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  • Title: Fenestra Ltd | London-based software services company specialising in desktop virtualisation, also bringing you the latest news and info on all things tablet
    Descriptive info: .. news.. Today we are finding information in new ways.. Often, though, we are still doing the same things with the information when we find it.. From websites to legacy data systems to apps, we present your information to the people who need to see and use it in the most efficient possible way.. Search site.. PRODUCTS.. Core products overview.. Connect CRM.. AnswerDesk.. Housebuilder Suite.. Business Systems.. Website Design.. Legacy System Support.. TABLETS.. Comparison charts >.. Current large.. High resolution.. Smaller.. Windows/Intel.. Budget.. eReaders.. Phablets.. First Generation.. Prototypes/Limited Sale.. Features >.. Recommended To Buy.. 'Almost' recommended (but not quite).. Top 10 slates in UK shops.. Amazon's best sellers: a review.. Budget slates: are they worth the saving?.. Samsung Galaxy Tab Review: The Good, The Bad & The Very Very Ugly.. Desktop Virtualisation using a tablet.. Platform/OS Guide.. GUIDES.. Tablets >.. Specifications.. Platforms.. Android tab workshop.. Virtualisation.. Web Authoring with Dreamweaver / Subversion.. Web Authoring with SeaMonkey / Subversion.. WORKSHOPS.. CONTACT & PROFILE.. Company history.. Client list.. Skills profile.. Contact.. t.. echnology in harmony with environment.. What's new?.. 5-point Summer Roundup for tableteers - what's been going on as you were catching the sun.. Amazons Top Twenty Best-selling Tablets.. Budget Tablet Specification Comparison.. Virtualise your Windows environment and boot out  ...   iOS or Android based.. Our.. core products.. include:.. Housebuilder.. (Can grow to become a complete solution for a small to medium house developer).. Connect CRM (Customer Relationship Management to adapt to your own needs).. AnswerDesk helpdesk software.. QuoteBuilder product suite.. Website Design.. A range of business systems for smaller businesses.. Based in Kingston-upon-Thames in Greater London, we are a small software solutions company whose services are both individual and attentive (more about us.. here.. ).. Our products can be accessed via the cloud or installed on your own servers, and you can use the standard versions or, in some cases adapt them to your precise needs.. Or we would be happy to tailor an exisiting product to your precise needs to support or extend your own legacy systems.. We also specialise in bespoke software development which works around existing legacy systems - from design and prototyping through to implementation, training and support.. Our team have a.. wide array of skills.. including:.. Database and website development.. Android.. Visual Basic.. Microsoft Access.. MySQL.. FoxPro.. We also monitor the latest developments in the world of tablet computers, and provide an.. up-to-date comparison tables.. as well as the.. latest news.. , with a view to expanding support for desktop virtualisation on tablet PC's..

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  • Title: Fenestra Ltd | News of Tablets, Virtualisation and Efficient Access to Legacy IT
    Descriptive info: 2011's Top Sellers.. JOBS.. ABOUT US.. CONTACT.. Enter to Search" onblur="this.. value='.. Enter to Search'" name="q" type="text">.. Amazon.. co.. uk Widgets.. Most Recent Articles.. Subscribe to news updates via RSS Feed.. Kids Rool.. 23 November 2013.. As Christmas approaches, the option of keeping the charming little dears quiet for a few hours with a tablet looks quite enticing.. Then they can be learning from the various educational features while their older relatives have a small glass of wine.. We compare.. some of the more promising models on offer for.. younger.. and.. older children.. LelikTec Review.. 4 November 2013.. A real-world hands-on review of one of the the tablets available on the web today.. It's a cheap, no-nonsense machine that might be used as a second tablet or for the children.. But considering the price, we really are getting a lot for our money these days compared with the PCs of five years back.. Mini Adventure?.. 10 October 2013.. Have you looked at the Apple iPad Mini thinking I could do with one of those.. But then the price.. Well here we've put together a little comparison chart of some of the many alternatives that look alike, but are actually much cheaper Android clones.. Shall we Hudl.. 8 October 2013.. Our own British supermarket, Tesco, has made its first foray into selling branded tablets by producing the Tesco Hudl.. But it's a very competitive market.. the Hudl to its strongest competitors - the iPad Mini, Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire HD.. Significant parts of the specs are laid out in a table.. New phablets coming soon.. 17 September 2013.. If you wanted a serious phablet over the last year or so, you didn't have much choice, to be honest - you would choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.. But now there are a couple more on the way.. Compare the specs.. of the new ones and the ones you can buy already.. 