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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. wills@home © All rights reserved.. Wills@Barber Co.. Barber Co Solicitors offers a specialist Wills service designed for the needs of Darwen people.. Wills prepared by Darwen specialists at a price to suit you.. Why go elsewhere when we can come to you.. Barber Co offers an @ home service.. Our specialist  ...   your own home at a time convenient to you.. Or we can arrange an appointment at the offices of.. Barber Co Solicitors.. at 38 Railway Road Darwen BB3 2RJ.. One Will just 80.. 00.. Two Wills 120.. Home Visit 60.. 00 extra.. call or email.. 01254 701600.. darwenwills@yahoo.. co.. uk.. Name.. E-mail Address..

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  • Title: Wills
    Descriptive info: Advisors at Darwen Wills are qualified to provide expert advice and assistance in connection with preparing Wills.. If you care about what happens to your property after you die, you should make a will.. Without one, the State directs who inherits, so your friends, favourite charities and relatives may get nothing.. It is particularly important to make a will if you are not married or are not in a registered civil partnership (a legal arrangement that gives same-sex partners the same status as a married couple).. This is because the law does not automatically recognise cohabitants (partners who live together) as having the same rights as husbands, wives and civil partners.. As a result, even if you ve lived together for many years, your cohabitant may be left with nothing if you have not made a will.. A will is also vital if you have children or dependants who may not be able to care for themselves.. Without a will there could be uncertainty about who will look after or provide for them if you die.. Once you have had a will drawn up, some changes to your circumstances - for example, marriage, civil partnership, separation, divorce or if your civil partnership is dissolved (legally ended) - can make all or part of that will invalid or inadequate.. This means that you must review your will regularly, to reflect any major life changes.. Who do you want to leave your assets to? How do you want to divide your property between your loved ones, friends or charities? Are there any conditions you want to attach to these gifts (for  ...   must name the people you want to appoint as executors of your will - the people who carry out the administration of your will after your death.. These could be friends or family members, or a professional such as ourselves.. A good combination would be a friend or family member and a professional.. Ideally, you should choose someone who is familiar with financial matters.. Make sure you ask your executors whether they are happy to take on this duty as there are long-term responsibilities involved, particularly if you include a trust in your will.. It is a good idea to ask someone younger than you are.. Once the will has been drawn up it is not effective until it has been signed.. There are several rules affecting the signature process which, if not followed correctly, will make your will invalid.. For example, witnesses and their husbands, wives or civil partners cannot benefit under the will.. Staff at Darwen Wills will be able to visit you to witness your Will correctly.. It is important to keep your will in a safe place and tell your executors or a close friend or relative where it is.. We can for an additional fee register your Will centrally.. You should review your will at least every five years and after any major life change such as getting separated, married or divorced, having a child or moving house.. It is best to deal with any major changes by getting a new will drawn up.. If in doubt it is best to consult us.. Darwen Wills @ Barber Co Solicitors.. T: 01254 701600.. E:.. uk..

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  • Title: Powers of Attorney
    Descriptive info: call.. Do you want someone else to sign papers on your behalf?.. Are you worried about losing mental capacity when you are older?.. Our experienced and sympathetic team can advise you on the options available and prepare the appropriate paperwork.. Lasting Powers of Attorney.. If you want to appoint someone to take steps on your behalf such as signing documents whilst you are still alive then you can appoint someone as your attorney.. Depending on the circumstances this can be done by Deeds of Lasting Powers of Attorney or by an Ordinary Power of Attorney.. Although Enduring Powers of Attorney completed before October 2007 are still valid, since that  ...   Usually clients want to complete both.. They cannot be used unless they have been registered first at the Office of the Public Guardian.. If the person requiring assistance no longer has sufficient mental capacity to understand the Lasting Powers of Attorney it may be necessary to apply to the Court of Protection for a Deputy to be appointed.. Darwen Wills offer a fixed price Lasting Power of Attorney service charging just 200 plus expenses to prepare and register your Lasting Power of Attorney (typical total cost including vat and registration fees for financial affairs LPOA - 350).. Address.. Town/City.. County.. Country.. Postcode.. Home Telephone.. Mobile.. Work Telephone.. Ext.. Fax..

