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  • Title: Direct Advice: The online solution to your business problems.
    Descriptive info: .. Skip Navigation.. | You are here:.. Home.. MAIN MENU.. Business Types.. Business Banking.. Business Insurance.. Apostille Certificates.. Employment Law.. Health and Safety.. Workplace Discrimination.. Limited Companies.. Domain Names.. Search Engines.. Tax Advice.. Business News.. Resources.. Contact Us.. Quick Links to external sites of interest -.. Company Formation.. Apostille Legalisation.. Company Register.. Company Registration.. Company Seals.. Registered Office.. Ready Made Companies.. Mail Forwarding.. Apostilles.. Business Forms.. Advertise Here.. No Smoking Signs.. Welcome to Direct Advice - The online solution to your business problems.. Direct Advice is an online business resource for SME's and business start-ups that provides good basic advice on a wide range of issues.. For a new business starting out there is information about different ways to operate your business, advice on company formation and basic tax issues.. For Small Medium Enterprises (SME's) there is information about corporation tax, employment law, search engines and websites in addition to general business advice.. So whether you are starting out or already up and running there is something for everyone in this business resource.. Running your own business requires a wide range of knowledge.. From creating your own business plans to developing a marketing strategy it is likely that you will have to learn a few new skills along the way.. Choosing bank accounts, selecting an accountant, building a website, staying on top of legislation and managing you tax liabilities are just a few of the tasks that need to be handled.. Becoming an  ...   continue to evolve and introduce new information so why not add this site to your bookmarks.. Read our latest article on.. What is interim management.. ?.. MBA Guide.. For first time users there are three simple ways to find an answer to your question.. 1.. Use one of the 'Quick Links' at the top of the page to take you to a business that specialises in that field.. 2.. Use the left hand menu buttons to find submenu's with brief descriptions of topics.. 3.. Use the links below to take you directly to a specific subject or topic of your choice.. Direct Advice hopes that you find the solution to your problem.. Whether you require simple business advice, business loans or information on tax or employment law this website should help.. Direct Advice are pleased to recommend websites that may be of interest to our users.. For infomation and advice on starting your own company visit http://www.. simpleformations.. com/ to read their informative guide on.. company formation facts.. Direct links to most visited pages.. Types of Business.. VAT.. Minimum Wage.. Sole Trader.. Corporation Tax.. Contracts.. Limited Company.. Capital Gains Tax.. Particulars.. LLP.. Income Tax.. National Insurance.. Limited Co Menu.. Open Directory.. Overview.. Google.. Choosing a Name.. Registered Office.. Yahoo.. Registration Cost.. Company Secretary.. Ask Jeeves.. Company Directors.. Other Engines.. Shareholders.. |.. Terms.. Privacy.. Site Map.. Top.. Copyright 2011 Direct Advice.. All rights reserved.. Registering a limited company.. -.. UK Mail Forwarding.. UK Registered Office..

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  • Title: Types of Business Menu
    Descriptive info: Types of Business Menu.. Types of Business Menu.. When operating a business there are several different options available when deciding which format your business should take.. You may prefer a less formal structure for your business.. It may be that a Limited Liability Partnership would suit your  ...   on the different types of business structures that are available.. - What is a sole trader? What are the benefits and disadvantages?.. - What are Limited Companies? What are the benefits and disadvantages ?.. Limited Liability Partnerships.. - What are LLP's? What are the benefits and disadvantages?..

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  • Title: Business Banking - Business Bank Account recommendations
    Descriptive info: Are you looking for a business bank account?.. We recommend you consider either HSBC or Alliance and Leicester Commerical bank.. Both banks offer business banking with an initial free period of at least 18 months.. To find out more or to apply now just click here -.. Business Bank Account.. Business Bank Accounts.. for limited companies and sole traders..

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  • Title: Business Insurance
    Descriptive info: Business Insurance - Protecting your business from the unknown.. Whether you are just starting a business or operating an existing business it is likely that you have considered insurance or you should already have business insurance.. Business insurance is available for many different reasons.. The following information is an overview of insurances.. Public Liability Insurance.. This type of insurance is very common amongst businesses.. It is purchased to protect your business against claims from third parties that may have suffered an injury or fatality whilst on the premises of your business.. When deciding if you need this insurance you should consider whether any third party is likely to enter your workplace for any reason.. There are very few business that do not need this insurance.. Employers Liability Insurance.. If your business employs anyone then this insurance is required.. The insurance will usually protect your business from a claim by an employee due  ...   to home policies this type of insurance is purchased to protect your business against loss due to fire, theft or other accidental damage.. It will often include equipment insurance to protect your computers and other equipment that may be required by your business.. In addition to the above mentioned insurance policies you can also get, professional indemnity insurances, director insurances, legal expense insurance, business motor insurance and insurances against tax investigations.. These are just a few examples and this list is not exhaustive.. Compare Business Insurance.. Most business insurances are now packaged together by insurance service providers.. You can compare business insurance policies from the UK's leading insurers for free online.. Businesses need to protect against their legal liability towards third parties for loss or damage arising from their professional negligence or that of their employees.. Compare the business insurance market for professional indemnity insurance quotes with one of the many websites online..