5-point Summer Roundup - Tablets.. 3 September 2013.. While you've been on the beach, the world has not stood still.. Here.. 's a quick roundup so you can explain to your boss that you were reading the FT while you were in the sun.. Steve Ballmer's Resigned - It's the end of an.. Error.. Era.. 30 August 2013.. No one could say he wasn't given a fair chance to succeed as CEO of Microsoft.. When he took up the post, it was surely the most powerful position in the technology sector - so how did he do?.. We consider the the evidence, but the conclusions don't seem to be quite the same as the others you may have been reading.. Galaxy Looking Back to the Future - A wobbly summer launch for Samsung's new Tab 3.. 23 August 2013.. The Galaxy Tab series of slates from Samsung has always been carefully judged - like the iPads -to be just good enough.. But this time one of the three, at least maybe just not quite good enough.. See the.. details.. Surface Tension - Want a Microsoft Surface Pro - Make them an Offer.. 28 July 2013.. Things haven't been going too well down on the coal surface.. Sales haven't been quite so promising as we were led to believe.. Things looking better at last for Intel Mobile Computing [Update - or maybe not].. 19 July 2013.. [Update - Rumour has it that Intel had found a way for their chip to avoid doing some of the work.. ?].. Updated article.. Blimey, guv'nor, is that an Intel in your tablet? After a long time playing catch-up, Intel at last have a low-power chip in Clover Trail+, which looks like it will be able to take on the heavy ARMs of the opposition camp without the battery running down half way through - like those bunnies in.. the old advert.. New option to future-proof the Remote Desktop setup.. 28 June 2013.. A shiny new box is here to test which looks like a big step towards letting you combine access to a virtualised copy of your legacy Windows desktop and applications with all the Android apps you are yearning for.. and a high resolution screen display - or Full HD, as we now have to call it.. And we hope it will only sip the tiniest amounts of electricity while you're using it.. Update: Our recommended tablets swapping around.. 25 June 2013.. The.. Sony Tablet Z.. ZooStorm PlayTab.. almost.. get a recommendation.. - but not quite.. Alternatively discover the ones that did make the cut.. Or.. here to see a comparison of the specs.. Have.. Microsoft Broken the Windows?.. 15 May 2013.. Even the company themselves are getting a little twitchy about Windows 8  ...   business users, and for the rest of us - or have Microsoft delivered too little too late?.. Padfone on sale in the UK.. 20 September 2012.. After quite a while waiting in the wings for repeated design refinements, Asus' most innovative product yet is now available to buy.. This comprises a phone which slots into the back of a screen making what is effectively an Android tablet.. This can, in turn, be slotted into a keyboard / battery dock giving something which closely resembles a traditional notebook.. And all communicating via Wi-Fi - or via a single SIM card slotted into the smartphone part of the multi-hybrid gadget.. But that's not all.. What if you receive a call when the phone is docked under its little cover? Well in that case, instead of going in for huge-gadget embarrassment, you can go right to the other extreme and use the stylus as a Bluetooth phone headset to take the call - effectively using what appears to be a pen as your phone.. How James Bond is that?.. All Hail the AllWinner.. 3 April 2012.. There was a big fanfare for the new iPad 3, but the new AllWinner A10 has started to slip in to the UK with hardly a whisper.. Wait ten years and maybe we will look back on this humble little chip and judge it just as important as the almighty Apple giga-tab.. NATPC - for Tablets or Termites.. 11 May 2012.. Maybe your house has too few cheap Android gadgets - or too many termites.. Either way you could turn to NATPC.. What kind of a company is this.. Read More.. Archos vs.. Cambridge Sciences - which Brand is More Real?.. 9 December 2011.. Neither of these gadget makers really figures in the marketing war, but both have set themselves out from the crowd of white box manufacturers by producing Honeycomb slates well before most of the Chinese manufacturers and even before some of the more famous brands.. We've prepared a table showing equivalent models from each Archos and Cambridge Sciences and samples of the competition.. Carphone Warehouse statement confirms it: Best Buy, UK closing.. 8 November 2011.. But also Wireless World opening.. So.. is it good news or bad news? Whichever, it is.. Bye bye, Best Buy, bye bye.. HP pulls all WebOS devices - including the TouchPad 9.. 7.. 22 August 2011.. In a shock turn last week, HP decided that they really are.. taking their move away from consumer products seriously, by announcing the discontinuation of all WebOS devices.. Tablet OS Review.. 16 August 2011.. We now have a full review of the various platforms available on slates, such as Apple iOS and Android - and we'll be maintaining it to keep you up to date with future developments.. A Tablet to Reduce Back Pain.. 27 July 2011.. No, not a pill.. I was asked to suggest a slate PC that might save a friend having to carry a laptop on frequent flights for work.. Coffee Shops must Embrace the Virtual Office.. 