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  • Title: Probate
    Descriptive info: Probate.. When someone dies, you may be able to apply for a ‘grant of representation’.. This gives you the legal right to deal with the person’s property, money and possessions (their ‘estate’).. The right to deal with the estate of someone who’s died is called ‘probate’.. Most cases follow the same basic process.. 1.. Check if there’s a will - this normally states who sorts out the estate; if there’s no will the next of kin can apply.. 2.. Apply to get a ‘grant of representation’ - this gives you the legal right to access things like the person’s bank account.. 3.. Pay Inheritance Tax - this is only paid if the estate’s worth over 325,000 and is part of applying for a grant of representation - once you’ve paid any tax due, you can collect the assets.. 4.. Collect the assets - eg money from the sale of the person’s property.. 5.. Pay any debts - eg unpaid utilities bills.. 6.. Distribute the estate - this means giving any property, money or possessions to the people entitled to it (‘beneficiaries’).. A grant of representation can sometimes be known as a ‘grant of probate’, ‘letters of administration’ or ‘letters of administration with a will’.. You  ...   grant of representation if you’re the ‘executor’ of the will - the person named to deal with the estate.. If the person didn’t leave a Will:.. The person’s next of kin - eg the spouse (or civil partner) or children - can usually apply for a grant of representation.. The law decides who inherits the estate if there is no Will.. If you’re the partner of the person who’s died but weren’t married to them (or in a civil partnership) you can’t apply.. You’re also not automatically entitled to get any of your partner’s estate.. If the person was separated but not yet divorced (or had their civil partnership dissolved), their spouse (or civil partner) would inherit some or all of the estate.. If you have a joint account with the person, what’s in it automatically passes to you.. You don’t need a grant of representation.. What happens to the person’s joint property depends on how it was owned.. If the property was:.. held under ‘joint tenancy’ - the surviving owner inherits the whole property automatically.. owned as a ‘tenancy in common’ - the person’s Will usually specifies who inherits their share.. To apply for a grant of representation contact Barber Co Solicitors.. T: 01254 701600..

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  • Title: Islamic Wills
    Descriptive info: In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.. Malik related to me from Nafi‘ from ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Umar that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said:.. “It is the duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequeath not to let two nights pass without writing a Will about it.. ”.. [Al-Muwatta’ of Imam Malik: 37.. 1.. 1].. At Barber Co Solicitors our specialist Shariah Law service can assist you with the often intricate task of preparing a Shariah or Islamic Will which complies both with Shariah Law and with United Kingdom Law so as to be fully enforceable and lawfully binding.. We cover the four main Islamic schools of jurisprudence (Maliki, Hanafi, Hanbali Shafi’I) which represent the generally accepted authority of Islamic Jurisprudence in the UK.. T 01254 701600.. Before making an Islamic Will in the UK please note the following  ...   who is financially dependant upon you it is possible that they could make a claim against your estate.. A partner would generally inherit a greater share under the rules of intestacy than they would obtain under the Shari’a law.. Illegitimate and adopted children generally have the same rights in law as other children and therefore children excluded under Shari’a law may have a right to claim a share.. You may leave up to one third of your estate to beneficiaries of your choice which can include charities and persons not automatically entitled (such as friends brothers and sisters).. A Will is normally revoked by subsequent marriage unless specifically referred to.. On divorce gifts to a former spouse are cancelled however the rest of the Will stands.. Jointly owned property held as joint tenants normally passes in law entirely to the survivor.. You should obtain advice before making an Islamic Will.. Islamic Wills..

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  • Title: Darwen
    Descriptive info: Direct Legal Claims.. |.. Promote your Page too.. Mahatma Gandhi vising Darwen 26 September 1931..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: Comments.. We have many years experience of Will Writing - if you have any questions or require any advice please do not hesitate to contact us.. Will Advisors.. Tel 01254 701600.. Fax: 01254 701225.. Wills @ darwen.. 38 Railway Road.. Darwen.. BB3 2RJ.. Tel: 01254 701600.. At Darwen Wills we are always here to help -.. If have any questions or need to speak to an advisor or arrange an appointment or home visit -..

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  • Title: Claims
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