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  • Title: Credit Collections (UK) Ltd - Debt Collection Agency
    Descriptive info: .. Credit Collections (UK) Ltd.. Debt Collection Services.. About Credit Collections.. Debt Collection Charges.. Letters Before Action.. Case Tracking.. Information Request.. Member Log In.. Make an Online Payment.. _____________.. Cover your debt recovery costs using the The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act!.. SEE HOW.. _____________.. Debt Collection Agency Providing Debt Collection & Credit Control Services.. Credit Collections (UK) Ltd is a leading debt collection agency with over 25 years experience in providing debt collection & credit control services.. Credit Collections (UK) Ltd is a debt collection agency totally committed to providing the best debt collection services by utilising the skills of our highly experienced debt collectors and by using the latest computer technology.. We set high standards throughout our debt collection agency and pride ourselves on providing effective, efficient and affordable debt collection service.. Our debt collection services are tailor made to meet your individual requirements.. We endeavour to enhance your own credit control department by working with you to reduce your debtor days & maximise your cash flow.. In addition to debt collection services Credit Collections (UK) Ltd also provides outsourced credit control services such as letters before action, a same day company search service, credit reports  ...   and by The Office of Fair Trading.. A number of our staff are members of the Institute of Credit Management (ICM).. A quality, professional debt collection service is therefore guaranteed.. Many of our existing Clients have been using the various debt collection & credit control services offered by Credit Collections (UK) Ltd since the debt collection agency was formed in 1985.. This in its self is testimony to the service level and pricing structure provided by Credit Collections (UK) Ltd.. If you require assistance with your debt collection or you are in need of outsourced credit control services, please explore this site to discover how Credit Collections (UK) Ltd can help to put the cash back into your business.. Alternatively,.. request debt collection information.. & we will send you further details about the Credit Collections (UK) Ltd debt collection agency & our debt collection & credit control services.. 1 Sheffield Road, Dronfield, Derbyshire S18 2DH.. Telephone: 01246 411931 Fax: 01246 290130.. Registered in England No.. 1894279.. Copyright © 1999 to 2014.. All Rights Reserved to this Website & contents by Credit Collections (UK) Ltd debt collection agency.. |.. Debt Collection Services |.. Code of Practice |.. Privacy & Cookie Policy |..

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  • Title: Debt Collection Services at Credit Collections UK
    Descriptive info: Debt Collection Services at Credit Collections (UK) Ltd.. Debt Collection.. Legal Action Debt Recovery.. Enquiry Agents.. Letters Before Action (LBA).. Company Searches.. Credit Reports.. Credit Control Services.. Company Formations.. Overseas Debt Recovery.. Process Serving.. Insolvency Specialists.. Creditors Meetings.. On Line Case Tracking.. Online Case Submission.. All Rights Reserved to this Website & contents by Credit Collections (UK) Ltd.. Debt Collection Agency..

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  • Title: Credit Collections UK Ltd Debt Collection Agency
    Descriptive info: Credit Collections (UK) Ltd Debt Collection Agency.. Credit Collections (UK) Ltd was formed as a.. debt recovery.. agency in 1985.. The Managing Director of the Company is Judy Wright.. Judy joined Credit Collections (UK) Ltd in 1985 after finalizing her studies and obtaining qualifications in Business Management & Law & has been with the Company ever since.. Judy has endeavoured to create a company which is able to offer an efficient, affordable and seamless service to all clients within the field of credit control.. Dedicated and committed staff together with computer systems which offer the latest debt collection & credit control computer technology compliment and enhance the services  ...   & Credit Reporting services.. The core business is essentially split into two distinctive areas, the pre-legal debt collection & credit control side which is overseen by Judy & the Legal Department which is managed by Kevin Wright.. The Legal Department provides legal action debt recovery solutions including the issue of Small Claims, obtaining Judgments (CCJ), Statutory Demands, Winding-up proceedings & all types of enforcement action including Bailiff s, Attachment of Earnings Orders & Charging Orders.. Many of the existing Clients of Credit Collections (UK) Ltd have been using the various debt recovery & credit control services offered by Credit Collections (UK) Ltd since the company was formed in 1985..

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  • Title: Credit Collections (UK) Ltd - Debt Collection Charges
    Descriptive info: PRE LEGAL DEBT COLLECTION.. Our charge for debt collection within the United Kingdom is a 9% commission on any monies recovered with a minimum charge of 15.. 00 +VAT.. *.. Prices for overseas debt collection are available upon request.. Request overseas debt collection information.. LEGAL ACTION DEBT RECOVERY.. Our charge to issue legal proceedings in respect of debt recovery is 75.. 00 to take the case as far as obtaining Judgment, plus recoverable disbursements (court fees, solicitors costs etc.. ).. LETTERS BEFORE ACTION (LBA).. From 5.. 00.. The price for this service depends upon volume frequency  ...   15.. 00 for a negative enquiry.. PROCESS SERVING.. Personal service of legal documents on your debtor 125.. LATE PAYMENT of COMMERCIAL DEBTS (INTEREST) ACT 1998.. Under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 it is possible to reduce your debt recovery costs by claiming late payment costs & interest from the debtor.. For more information see our.. Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.. *It is now possible to recover debt collection agency fees from the debtor under The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act*.. Contact Credit Collections (UK) Ltd for details.. |..