21 July 2011.. After trying to install my virtual office in two coffee shops I don't usually visit, here's a brief rant about why it's important - for the coffee shops as much as for the traveling-office types - to get this right.. Access to legacy IT systems is important to people on the move and we need an environment to support this.. Older Stories.. MicroGeneration Green Zone.. A Real Hybrid Bus, at last.. 12 March 2014.. After many years of hybrid buses that seemed for all the world to be ordinary buses with very ostentatious pain-job, at last I've actually seen one that turns off its engine at the bus stop - and then moves of on electric power.. And the greenwash - as you can see - has been much diminished and is now less ostenatious than the advert! (It's a.. Volvo Wright Eclipse Gemini.. - I think??).. Wind Turbine Cashflow, at last.. 11 July 2013.. 18 months of spinning, and a few encouraging numbers are starting to emerge.. One Year On - Is it a 6kW Wind Turbine as they told us - or Not?.. After a year's running, you won't be surprised to learn that.. it hasn't been windy ALL the time.. PV Solar Panels Add to Our Green Credentials.. 24 October 2012.. Fewer kilograms of carbon dioxide will be drifting up from the mainland UK now we have set up a 4 kW solar installation.. Here's what's involved.. Turbine Generation Starts.. 12 December 2011.. Three years and ten months after we started preparing for it, our wind turbine began to deliver renewable power to the grid.. See the real-world (low-light) installation..

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  • Title: Fenestra Ltd | Our Core Products
    Descriptive info: HOME.. NEWS.. Tablets.. Android Workshop.. Comparison charts.. Features.. T-Day 2012.. Recommended.. Almost recommended (but not quite).. Top 10 Slates in UK shops.. Amazon's Bestselling Tablets: a review.. WORKSHOPS/TRAINING.. Finding the Amazon Android Tablet in 2D-Matrix World.. A Year in Tablets: Review of the past year for the IFA.. Does Android lack the physical presence needed to challenge Apple?.. Our Core Products.. On-demand or local Customer Relationship Management system.. Allowsthe complete view of customers and their interactions with yourcompany in real time and in one place.. Answerdesk.. Help desk systems allowing an organization to provide  ...   Quotation to be sent to a client.. The flexible design can be adapted to fit various types of job.. Incentive campaign management tools.. Customer survey questionnaire.. Analysis and report production - for service quality assessment and service improvement through incentive management.. Dealer network reporting.. As wel as point of sale material ordering using.. automated voice response telephony.. services integrated with existing dealer network databases.. Sales support systems.. Including order processing, item bar-coding, shop - floor tracking, staff efficiency monitoring, scheduling and telephone query handling.. Including internet database search, image delivery and sales order processing..

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  • Title: Connect CRM - Customer Support and Training. Fast and easy to implement hosted CRM system. UK based.
    Descriptive info: fenestra home.. overview.. features.. training.. contact us.. Free Trial.. 30-day evaluation version.. CRM DEMO.. Free evaluation version of on-demand connect crm is available.. More.. QUICK START.. Jump start your Connect CRM.. COMPANY.. Fenestra Ltd is a privately held software house and consultancy based in London, UK.. Fenestra Connect CRM is an On-Demand Customer Relationship Management Software.. Does your company.. Have lists of.. valuable customers.. but no system to manage them?.. Want to.. automate sales activities.. and.. marketing campaigns.. ?.. Target and track.. the contacts in a unified marketing campaign?.. no spare IT infrastructure/staff.. to install new application on every PC?.. Need the opportunity to.. tailor.. a CRM to your own requirements backed up by responsive.. UK-based support.. and consultancy staff?.. Look no more! Fenestra Connect CRM provides solution to all these  ...   easily without any programming knowledge.. Fenestra Connect CRM offers a hosted solution which can be deployed within weeks.. However, clients may decide to host data on their own site.. What's more Connect CRM can be easily integrated with the Fenestra helpdesk system for ongoing Customer Services / Support solutions.. Gain the complete view of customers and their interactions with your company in REAL TIME and in ONE PLACE.. On-Demand.. 35 per user.. per month.. Quick Start.. JUMP START.. CONNECT CRM.. -.. Access on the move.. Contact Management.. Activities and tasks.. Easy to adapt and customise.. Campaign management.. CRM Integrator.. Connect CRM can be easily integrated with the Fenestra helpdesk system for ongoing Customer Services / Support solutions.. Answerdesk.. Helpdesk overview.. Connect CRM overview.. |.. features.. training.. CRM demo.. |.. product tour.. company..

