictions and even physical illness..

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  • Title: Lifestyle Changes
    Descriptive info: All the coaches on the team have worked with people who have feared retirement and can’t move on, because they don’t know what to do or how to define themselves without that role.. What I have noticed is that those who embrace lifestyle changes well seem to have a good balance of activities lined up, a good social life, shared goals and they enjoy the ability to do things by themselves as well as with others.. The good news is that coaching really helps people make these positive changes and provides encouragement you might need to stretch yourself for the better.. The Author of Authentic Happiness and champion of the positive psychology movement Martin Seligman, shows a strong correlation between a rich robust social life and happiness.. Money, once it covers the basics, doesn t make you happy but having some kind of faith or religion also has a positive effect.. Perhaps you could explore what you believe about what you are here for.. Attitude and choosing what you focus on also has a huge impact.. Other Changes.. Many people after redundancy lose confidence and feel at a loss when part of their purpose in life and means of valuing themselves is gone.. They face practical challenges such as how to motivate themselves to look for jobs from home, and experience fears about money.. I’ve coached someone who joked she is ‘Billy-.. no-.. mates”, after a marriage breakdown and relocation.. She’s now stopped regretting how she allowed her life to revolve so much around her former spouse neglecting her own needs, friends, interests and career and is now making the most of what’s next.. I have coached fathers who struggle after divorce with the practicalities of living alone and emotions of not having their kids live with them full time until they see new possibilities.. Also women who have always been financially independent can do with a bit of help getting their heads round their status when not working (perhaps during a career break, retraining or to raise children).. We can help you  ...   parents or becoming parents.. Lifestyle changes can include.. “The thought of retiring was so scary for me -.. I hadn’t realized how much my identity and self worth was tied up in my role.. You have enabled me to discover that I am so much more, and I am now happy to hang up that old coat and look forward to my new freedom.. Professional working as consultant for business she had sold.. Retirement.. I had never analysed my friends and social groups until you asked me those questions.. Now I understand what to look for that will help me fill the gap.. Lady who retired to Dorset after a very active social life elsewhere.. Changes in your routine, location, community, and responsibilities have a bigger impact than many expect.. Adjusting to not earning or earning less, undertaking a project from home or managing lots of new responsibilities can be exciting or daunting.. Once you become aware of what is missing,.. I have listened to tearful ex-.. pats who moved to their ideal home in the sun, where they can play golf and live really well, telling me how depressed they now feel.. As an Independent Financial adviser in the 90 s I advised those who relished and loved retirement and those who got unhappy or began to stagnate.. Some struggled to hand over the reins in their business.. Some fought with their spouse because they weren t used to being under the same roof so much.. We were going round and round in circles trying to decide whether to sell the hotel or start a smaller business in France or move back to the UK and buy a B+B.. Coaching helped us work through the options and possibilities and lean more about what we both need to be happy.. Martyn and Ange who now run Le Riousec Chambre D hote.. Bright Future.. what you need and what new or re-.. kindled activities would light your fire, you can then start taking steps to create what you need to feel happy and fulfilled..

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  • Title: Lost Motivation
    Descriptive info: Sometimes one thing goes wrong and then something else and you begin to doubt your capabilities -.. creating a self fulfilling prophecy until you change your thinking.. Other times you are just not aware of what is affecting your motivation so you don’t know how to change it.. Our coaches can help you turn it around.. Have you lost motivation or confidence?.. Are you a business owner, sales or sports person who needs to be motivated ?.. “Thank you so much -.. that session has changed my life”.. Business owner who lost his drive and motivation and hated how unusually negative he had become.. Lost Motivation Found.. If you run your own business, losing your motivation has huge impact, particularly when your livelihood and others in the business are dependent on you performing, leading or driving things forward.. If you are in any kind of sales role or a professional sports person, losing confidence can be distressing and disastrous -.. yet things can be completely turned around sometimes only one session!.. Situation.. Hidden Factor.. Transformation.. Business expanding -.. unusually the MD had lost confidence and become doubtful.. Fear of letting go, losing control and of being criticised.. Able to share information with colleagues, once fear from childhood dealt with.. Biz owner in a trade, not wanting to take on  ...   one session was able to call clients easily and go on to successfully expand her business.. Professional footballer Division 1, ‘on the bench’ for many weeks, Rapid demoralization set in and escalating fear of not being good enough.. His thinking and body language reflected what he didn’t want.. Geoff helped him develop new ways of thinking and communicating positively with his manager.. Started getting picked, and once playing continued coaching to develop confidence on the pitch and started making and scoring goals.. A freelance professional adviser’s income was reducing and she was working longer hours but feeling ineffective.. She enjoyed turning around client challenges quickly but now was not delegating, and was dealing with issues which were not within her control to resolve.. She didn’t realise what was de-.. motivating her.. She identified her ideal target market and gave herself permission to stop getting caught in situations which drained her energy.. It wasn t until you started taking about energy drainers and givers that it became obvious that I was spending most of my days performing roles I don t enjoy instead of doing what I love.. It s like a light bulb has gone on and now we can take steps to change things.. IFA.. business owner who had got bogged down in compliance functions.. Switched On.. Case Studies..

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