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  • Title: Credit Collections (UK) Ltd - Letter Before Action Service
    Descriptive info: The letter before action service allows you to easily send out overdue account reminder letters to your customers.. The service is completely flexible and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, whether you have a handful of letters to send out or tens of thousands.. Via the.. Member Area.. of this Website you can easily submit to Credit Collections (UK) Ltd details of your unpaid accounts.. Upon receipt of the data from you our system automatically picks up details of your overdue accounts and produces a  ...   or correspondence in response to the letter before action and submit a report to you, either by post or e-mail.. Our charge for the letter before action service is negotiable and can be on a per letter or pre arranged fixed fee basis.. The charge will include receiving the data file from you, merging that data with the letter of your choice, printing and posting out the letters, monitoring the responses and reporting back to you.. For further details or a quote request.. letter before action information..

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  • Title: Credit Collections (UK) Ltd Debt Collection Case Tracking
    Descriptive info: Debt Collection Case Tracking.. Credit Collections (UK) Ltd offers the facility via its Webspeed case tracking service for you to track your debt collection cases online via the internet in real time to obtain updates and view the progress of each debt collection matter.. Access to the Webspeed case tracking service is gained via the.. of this Website and is available to all  ...   the Webspeed case tracking service can be seen by viewing these.. case tracking screenshots.. To become a member please.. click here.. or telephone 01246-411931 and speak to Kevin Wright.. Alternatively, we would be happy to carry out a demonstration at your premises and set up the Webspeed case tracking facility for you.. Arrange a meeting.. or telephone 01246-411931 and speak to Judy Wright..

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  • Title: Credit Collections (UK) Ltd - Request Debt Collection Information
    Descriptive info: To request further information regarding Credit Collections (UK) Ltd debt collection & credit control services please fill in the fields below & click submit.. Fill out my.. online form.. Use.. Wufoo integrations.. and get your data to your favorite apps.. Member Login..

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  • Title: Member Login - Credit Collections (UK) Ltd
    Descriptive info: Username.. Password.. Existing Members.. log in here.. To obtain your Username & Password to become a Member, please.. email.. us.. Online Payment..

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  • Title: Credit Collections (UK) Ltd - online payment
    Descriptive info: If you have received a letter requesting payment on behalf of one of our clients, you can make a full or partial payment here.. Our reference number:.. (this can be found at the top of your letter, as shown in the example highlighted red in the image below).. /.. -.. Please Enter Your Postcode:.. (format AB12 3CD).. Debt Collection News.. Copyright © 1999 to 2013..

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  • Title: Credit Collections (UK) Ltd - Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act
    Descriptive info: Home Page.. Services.. Charges.. Webspeed.. The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act was initially introduced in 1998 & gave businesses the ability to claim interest on unpaid commercial debts.. The Act was amended in August 2002 so that business owners could also claim reasonable debt recovery costs.. The current table of costs recoverable from a debtor is as follows: -.. Amount of Debt.. Costs Recoverable from Debtor.. Up to £999.. 99.. £40.. £1,000.. 00 to £9,999.. £70.. £10,000.. 00 or above.. £100.. In addition to the above costs interest can also be claimed on the  ...   Commercial Debts (Interest) Act was amended again in March 2013 so that you can now also recover any reasonable costs incurred recovering your debt - such as debt collection agency fees.. Credit Collections (UK) Ltd will help you to implement the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act so that you can significantly reduce your debt recovery costs & in many cases recover all of your costs from the Debtor.. Telephone Judy Wright on 01246 411931 for more information.. request further information.. 1894279 Copyright © 1999 to 2014.. All Rights Reserved to this Website & contents by..