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  • Title: Fenestra AnswerDesk
    Descriptive info: home.. about us.. news.. jobs.. FENESTRA PRODUCTS.. Technical Bulletin.. Fenestra.. is a Windows and Web-based Helpdesk Software.. Communication.. Fenestra's AnswerDesk is a tool for communication.. Whoever enters information, it is immediately available to service and support staff, field engineers and account managers.. Major issues can be highlighted and absorbed fast.. When the client calls, your account manager will know what's on their mind and who is dealing with it.. Core System.. The core AnswerDesk system is intuitive, quick and reliable.. All the necessary information is quickly available.. We do not force each user to buy every helpdesk feature that has ever been invented.. Our system is easy to learn and efficient.. However, the core helpdesk system is a complete entity with the standard features you need to get running quickly.. These include a range of ways to find and view live and past incidents and reporting to show what has been happening and how long it is taking.. Standard Features.. Quick search to find active cases and actions.. with one-click access to all the case details and history displayed on a single screen.. Logging and tracking.. with the ability to classify and assign cases.. Activity timing.. for Service Level Agreement comparison and ease of invoicing.. Problem prioritization.. , escalation and alerts ensure response to critical issues.. Multi-user access to individual cases for staff based on the same local area or wide area network.. Hosted, single or network.. site installations.. for scalability.. Extensive management and customer.. reporting.. Asset tracking records patterns of equipment performance.. Exporting of report information into spreadsheets, databases and HTML.. System and User Administration options with differing levels of privilege.. Full WindowsTM navigation via menus, shortcuts and mouse and on-line help.. A Backup feature protects you from loss of vital data.. Reports can be scheduled and then emailed to chosen staff or stored  ...   needed, to discuss your precise needs and tailor the system to fit what is unique about your methodology.. They will work with you to ensure that your staff can focus on the delivery of consistent service in a constantly changing environment.. Database Integration.. Instead of the standard low-maintenance installation, you can opt to share customer details with other applications using ODBC compliant databases such as Oracle or SQL Server.. Customer access to report writing via Crystal Reports, Business Objects or an Access-like interface.. Web enabled customer access.. Extra E-mail alerts.. Automatic new case generation by importing Word or Outlook E-mails or from SNMP applications.. Website knowledge-base / Frequently Asked Questions.. Usage Statistical Analysis.. Bespoke development.. We Support You.. Fenestra is based in the London area and we offer rapid support at your site by remote access or personal visits ensuring that your system functions effectively at all times.. A range of support options give different levels of helpdesk software cover to fit your needs.. AnswerDesk Benefits.. Streamlines and standardises your service methods and procedures.. Demonstrates and reports service level effectiveness to management and customers.. Increases customer retention through customer satisfaction.. Enhances customer confidence and builds long-term loyalty.. Empowers your customer service staff, improving motivation and morale.. Customer satisfaction can lead to referrals, sales growth, and increased revenues.. Flexible growth as your company expands its service requirements.. Low cost of ownership.. Technical Specifications.. Server Machine.. 200 MB available disk space.. Memory - 128 MB RAM.. Operating System - Windows NT 4.. 0 or later including MAPI.. Windows 2000.. Server will be required for Terminal Services operation.. Client Machine.. 50 MB available disk space.. Memory - 32 MB RAM (64 Recommended).. Operating System - 95/98/2000/Me/XP or NT 4.. AnswerDesk Website.. AnswerDesk Features.. Back to Top.. Business Systems Web Design.. Copyright @ 2007 Fenestra Ltd.. All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Housebuilders Product Overview
    Descriptive info: Housebuilders Product Suite.. Housebuilders Product Suite Flowchart (full size)..