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  • Title: Apostille Certificates
    Descriptive info: Tax Advice Menu.. Capital Gains Tax.. Apostille Certificates.. Click here to see how you can obtain an Apostille Certificate.. The Hague Conference creates a number of agreements that unify the different laws of its member countries, these agreements are called conventions.. In January 1965, the Conference in introduced 'Convention 12 - Abolishing the Requirement Legalisation for Foreign Documents' which declares that as long as a document from a foreign member country has an.. Apostille Certificate.. attached, it will not need to go through a long and expensive legalisation process in the country where it is presented.. It is only possible for a UK Document to be legalised and authenticated with a.. UK Apostille Certificate.. , and visa-versa; a.. UK issued Apostille.. can only be attached to a genuine UK related document.. Examples of Documents that can be.. legalised.. Adoption Certificates.. Affidavits signed by a solicitor or notary.. Agreements Mandates (witnessed  ...   Passports.. Permits Identity Documents.. Plans Schematics.. Power of Attorney Letters of Authorisation (witnessed by a solicitor).. Private papers Letters of Administration.. Probate.. Countries that adopt Convention 12, and accept.. Albania.. Argentina.. Australia.. Austria.. Belarus.. Belgium.. Bosnia and Herzegovina.. Bulgaria.. Croatia.. Cyprus.. Czech Republic.. Denmark.. Ecuador.. Estonia.. Finland.. France.. FYR of Macedonia.. Georgia.. Germany.. Greece.. Hong Kong.. Hungary.. Iceland.. Ireland.. Israel.. Italy.. Japan.. Korea, Republic of.. Latvia.. Lithuania.. Luxembourg.. Macedonia.. Malta.. Mexico.. Monaco.. Montenegro.. Netherlands.. New Zealand.. Norway.. Panama.. Poland.. Portugal.. Romania.. Russian Federation.. Serbia.. Slovakia.. Slovenia.. South Africa.. Spain.. Suriname.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.. Turkey.. Ukraine.. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK).. United States of America (USA).. Venezuela.. OBTAINING AN APOSTILLE.. We suggest that you look at.. The Apostille Service's Website - www.. apostille.. org.. uk.. or at the.. Document Legalisation Website - www.. biz.. for more information and to purchase the service..

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  • Title: Employment Law Menu 1
    Descriptive info: Employment Law Menu.. Use the following links for details on different issues of employment law.. National Minimum Wage.. - Are you receiving the right amount of pay? We look at how much you should be receiving and what to do if you're not.. Employment Contracts.. - Your contract of employment may not be written, but you still have one.. We take a look at what should be included in a contract and explain how verbal contracts.. can be.. just as legitimate as those that are written.. Particulars of Employment.. - Most workers are entitled to receive a statement of particulars, but what should it actually contain? We have explored the parts of this document and the rights of an employee to receive it.. Sick Pay Rights.. - Statutory Sick Pay or Contractual Sick Pay? We explain the difference and  ...   are entitled to a certain amount of paid leave each year, if you need to know how much time off your due and your associated rights, read this.. Working Time Limits.. - Did you know that you're probably limited to how many hours you can work in a week? We explain how the 48 hour week works and also look at how 'Young Workers' are effected.. Grievance Procedures.. - Do you have a serious problem at work? We look at the legal systems in place to ensure that your issue is resolved quickly and effectively.. Constructive Dismissal.. - Have you been fired for no good reason or are you pressured into leaving? Read this article to understand the steps you should take to protect yourself and your earnings.. You can purchase.. employment documents.. and.. Employment Policies.. online.. online documents..

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  • Title: Health and Safety Menu
    Descriptive info: Health and Safety Menu.. Use the following links for details on different issues of health and safety.. Employee's Health and Safety Responsibilities.. - Read about the rights and responsibilities of an employee in the workplace.. Employer's Health and Safety Responsibilities.. - What must an employer be doing to protect their employee's health and safety?.. Workplace Stress.. - What could be causing workplace stress and how it can be combated.. online..

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  • Title: Workplace Discrimination Menu
    Descriptive info: Workplace Discrimination Menu.. Use the following links for details on different issues of workplace discrimination.. An Introduction to Workplace Discrimination.. - An outline of why employees are discriminated, and the different types that take place.. Age Discrimination.. - From 1st October 2006, new legislation has been implemented to prevent employers discriminating against employees because of their age.. Sex Discrimination.. - Employees should not be treated unfairly because of the  ...   protect employees.. Disability Discrimination.. - It is illegal to discriminate employees because of a disability, read this article to find out more, including what to do if you feel that you're a victim on Disability Discrimination.. Bullying at Work.. - Some employees are bullied by others in the workplace, it's not possible to make a legal claim against bullying, although discrimination laws may help, read this article to discover how..

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  • Title: Limited Company Menu
    Descriptive info: Limited Company Menu.. Limited Company Menu.. Information relating to the formation of limited companies and advice on the requirements of operating a limited company.. - How to form a limited company.. - What is a registered office? Why do you need a registered office?.. - What does the company secretary do and what are their responsibilities?.. - What are the responsibilities of a company director?.. - Who are the shareholders of a limited company?.. Company Documents.. - What documents do companies need?..

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  • Title: Domain Name Menu
    Descriptive info: Domain Name Menu.. Having made the decision to have a presence on the internet one of the first steps will be choosing a domain name for your website.. The following pages have been written to provide a better understanding of domain names.. - What is a domain name.. Choosing Domain Names.. - What makes a good domain name.. Domain Name Registration and Cost.. - how to register a domain name and how much to pay..

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  • Title: Search Engine Menu
    Descriptive info: Search Engine Menu.. Search Engine Menu.. You ve got a domain name and you ve built a website, but how will people find your site.. Most people using the internet tend to use search engines to find sites for them.. Below you will find links to information on a few of the  ...   directory.. The Open Directory.. - What is the open directory and getting listed.. - Information about Google and listing your site.. - Information about Yahoo and listing your site.. - Information about Ask Jeeves and how it operates.. Other Search Engines.. - Information about some of the other search engines that are available..

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