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  • Title: Credit Collections UK Ltd - CSA Code of Practice
    Descriptive info: Credit Services Association Code of Practice.. 1.. General Conduct.. Each member shall act responsibly and with integrity in the day-to-day conduct of its business.. For example:.. a) Conduct its business lawfully, comply with all relevant UK legislation, regulation and judicial decisions and trade fairly and responsibly.. b) Conduct its business under a name, title or style which will not confuse or mislead clients, creditors, debtors or members of the public, or which will not imply any association with other organisations or persons, which do not exist.. c) Comply with this Code of Practice and follow any guidance notes issued by the Board of the Association.. d) Comply with Debt Collection Guidance as Published by the Office of Fair Trading from time to time.. e) Where appropriate, comply with guidance issued by OFCOM, with particular regard to silent calls.. f) Follow where appropriate any requests conveyed to members by the Board of the Association or the enforcement authorities.. g) Provide adequate training for members of its staff, bringing to their attention the principles of this Code and requiring them to carry out their duties in accordance with it.. Also, ensure continuous and appropriate training of staff in respect of current legislation and best practice.. h) Use plain English in all communications.. i) Show on all letters, postcards and forms the full business address, telephone number and email address, where used.. j) In all contacts by staff or agents, ensure that the member s identity is clearly disclosed.. k) Ensure by continuously examining debt collection procedures, and those of any third parties employed, that they conform to the highest ethical standards.. l) Ensure that their agents, sub-contractors and subsidiaries comply with the Association s Code and Guidelines.. m) Comply with all reasonable requests by debtors, clients or their appointed representatives for information concerning their agreements and accounts.. n) Ensure the Association s Code is available on their own website where they have one.. They shall further ensure that a copy of the Code is supplied promptly upon request.. 2.. Confidentiality.. Members must keep in strict confidence any information supplied by the debtors or their chosen third party, except where disclosure is authorised by the debtor or others permitted or required by law.. 3.. Complaints.. a) Each member shall have in place adequate processes to deal with debtors or client complaints, this must contain the following minimum procedure:.. I.. The Management level at which complaints are handled.. II.. The time frame in which complaints are handled.. III.. The remedy, if the complainant is not satisfied.. IV.. Complainants must be advised that one of the remedies is referral of the complaint to the Association where appropriate.. b) Members shall deal with complaints speedily, responsively, in a user-friendly fashion and at an appropriate management level.. c) Member s complaints procedures must be made available to the complainant or his/her advisor on request.. d) For Consumer Credit Regulated Complaints, Members must follow the DISP Rules set by the Financial Ombudsman Service.. e) If a complaint is made to the Association in relation to dealings with a member of the Association, the Association will deal with the complaint in accordance with the published complaints procedure.. 4.. Debt Collection & Default Guidelines.. The following list of guidelines is intended as an indication of the procedures to be adopted by members.. It is not intended as an exhaustive directive to members.. Moreover, the effectiveness of collection techniques and  ...   civil action has or will be instituted where members are unable to do so due to legal restrictions.. k) Ensure that collectors who use pseudonyms can be identified within the members organisation.. l) Have due regard and deal sensitively with individuals where evidence has been given, or is apparent, that the individual is incapacitated by mental or physical disability.. m) When dealing with fee charging debt advisory services, follow the Office of Fair Trading Guidelines on debt management.. n) Offer maximum co-operation with the debtor s nominated or chosen Third Party.. Where the Third Party is an accredited advisory service, and at first appointment and upon request, give a period of up to 30 days grace before re-commencing collection activity.. o) Encourage debtors in financial difficulties to inform members of their difficulties and then respond sympathetically and positively on the evidence provided.. p) Take into consideration before determining whether to enforce repayment, all information supplied in relation to the reason for non-payment which may include The Common Financial Statement, or the debtor s future ability to repay.. If the debtor has disclosed multiple debt problems, inform them of the availability of accredited advisory services.. Where available, provide in all relevant correspondence the name or designation of a specially trained member of staff who may be contacted regarding financial difficulties.. q) Where a debt or the sum owed is disputed, as soon as is practicable, supply information to the debtor in support of the claim.. Where no information has been supplied by the creditor, obtain the required support, or failing that cease collection action.. 5.. Trace Guidelines.. Each member shall:.. a) In all contact, be circumspect and act with full regard to the Data Protection principles.. b) Take all possible steps to verify that the person traced is in fact, the debtor.. c) Verify data relating to a debtors whereabouts via one or more of the following methods:.. Public databases.. Sending soft letters.. Contacting other people.. Investigative/Field enquiries.. d) Cease contact should it become apparent that the located person is not the debtor, and carry out further checks.. 6.. Purchased Debt Guidelines.. a) Timely advise the consumer that the debt has been assigned.. b) Adhere to all relevant requirements under the Consumer Credit Act 2006 and any other relevant legislation.. c) In debt collection or trace activity comply with all the principles of this code.. 7.. Conduct Regarding Clients.. a) Ensure fairness and transparency of contracts made with clients.. b) Inform their clients of the true rates of charges for services rendered.. c) Safeguard the security of collected monies.. d) Account and remit to their clients at least once a month, or as otherwise agreed all monies collected.. e) Ensure that by prior arrangement clients are able to visit their premises for the purpose of auditing and checking their accounts.. g) Not approach, induce or persuade staff in the employment of a client to join the Member s organisation, although nothing in this clause will prohibit the engagement by a member of such an employee where a bona fide application is made.. The above Code of Practice is issued by:.. Credit Services Association Limited, Wingrove House, Ponteland Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 3AJ.. Tel: 0191 2865656 Fax: 0191 2860900 Email:.. compliance@csa-uk.. com.. To download a PDF version of the above Code of Practice click.. here.. To download a PDF version of the Credit Collections (UK) Ltd Complaints Procedure & Complaint Form..

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    Archived pages: 46