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  • Title: Fenestra: Business Systems Overview
    Descriptive info: Business Systems for the Small/Medium Enterprise (SME).. Incentive Manager.. IFADesk- Client Data Manager for an Independent Financial Advisor.. DirectAXS - Internet timing and charging system.. Job Quotation System.. Repair Manager.. Computer Telephone Integration.. Questionnaire Manager.. Fenestra has produced a range of systems for the smaller business.. These can be purchased as is or adapted to:.. fit the exact needs of your business.. use valuable existing data.. complement and integrate with other systems in the workplace.. evolve existing systems which have passed their use-by-date.. These systems are normally written in MS Access and used by businesses who wish to take advantage of MS Access built-in features such as  ...   of development and is particularly suited for the small office network with less than 5 to 10 concurrent users.. Now that the Millennium risks have reduced, systems can be developed more cheaply, quickly and reliably.. Systems built in MS Access also have the ability to be configured for use with laptops through data replication, which is useful where sales staff are on the road.. There is also potential for integration with other MS Office products such as Word and Excel.. We also have the ability to evolve these systems into larger systems utilising our experience with Visual Studio, SQL Server, MS Outlook, MS Exchange and Internet Development..

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  • Title: Website Design - Fenestra Ltd
    Descriptive info: Related pages.. Fenestra News.. Kids Tablet Selection.. Summer Roundup - quick 5 points on what happened as you were catching the sun.. Going off-grid?.. Windows Desktop Virtualisation Using a Tablet.. Wind Turbine Cashflow.. Design Services |.. Portfolio.. Simple Website Pricelist.. Enquire Now.. We design effective websites with a personal tough that help your company torealise its online goals.. Fenestra provide a wide range of options, from basic websites to cutting-edge design and complex database driven e-commerce.. Whether your company needs a completely new website or a redesign, we can help you to enhance your corporate image.. A clear simple website for a local architect.. Philosophy.. We believe that the best websites are developed in partnership with a client, as the website must reflect the company's identity.. We are happy to work to your guidelines, but alternatively we can offer a standard site or a detailed consultation.. We will take time to discuss your business, your services and the markets you want to target.. We will examine your corporate philosophy, culture and image to ensure a coherent visual design.. Design and development.. The most important goal is delivering a website that is successful, inviting and easy to use.. Our designers work with a variety of design tools  ...   Access system to a full corporate SQL server.. Wordpress.. We can add a Wordpress blog or easily editable News pages to your site.. Or, if on the other hand you feel a little confined by the Wordpress walled garden, we can convert a Wordpress site back into simple HTML so that it is accessible to simple,free, WYSIWYG editors.. Our Service.. Domain name registration.. Hosting.. Planning the site and navigation.. Content production including design of graphic content such as corporate logos, web banners and contact pages as well as pure text.. Web animation.. Online product tours.. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)- so that it is easy to find your website on various search engines.. Flash movies.. Whether it is a simple website presenting information about your company or a full online catalogue and ordering system we have the experience to maximise the potential for your company to communicate and do business successfully online.. Multimedia production.. Why not strenghten your market presence with multimedia CD-ROMS? Let us help you discover new, interactive ways to communicate with your audience.. Multimedia tools can be used for variety of purposes from product launches to interactive brochures and conference demos.. Multimedia CD-ROMS.. Products tours.. Training products.. Products catalogues and demonstrations.. Corporate identity.. Interactive presentations..

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  • Title: Business Systems: Legacy System Support
    Descriptive info: Connect CRM.. Retrieving data or upgrading - all is not necessarily lost deep within the old PC:.. Extract valuable system logic and data from old systems.. We specialise in work with Access, DBase and FoxPro systems.. This service is newly available.. Pop back to this web page for more information soon.. Back to Business Systems..

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  • Title: Comparison Table for 9-10 inch Tablets iPad2, Samsung Galaxy Note 2012 and Tabs 2 and 3, Ployer & Lenovo
    Descriptive info: Standard 10.. High Resolution.. WORKSHOPS TRAINING.. CONTACT.. Comparison Table for 9-10 inch Tablets.. iPad2, Samsung Galaxy Note 2012 and Tabs 2 and 3, Ployer Lenovo.. Related Articles.. Most Read.. Not found what you wanted?.. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.. 1 Hands-on Review.. The iPad Mini (2012) compared with its cheaper clones.. Is the iPad 3 really worth more than the iPad 2.. One arm each - not bad going Mr.. East.. Top 20 best-selling tablets at Amazon.. Budget tablets - worth the saving?.. Tablet Platform/Operating System Guide.. Generate More.. Has much does a 6kW Wind Turbine Generate in a year?.. 1) Kids Tablet Selection.. - Younger Child.. - Older Children.. 2) Our 'almost' recommended tablets - but not quite.. 3) Guide to Integrating Dreamweaver and Subversion for Webpage Building.. 4) Our recommended tablets [update].. 5).. Cambridge Sciences - which one is for real?.. 6) Amazon's Top 10 Bestselling tablets.. 7) Top 10 Tablets you can find in the UK shops.. 8) Tablet Platform Guide.. There is a bewildering array of options to consider.. To help you choose between the Amazon Kindle and the Google Nexus, we have prepared a chart of specifications.. At first, they can all look pretty similar, but some now have quite significant differentiators.. To be honest, some also have significant problems.. Our comparison chart is split into handy tabs for you to compare similar models side by side.. Standard Resolution 9-10 inch.. These models were classified as higher resolution last year, but now standard would fit better.. Their screens are a similar size and pixel density to an Apple iPad 2 (1024 x 768).. They measure between 9 and 10.. 1 inches diagonally.. After Apple presented the new iPads 3 and 4 and the new iPad Air, with their fabulous screens, we have added an additional tab for these.. high-resolution models.. Perhaps, though, most competitors are now concentrating more on the.. slightly smaller slates.. Full Size.. Smaller Tabs.. Budget.. Standard Resolution.. 9-10 inch.. Windows.. Prototypes /.. Limited Sale.. Apple iPad 2.. 1 N8000 (2012).. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.. 1.. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.. 1 (GT-P5210).. Toshiba AT300SE.. Sony Tablet Xperia S.. Ployer Momo20 Quad.. ZooStorm PlayTab 3305-1030 10.. A1CS Extra V2.. Prestigio 10 MultiPad PMP5101C QUAD.. Lenovo IdeaPad A2109A.. Now really quite an old model beginning to look a little overpriced compared to the first.. iPad Mini.. (Oct 2012).. Almost.. Prestigio 7.. Prestigio 8.. don't fare so well as this one.. They don't qualify for our.. smaller tablet chart.. Release Date.. March 2011 in UK.. August 2012.. May 2012.. July 2013.. December 2012.. September 2012.. January 2013.. February 2012.. September 2013.. November 2012.. Operating System.. iOS 7.. 4.. 2 Jelly Bean.. 2.. 1 Jelly Bean.. 1 Android Jelly Bean.. But see note.. 4 Ice Cream Sandwich.. Display.. 9.. 7".. 10.. 1.. 4.. 10 IPS screen.. 9.. Resolution.. 1024x768 (132ppi).. 1280x800 (150ppi).. 1280 x 800 (150ppi).. 1280x800 (154ppi).. 1200x800 (150ppi).. TFT 1024*600 (117ppi).. 1280*800 (168ppi).. Apps.. iTunes App Store (700,000+).. Full.. Google Play Store.. + Samsung Apps.. + Sony Reader store.. Camera (front).. VGA video and still.. 2.. 0MP.. VGA.. 1.. 3MP.. 2MP.. 1MP.. 0.. 3MB.. Front camera.. Camera (rear).. 720p video with audio, 5x zoom but no flash.. 5MP with flash.. 3.. 0MP.. 3MP.. 8MP.. 2MP.. 5MP.. Rear camera.. Processor.. 1GHz dual core Apple A5.. 4 GHz Tegra 3 quad core.. NVidia Tegra 3 Quad Core (1.. 3 MHz).. 6-GHz Intel Atom Z2560 CPU.. Nvidia Tegra T30SL 1.. 3GHz.. Quad Core 1.. 5GHz Cortex A7.. Rockchip RK3066 Cortex A9 Dual Core 1.. 5GHz.. NVidia Tegra 3 - 1.. 3 GHz quad core.. 6GHz ARM 7100.. Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad Core 1.. 2GHz.. Benchmark.. AnTuTu -.. Contreversial.. Geekbench.. 1,147.. Memory.. 512MB RAM.. 2GB RAM.. 1GB RAM.. 1GB.. 1GB DDR3.. 1GB.. Storage.. 16/32/64GB.. 16/32/64GB + microSD.. 16/32GB + microSD.. 16/32 GB + SD.. 16/32/64GB + SD Card.. 16GB + microSD.. 16GB + microSD up to 32GB.. 16GB.. 8GB.. USB Ports.. Via dock.. 0  ...   Also known as the MultiPad Quantum.. Comes with.. MobiSystems OfficeSuite.. Useful low-cost option for business users.. The is also a 7-inch version the A2107A.. Please enable JavaScript to view the.. comments powered by Disqus.. blog comments powered by.. Disqus.. Platform options.. (Operating Systems).. Android Jelly Bean 4.. 1 4.. This is quite a minor increment compared to Ice Cream Sandwich, but it has been generally well received.. This version of the platform was introduced along with the first tablet to be sold directly by Google - the.. Nexus 7.. One feature that has been particularly well received is the ability to have multiple user-profiles on one device - meaning multiple users can use the device while keeping settings and preferences walled off from each other.. Android Ice Cream.. (or Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS).. This is hoped to be the saviour for Android tablets.. It's been launched for the.. Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smartphone.. in the UK.. The source code has also been released, resolving what was looking quite a big issue for.. Honeycomb.. There is so far just one tablet available - and that's in China!.. iOS.. This is Apple's wildly successful mobile operating system.. While it only works on Apple hardware and does not support Flash, it has withstood the attentions of more (and more demanding) tablet users than any of the alternatives.. Notes.. now has 900,000 apps (2013).. After a long while with the Apple Store well ahead on the app count, the iOS and Android app offerings are now quite similar.. It's all pretty academic as it would cost over a million dollars to buy all of Apples apps.. Updates.. :.. 25 January 2014.. Added Prestigio MultiPad 10 Quantum and moved Universal Gadgets 9 to the.. Budget Chart.. 30 October 2013.. Direct Tablet AllWinner A13 (generic N900) replaces Asus MeMo Pad ME301T.. 14 June 2013.. Asus MeMo Pad ME301T replaces Motorola Xoom 2.. Lenovo IdeaPad updated to A2109A.. 18 April 2013.. Aging Samsung Tab 8.. 9 replaced with the Ployer Momo20 Quad.. Updated Toshiba AT300 to AT300SE and Sony S to Sony Xperia S.. 25 March 2013.. Removed outdated Iconia A510 and added A1CS Xtra V2.. Added the Google Nexus 10 - now moved to.. high resolution page.. 17 August 2012.. Added the New iPad 3.. Removed the.. Huawei MediaPad.. and the.. Lenovo ThinkPad.. 8 December 2011.. Added Asus Transformer Prime and some colour-coding to highlight.. good(green).. /.. bad(red).. specification features.. 29 November 2011.. LG Optimus Pad demoted.. to the.. limited-sales page.. 18 September 2011.. Sony Tablet S added.. 18 August 2011.. Lenovo IdeaPad and ThinkPad added.. 2 August 2011.. Huawei MediaPad and HTC Puccini Added.. 11 July 2011.. Added Archos 10.. 1 G9.. 1 July 2011.. Added Toshiba Thrive.. 26 May 2011.. Changes mostly to Galaxy 8.. 9 and LG Optimus Pad.. 19 May 2011.. Added iPad 2 live link.. 21 March 2011.. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.. added and numerous small spec updates made.. 1 March 2011.. New page created for the next generation of tablets and the old page archived.. Disclaimer:.. Any technical, legal, financial or other information referred to in or through the Fenestra Ltd.. Site is presented for information purposes only.. None of the Materials on the Fenestra Ltd.. Site is intended to constitute professional advice, whether technical, legal, financial or otherwise, nor is it intended to replace consultation with a qualified technical, legal, financial or other professional.. Fenestra Ltd.. does not recommend or endorse any specific test, product, procedure, service or information that may be mentioned, linked or referred to.. Third party advertisers may serve content and advertisements, collect information directly from visitors and place or recognise cookies on visitors' browsers.. and those posting or otherwise providing information, services or material on the Fenestra Ltd.. Site are not responsible or liable for any consequences relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction you take based on the information, services or other material on the Fenestra Ltd.. Site..

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  • Title: Tablet Comparison Table | High Resolution Tabs | Chart of Specifications for Apple iPad 4 Google Nexus 10 Sony Xperia Z & Alternatives
    Descriptive info: Tablet Comparison Table.. Top articles.. Galaxy heading backwards towards the future with their new Tab 3.. Hands-on review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.. Amazon Top Twenty [Update].. Cambridge Sciences, which is the white box and which is the brand.. Latest popular tablets.. Solar panels now added.. 1) Our recommended tablets [update].. 2) Almost recommended - but not quite.. 3) What to look for in a cheaper slate?.. 4) Amazon's Top 10 Bestselling tablets.. 5) Samsung's original Galaxy: The Very Very Ugly.. 6).. HP pulls all WebOS devices - including the TouchPad.. 8) Android IoS or what? A Platform Guide.. The Apple iPad effectively had the tablet market to itself for a year, but now there is a bewildering array of options to consider.. To help you choose between the Google Nexus and the new generation of Samsung Tab 2s, we have prepared a chart of specifications.. Our comparison chart is split into handy tabs for you to compare similar devices side by side.. High Resolution Tablets.. This chart is for tablets with resolutions of greater than.. 1280x800.. , for a super-sharp visual experience.. Currently the iPad Air is clearly the most famous resident here, but the previous 2 versions, also shown here, actually have the same resolution and are still avaialble.. Apple iPad.. Air.. (4th Gen).. Apple iPad (3rd Gen).. Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T.. Google Nexus 10.. Sony Xperia Tablet Z2.. Sony Xperia Tablet Z.. Acer Iconia A700.. Kindle Fire HD 8.. 9.. FNF iFive X2.. Asus Transformer AiO.. Archos 97 Titanium HD.. Onda V972.. Why.. Availabile.. October 2013.. March - October 2012.. July 2012.. February 2014.. May 2013.. Q1 2013.. June 2013.. Q2 2013.. Availability.. 4.. 2 Kitkat.. 0 Ice Cream Sandwich.. 0 (Customisted).. 1 Jelly Bean.. Windows 8 (switch via physical button).. Ships with 4.. 1 Jelly Bean - can update to 4.. Platform.. 10.. 8.. 9.. 9 IPS.. 18.. 2048 x 1536 (264 PPI).. 2048 x 1536 (264.. PPI).. 1900 x 1200 (224 ppi).. 2560 x 1600 (299ppi).. 1920 x 1200 (224 ppi).. 1920 x 1200 (254pp).. 450 nits brightness.. 1920 x 1080 (119 ppi).. 2048 x 1536 (264 ppi).. iTunes App Store.. Amazon App Store.. Google Play Store.. and Windows Store.. 2 MP.. 9MP.. HD for video calls.. 2 MP.. TBC.. 5MP five-element f/2.. 4 autofocus lens with IR filter and captures video at 1080p.. 8MP F2.. 4 with flash.. 1MP.. 5MP  ...   GLONASS.. Yes with A-GPS.. Seems like a bigger screen version might be coming.. Comment.. Model MD786FD/A.. Discontinued in favour of 4th Generation iPad.. Has the old style connector / socket.. Over The Air update to Android 4.. 2 now avaialble.. Dock contains a very useful extra battery.. Sold for less without the docking station shown above.. Very, very high resolution.. Frequently listed as sold out at the Google site.. The Register.. Waterproof.. CNET Review.. (4/5).. Website, instructions and some pre-installed software in Chinese.. Tablet docks into Windows 8 'base' with separate CPU.. Undocked tablet runs Android by default but base can send Windows 8 via WiFi.. One feature that has been particularly well recieved is the ability to have multiple user-profiles on one device - meaning multiple users can use the device while keeping settings and preferences walled off from eachother.. There is so far just one tablet avaialble - and that's in China!.. official Google Play Store.. now has 600,000 apps (July 2012).. However, a number of tablets are not officially recognised by Google who appear to want all devices running Android 2.. x to be fully functioning mobile phones, despite their size.. As a result, many tablets are not officially permitted access to the market.. In most cases, the manufacturer has added some sort of library of their own.. Generally, these aren't very successful.. However, the more ambitious user can follow reasonably simple instructions to download an unofficial copy of the Android Market and install it.. This market should work properly, giving you access to free and paid apps and taking your money in the normal way.. However, paid apps are not available in all countries.. Until recently very few of the apps available were optimised for Honeycomb.. Developers of the most popular apps, however, have taken the time to optimise their apps:.. one compendium.. estimates that there are around 400 apps optimised for Honeycomb (August 2011).. It was also recently announced that Honeycomb 3.. 2 will feature a 'zoom-to-fill' compatability mode, giving the users a chance to experience non-optimised apps in full screen.. 1 June 2014.. Added Sony Xperia Z2 - 10-inh.. 27 January 2014.. Apple iPad Air added.. Added Xperia Z properly.. 21 March 2013.. Google Nexus 10 and Archos Titanium 97 now available through Amazon.. Asus Aio price update.. 7th January 2013.. Page created with the first few high resolution tabs added..

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